Saturday, March 28, 2015

Benighted Concert Video Showcase!!

As we get back into the swing of things after the battle of the bands, we have a special video showcase post featuring videos from a recent all ages metal concert, but be sure to check out our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on My Dear Malice in the post below this one! As you may remember, French grindcore band Benighted and Montreal progressive death metal band Bookakee headlined a well received show at The Oddfellows Hall exactly three weeks ago today, and in the process, someone on tour with the bands filmed eight videos from seven of that night's bands for the Montreal Metal Shows YouTube channel, as they've been doing for the duration of Benighted's Canadian tour, which is a nice bonus for local fans! The videos shot for this channel come from all of the bands at the Soo show, with the exception of newer metal trio Them (who played first), and while that was presumably due to timing issues, it does flow with Them's seemingly intended secrecy, with no posted media or online pages yet from them. We'll know more at some point, hopefully!

We'll touch on the videos of local openers Mike Haggith & The Din, Rotopsy, and Crucify The Whore in an upcoming post in order to spread them out, but let's go in descending order from that night with a look at headliners Benighted, whose filmed video at the local concert was of them playing their song "Foetus". Solid quality from right up close to the stage, and you get a good sense of Benighted's brutality and technical skill, with lots of moshing fans, but the audio is a bit muffled. Strong footage, so check it out below!

Next up, here's co-headliners Bookakee bringing their theatrical stage show to the Soo, with their filmed video being of their songs "A Night To Dismemember" and "Whorrific", which opened their 2013 album named after the latter song. It's somewhat odd that their video is on a stationary angle (maybe a band member was filming?), so it doesn't completely capture Bookakee's costumes or setup, but the relentless fast-paced songs come through fine, so give their songs a look below as well!

The highest placed local band three weeks ago were VM Radio Battle runners-up The Bear Hunters, whose filmed video was of their song "I Fear No God". Well filmed with much brighter lighting, this captures one of the guys' better new originals, plus a lively pit, so give it a look below!

Lastly for today, we'll feature the video of late-additions Bad Back, whose filmed songs were their original "Two Tongues" & their cover of The Refused's "Rather Be Dead". Is it ironic that the last four bands at this show had names starting with the letter B? Nicely filmed again and of solid quality, but Jamie & Nathan are oddly further apart than fans are likely used to from their sets, though it's worth noting that setup for The Bear Hunters' set appears to be ongoing during this video. Nice to hear Bad Back's grunge/hardcore hybrid on stage again, so give their video a look below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's CD review, the rest of the Benighted concert videos, and more in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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