Monday, October 7, 2013

A New BeeFMouTH Video, A Guitarist's Band Search, And Much More!!

Keeping the news rolling on this Monday, we have an assortment of stories to touch on, so what's in store? Some feature profile updates, more assorted topics, and a band search from a promising local metal guitarist, but let's begin with a newly posted reunion video of a familiar band from the turn of the millennium, so here's what you need to know!

First up, here's a surprise video featuring a BeeFMouTH reunion! Yes, the late 1990s noise rock trio (featuring AlgomA's Darby Wigwaus & Marty Chase, a.k.a. Bwaad & MoDez) apparently got back together a couple of years ago around the Christmas holidays for a jam session, which was filmed and finally uploaded to 62nd Chamber Productions' YouTube channel on Saturday. The video is short (just 57 seconds), and rather than titling it by the song's name, it's called "The Falling Coffee", referencing exactly what that implies, so keep an eye out for it! The jam sounds good and heavy, but from what was posted, there are no featured vocals. The timing is curious too, as the upload comes a week out from AlgomA's set at The Big Loonie Bus Show in Echo Bay this coming Saturday, so could this be a hint that a BeeFMouTH reunion will be the concert's "special secret attraction"? I have no clue personally, but it'd be cool to see a return show at any point, as I enjoyed the old videos they posted! Check out this BeeFMouTH reunion jam video below, and GET YOUR TICKETS A.S.A.P. FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!

Next up, we have a new band search and video from a Sault Ontario metal guitarist named Matthew Parr, so what should you know? On the Musicians Wanted Facebook group on Thursday, Matt posted that he was a metal rhythm guitarist that was looking for a band or like-minded musicians to work with, and that he's influenced by progressive and death metal bands like Meshuggah and Veil of Maya. He plays seven string guitars and can program drums, and has posted a series of solo recordings under the handle The Hiroshima Mutant Mindframe onto Soundcloud, that you can check out at this link. Even though I wasn't familiar with his music before the other day, I have to give him props, as he's a really talented guitarist with a lot of creative ideas, and I think local bands should give him a serious look, so message him at this location or above if you're interested! As one more sample, he posted this cover of Volumes' "Two-One" onto his YouTube channel last year (oddly, his only performance clip there), and it features Matt playing both guitar parts on the original with videos of each. Really solid, so check out Matt's Volumes cover below!

Also today, here's three assorted shorter news stories from the last little while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by band or conpany name:

  • Are changes afoot concerning local grunge quartet Haggith's lineup? Drummer Mike Haggith posted about a bassist search on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group on Friday, though in a comment reply, he said that current bassist Caleb Cachagee is still around, and they're "just looking at some other options" towards a possible shift in direction. I find Caleb's a good fit with the band, but we'll have to see what comes of this, if anything. Stay tuned!
  • In our Sault Ontario links section on the left of the page, I've edited the link to Rockin' Vinyl Records to replace it's now expired website with their Facebook page, just to keep things current and working. In case you forgot, this is the locally owned vinyl record/music collectible store at 415 Northland Road, which has a solid selection of merchandise, so check them out above!
  • Ex-Late & Loud singer/guitarist Jonathan Tiberi's solo project The Soviet Space Program (which was launched locally last year before he moved from the Soo) is still alive, as he posted on their Facebook page last night to confirm that he is "working on some new missions." Great to hear, so keep an eye out for Jon's next solo original song postings!

Finally for today, here's some assorted updates to our Battle of the Bands Rewind Profiles from late 2009 and onward! On multiple profiles relating to these battle competitors, I noted that local rock band Wishbone have been reunited this year by frontman Dennis Duguay (more information on their new lineup and such is forthcoming), while I also noted Sykotyk Rampage's 8 new digital free albums, and edited the genre for two-time battle runners-up The Fury to note that they were essentially a punk band, though I'll note that they hated genre classifications. In the section on the Kiss Battle of the Bands' profile to note competitors' later bands, I replaced Fusion, The Inner City Surfers, The London Gentlemen, Pocketful of Scoundrel, and Zero Hour with 415E, Al Wood & The Woodsmen, The Fairmounts, Havadder, and The Side FX, either to acknowledge newer and more prominent bands, or to remove bands who are either defunct, not as active, or no longer feature battle alumni in their lineups. Finally, I made a similar edit to that section on our Sault College Battle Profile, to replace Zero Hour again with Mike Haggith & The Din, who then-Blackwater bassist James Watterworth joined on saxophone earlier this year. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news this week, along with this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles and this weekend's metal/hard rock concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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