Friday, March 6, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Lucky 13) And Speak Easy Battle Of The Bands Fallout!!

In today's second post, we're mostly focusing on fallout from last night's Speak Easy Battle of the Bands, which I regrettably missed due to my cold not improving as much as I'd have liked, but as I'm still judging 4 of last night's bands at the VM Radio Battle, that might be for the best so I can judge those bands fairly & impartially based on how they perform at the battle, without any pre-formed opinions based on other recent sets. We have lots to cover though from last night's events, but we'll start with a SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!

Local classic/hard rock quartet Lucky 13 will return to the stage TONIGHT at The Rednecks Saloon! Apologies for the extremely short notice, the band only just announced the show this afternoon via it's Facebook event page, and they acknowledged the late notice as well. I wonder if they're a late replacement for a band that couldn't play? Regardless, this will be the first show for this veteran quartet in over a month, and they should deliver a solid night of hard hitting covers for fans at the former Nicolet Tavern! Yes, this is a one night only event, no word on who's playing there tomorrow. Like usual for their Rednecks stops, there's no announced cover charges, a 19+ age limit, and a 10:30 PM start time in effect. For more details, visit the above links, don't miss Lucky 13's short notice return TONIGHT, and here they are live in November!

Next up, here's some fallout from last night's Speak Easy Battle of the Bands, so who won this second local battle in as many days? Local post-punk quartet Gnaeus won the fan vote, claiming $400 and first place! Congratulations to them, of course, and that's a nice feather in their cap going into their VM Radio Battle semifinals set on March 18th! Second place and $200 went to local hard rock quartet Long Shot (the only placing band that's not involved in the VM Radio battle, nice to see they finished well!), while death metal rockers The Bear Hunters took third place and won $100. That may seem disappointing after their win on Wednesday, but that's actually their second best battle result to date, and they still have the VM Radio Battle finals ahead on the 25th! Infinity Grinder, Jesse Merineau, Mike Haggith & The Din, and Project 421 all fell short of the podium (I don't imagine we'll hear their final placements), but keep in mind, this battle was fan voted and did not feature judges.

We'll see Gnaeus, Mike & The Din, and Project 421 have a rematch on the 18th at The Canadian, but will the same results occur, or will the judges see things differently (and how will The Apocalypse Afterparty play into the final scores?) Sound last night was provided by Twin City Sound, and while I opted not to attend due to still being under the weather, Sault Online's Mike Caruso was on hand to film each band! He recapped the battle in this article, where co-promoter Meghan Rix said the battle might become an ongoing event due to it's success last night. Videos of each band will be uploaded to Mike's YouTube channel in the coming days, but in the interim, a video featuring clips of each band is online too! It starts with an interview with Meghan where she talks about the inspiration for this battle and other events that The Speak Easy hosts, though honestly, she and Mike are hard to hear over background noise.

While we wait to spotlight Mike's full videos (especially as I'm still judging 4 of last night's bands at the VM Radio Battle), I'll hold comment on most of the videos for now, but the performance order appears to have been Jesse Merineau, Long Shot, Mike Haggith & The Din, Infinity Grinder, The Bear Hunters, Gnaeus, and Project 421. However, this does give us our first glimpse at the debuting Infinity Grinder, so who are they, and what do they play? They're the latest in the recent growth of two man bands in the area, and as best as I can tell, their lineup features Northern Tragedy singer/drummer Terrence Gomes and ex-No Arrow/SBD bassist Brad Griffith. Infinity Grinder play a heavy alternative rock sound that bears similarities to Brad's old two man band Sounds From The Green Room, and we'd definitely add them to our band links if they get an online page! We'll let you know when we hear more on them!

No word on what this means for The Northern Tragedy though, as they haven't played an advertised concert in almost a year. Stay tuned for our look at the full videos from last night when they're fully uploaded, and here's Sault Online's recap video!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates over the weekend! Thanks everyone!

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