Sunday, February 22, 2015

YouTube Channel Profile Series: Scott98633225 & RedD Monkey's Channels

While I take in the Elements/Late Shift concert, here's this month's YouTube Channel Profiles, as we continue our monthly looks at 1-3 randomly selected YouTube channels featuring at least a 50% count of local metal, hard rock, or punk-relevant videos! For a third straight month, we're looking at two channels due to one selected channel not having enough content for three distinct videos, but both feature some punk EPs worth checking out, so here's what you should know!
Scott98633225's Channel (

Owner: Likely Scott Cudney, former drummer of the Sault Ontario punk band The Big Kahunas (credited only as BK)

Channel Timeline: Launched on August 15th, 2011; Only video uploaded on June 14th, 2013

Channel Summary: Scott's only upload on his channel is of defunct local punk band The Big Kahunas's EP "Only Thoughts", which was released in 1994. Details are extremely minimal online for The Big Kahunas, and their lineup is credited only by first names, but Destroilet's Christian Foisy told me that their members were Jenson Van Buskirk on vocals, The Bombed Squad's Pat Suriano on guitar, Steve Gagliardi on bass, and Scott Cudney on drums. If you can fill in any blanks, please let us know! "Only Thoughts" features 7 songs (none are titled on this video, though the last song is a cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass"), and they indicate that they had a skate punk sound with good intensity, a nice sense of humour, quality guitar solos, and decent production for the era! It's definitely worth checking out for fans of local 1990s punk, and hopefully more comes out on The Big Kahunas! Thanks again to Christian for the extra info!

RedD Monkey ( 

Owner: A member of inactive local/Toronto/Kelowna hardcore punk/classical trio RedD Monkey, identity unclear, though the channel is credited to the band as a whole

Channel Timeline: Launched on October 8th, 2012; Videos uploaded on June 3rd & 4th, 2013

Channel Summary: The band's second official YouTube channel (following this channel full of 2011 live concert footage), the included videos comprise the vast majority of RedD Monkey's released original material, including their entire 2010 debut EP "Thought Control Tower" and all but one song on their 2012 album "All Baroque", though neither are uploaded in their listed order on CD or digital copies.

Why You Should Watch: You should give this channel a look as it's the most complete YouTube source for RedD Monkey's released discography, and it showcases their fact paced cello punk at good measure! Note however that the channel doesn't feature live videos, material from their unreleased "Opus 2" album, or "Dr. Fatty" from "All Baroque (though you can stream the latter on their Bandcamp page), while this channel hasn't been visibly used since these songs were uploaded.

Our Recommended Videos to Check Out:

RedD Monkey - The Clock's Dement: The last uploads on this channel were all 7 songs from RedD Monkey's June 2010 debut EP "Thought Control Tower", including "The Clock's Dement", "Friar's Ire", "Lethargic Rampage", "Fight Skateboard With Fire!", "No Teeth & A Lazy Eye", "The Attic", and the hidden bonus track "Fo' Dozen Cookies". Their only CD with former Gates of Winter drummer Kevin Overton, "Thought Control Tower" fleshed out their familiar blend of Pete Mozarowski's classical cello work with brother Steve's aggressive punk edge, and though this EP isn't as heavy as their second album, it contains some of RedD Monkey's most familiar originals!

Wild International: The rest of this RedD Monkey channel features 13 of the 14 songs from their second (and final?) CD "All Baroque" from June 2012, also their first with Joe Bumbacco on drums, and it includes the songs "1st World Problem", "Zombie Epoch", "Monkey's Paw (5th Wish of the Swamp Donkey)", "Turbosledt 2027", "Nudie", "Bog", "Poe", "Rats", "Lotus Song", "Screaming Couch", "ODIN!", "NCO Song", and (their most viewed video) a cover of One Day As A Lion's "Wild International". Notably featuring some edits from physical copies (including slightly edited titles, the last 3 songs being broken up from the original "That 13 Min. Song", and the absence of song #8, "Dr. Fatty"), this is still a quality album for RedD Monkey fans that takes them into faster territory without sacrificing their punk, rap, and classical styles!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! So, what's coming in this series next month? Through completely random selection, we'll be looking at three channels for the first time this year due to the first channel we chose only having one distinct local video type, and the second only only having one video total, so we're at our maximum for March. With that said, we'll be looking at the YouTube channels of MrFortierg (with Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide concert videos), SueInside1 (featuring the defunct local band's last music video), and kennybekendam (featuring T Treble Charger concert videos), so look for all of them on or around March 22nd, and for our Elements/Late Shift concert review later today! Thanks everyone!