Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two New Local Bands, Plus Some New Song Postings!!

Even when you think you're low on new stories, more turn up, partially thanks to a pair of new band discoveries! I was aware of both before, but I only just discovered full online pages for each just recently. Those are joined by some new song uploads, so as always, read on below for what you need to know! (Yes, I'm aware of a couple show announcements from recent days, but I'm awaiting confirmation of a public venue before covering them on here. Stay tuned!)

New local classic/hard rock cover quartet Glitch finally have an online presence via the launch of their new Facebook group, so we can now add them to our band links! Actually, the group has been around since the end of September, but it's privacy setting was only changed to "open" this morning. Of course, this is the new band featuring Sneaky Pete singer/drummer Mike Oakley & bassist Sean Berlinguette alongside Tripod The Dog/Foothill Road alum Mark Oliverio on vocals & guitar, and Lion Ride alum Marco Pedalino on guitar, though each member is credited for at least partial vocals on Facebook. As you may remember from their live debut at The Rockstar Bar last month, Glitch are self-described as a "party band" on their group and are emphasizing that angle, but each band member has experience in past hard rock bands, so you know they'll have a solid amount of hard edged material in store! Aside from photos from their first show, there's not a whole lot up yet (no new show announcements either), but keep an eye out for more, and they're now in our active Sault Ontario band links!

The other new band addition is one we just alluded to yesterday, as local guitarist Matt Parr's solo project Hiroshima Mutant Mindframe has pages beyond Soundcloud, so we can add them now! In fact, the project's on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundclick, among others, so what else should you know on them? Matt has recorded solo material under the Hiroshima Mutant Mindframe moniker since June 2010, but until last summer (I think), he and the project were based out of London, Ontario. Most of his solo music activity has been related to song postings, generally on Soundcloud in recent months, but his pages include album cover mockups, and a variety of unique material ranging from progressive and djent metal to acoustic tracks to even some electronic/MIDI work, with some select material featuring screamed vocals. Matt's a really talented rhythm guitarist with a lot of diversity and skill, and it'd be cool to see him in a full band project in the area, so give his variety of original work a listen at the above links, and remember, click here for his Musicians Wanted Facebook group search for a local band!

We'll close today with new song postings, starting with a new 4 song sampler from local hardcore punk/quintet Destroilet! Five days out from their Big Loonie Bus Show appearance in Echo Bay (yes, the bus WILL happen), this YouTube upload was posted onto the band's YouTube channel earlier today, and it features the first three songs on their self-titled album ("Truly Infected", "R.O.Y.C.", and "Eternal Fire"), along with the seventh track (and first on their original EP) "End Me", covering all but three of the original tracks on the full length disc. Solid material as ever, especially if you love old school hardcore punk from these local veterans, so check out their sampler video below (with plugs and credits at the end!)

Finally for today, here's another new song from local goregrind label/studio Blood Shed Productions' YouTube channel, this time another song from Austin McRae's death metal solo project Brutaly Fatal! Entitled "The Night of 1,000 Nightmares" and from their "Acidic Sky's" demo, this is a longer song than most Blood Shed grind tracks, and while it shows Austin's bass skill well, the vocals aren't as consistent as they have been, and the emptiness from no guitars & drums continues to show. Give Brutaly Fatal's new track a look below, and also visit the Blood Shed YouTube channel to hear Austin cover Beatles and C.C.R. songs!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for either another news post tomorrow, or weekend concert previews and this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles on Thursday! Thanks everyone!

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HiroshimaMutantMindframe said...

Matt Parr here! Thank you so much for writing about me! I just came across it now. More to come soon!