Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Month's Poll Results & This Month's Newest Poll!!

In our first of two posts on this Friday, we have last month's poll results and this month's new poll at the Sault Metal Scene! In our last poll, which closed last night, I posed this question to you guys: Which of these defunct or recently inactive bands would you most want to see hit the stage again? A very solid total of 41 people voted in the past month, which is why I like revisiting this topic yearly, as it gets a good spark for a wide voter sample, without inciting voting campaigns by the bands, as they're mostly defunct. Thanks to everyone for voting, but which band topped out in this poll? The final results are below!

Late & Loud (9 votes, 22%)
Other (8 votes, 20%)
Gates of Winter (5 votes, 12%)
Fitswitch (4 votes, 10%)
Lion Ride (4 votes, 10%)
As It Stands (3 votes, 7%)
Pillory (3 votes, 7%)
Bring The Fallen (2 votes, 5%)
The Valentine's Day Massacre (2 votes, 5%)
Nixxon Dixxon (1 vote, 2%)
Bad Side (0 votes)
Changing Waves (0 votes)
Clownsack (0 votes)
Dirty Virgin (0 votes)
Half Past (0 votes)
Insipid Brutality (0 votes)
Sativa Rose (0 votes)
SBD (0 votes)
Sense of Truth (0 votes)
Soldiers of Misfortune (0 votes)

So, what do you guys think? In ascending order, I am somewhat surprised at the high amount of bands with no votes, particularly Half Past (who tied for fifth in this poll last year) and Changing Waves, who I thought were really gaining traction before they fell inactive last summer. Nixxon Dixxon's fall to 10th with a single vote really shocks me too, as they won this poll last year, but it's all in who votes, I suppose! I'm also somewhat surprised at Bring The Fallen and The Valentine's Day Massacre's 8th place finishes with 2 votes, while Pillory's 6th place spot with 3 votes is encouraging, despite only playing live with a full lineup once! Still thought As It Stands would pull more than a tie with Pillory though. Fitswitch & Lion Ride's fourth place tie with 4 votes each was predictably high for both of these high profile bands. Despite the continued length of their stage hiatus, Gates of Winter's third place finish with 5 votes is a great sign, and hopefully 2014 proves as big as has been hoped for them!

As for "Other" almost winning, I have a hunch that many of the votes were for either For All That Is Lost or State of Misery, two bands I stupidly left out of the poll last month. I must have blanked when picking the list in terms of them, so if you voted for "Other" in their place, my sincere apologies! They WILL be in this poll next year! But your winners, with 9 votes & 22% of the final total, were late 2000s classic metal quartet Late & Loud, who left a huge impression locally through their last show in April! Though the similar Hydra's Teeth are now carving their own name, many fans would love to see Jon back in town for a reunion, which is still a future possibility, so fingers crossed, and thanks again for all of the votes!

Now, what's in our new poll on the site? I wanted to explore a topic leading from a unique recent concert, that being the Big Loonie Bus Show in Echo Bay this past Saturday. Though the idea of driving down the highway to Echo Bay for a concert may be somewhat foreign to some local metalheads, it's not an isolated instance in the region, as the Sault Michigan area has a number of concert venues spread out across the Chippewa & Mackinac Counties (including in St. Ignace, Rudyard, Kinross, and many others.) Granted, most of the featured hard rock bands have a cover base, but the same spread for heavier shows on the Sault Ontario side isn't there. Hempfest hasn't focused as highly on local bands in recent years, F.A.T.I.L.'s out of town gigs ended when they did, Tym Morrison's brief St. Joseph Island engagement has dried up, and CASS Cafe events are intended for a student audience. With Sault Ontario being much bigger than Sault Michigan, a wide spread to concert venues isn't as necessary, but the Big Loonie Bus Show did spark more of an interest in taking a drive down the highway and past city limits for a concert (party bus or not.)

I know Oh! Right Arm! Promotions do want to put on more shows at La Cucina in Echo Bay, and myself, I think the variety would be handy for both Central Algoma residents and people who want to shake up their concert routines, but in the wake of The Big Loonie Bus Show, is there more demand for the idea? That's why I'm posing this question to you guys this month: Do you want to see more metal/hard rock concerts in nearby communities outside of Sault Ontario? I've picked six choices to vote on this month, so read on below for more info on each!

Yes, it's a great idea!: Simple enough choice, as I know we have readers in areas like Garden River, Bruce Mines, Laird, St. Joseph Island, and the like. Maybe you commute a lot or like driving on the highway, or just crave some variety and new venues for your concerts, but if you think we definitely need more metal & hard rock shows in Central Algoma (or anywhere on the outskirts of the Soo), vote here!

Depends on the bands: Regardless of location, everyone has their own tastes in music, so I'm sure the idea of a drive outside of town would be bolstered if bands you actually knew and liked were playing at a given regional venue. Would your hypothetical likelihood of attending regional out of town gigs depend on the bands, or are you up for anything?

Depends on the location/distance: I've combined these, as venue options will be more limited in smaller townships, so it's harder to be choosy unless you don't want to be on the road forever. Some people would probably much prefer going to a closer concert to save time or gas, or maybe you do have a preferred venue in mind. It's all subjective, but vote here if your attendance would depend on the location!

Depends on the promotion: It's one thing to put on a show outside of town, but how is it being presented to Sault Ontario residents? What pull is there to get you there? Why should a Saultite drive down the highway for a given concert? Who's putting it on, and do said fans tend to give a good attendance to their shows? New things and options can take a bit to grow on people, so would the promotion of it help?

No, I don't think many of them will be successful: Do you fail to see how an increase of concerts in Algoma District townships would generally do well and help the scene in the long term? Given the distance and unfamiliarity, I do imagine that if a full push was made into regional communities would have some growing pains, but if you don't think it'll ever be worth it, vote here!

No, I don't want to/can't leave the city for concerts: There are some people who are more comfortable within city limits, or logistically/realistically can't leave town easily for any shows, so given that, would not be invested in the idea of more concerts a town over. If there's no way you can leave the Soo (or be convinced to leave) for a metal concert, even just an hour away, this is your choice!

VOTE TODAY!! You guys have until November 18th to cast your votes, and I'm definitely curious to see what people say on this topic, so speak up before it's too late, and stay tuned for a big news post (coincidentally featuring videos from The Big Loonie Bus Show) later today! Thanks everyone!

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