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YouTube Channel Profile Series: MrFortierg & SueInside1's Channels

It's now time for our monthly YouTube Channel Profile Series, as we're once again looking at randomly selected YouTube channels featuring at least a 50% ratio of local metal, hard rock, or punk-relevant videos among it's present content, in order to profile them for readers who might want to check them out! This month, we had planned to look at 3 channels due to each only having one distinct video type, but on further observation, the first that we chose had two distinct video types, so we'll only look at 2 channels today, with the planned 3rd channel (kennybekendam featuring 2 Treble Charger videos) will now lead off next month's profile. More on that in a bit, but now, here's what you should know!
MrFortierg's Channel (

Owner: Guy Fortier, owner of The Lavigne Tavern in Lavigne, Ontario

Channel Timeline: Launched on November 17th, 2009; Videos uploaded from March-August 2010

Channel Summary: Guy's channel is devoted to live concert videos from concerts at The Lavigne Tavern (outside of Sturgeon Falls) in 2010, with five of his nine videos coming from a concert there by local/Toronto Celtic punk quartet Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide on April 24th. The other four videos are of other artists that played there in mid-2010, though none are local acts.

Why You Should Watch: You should give Guy's videos a look for some entertaining videos of The Rising Tide from some of their earlier concerts from before the release of "Whiskey Will Be Our Sun", and while the quality on these videos is mixed (with muddy visuals and inconsistent audio), they capture Dustin & company's entertaining Celtic punk well! Also, give Guy's other videos a look to see other acts playing there that have talent in their own right! Note however that this channel hasn't been visibly updated in over 4 years, in case that changes your mind on subscribing.

Our Recommended Videos to Check Out:

rising tide 011.avi: Guy's videos of Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide's Lavigne concert in April 2010 include four of the band (then featuring Frank McCormick on drums) playing songs together, including their songs "Rising Tide" & "Molly Malloy" (as embedded below), as well as covers of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" (with Sheldon Jaaskelainen on lead vocals & banjo) and The Pogues' "Streams of Whiskey". Though the quality is mixed, you can make out strong performances of these originals and covers from Dustin and crew, and it's nice to see fans dancing up front!

risingtide 016.avi: The most viewed video of Sheldon playing an energetic fiddle solo, complete with a jump up to the bar counter during it! Nice rousing performance that definitely seemed to please fans in attendance, and if you know Sheldon, you'll know that he's fiddling at his best!

SueInside1's Channel (

Owner: A member of defunct local/Oil Springs metal band Sue Inside, identity unclear, though the channel is credited to the band as a whole.

Channel Timeline: Launched on April 5th, 2012; Only video uploaded three days later

Channel Summary: Likely the intended official YouTube channel for Sue Inside (and possibly in place of frontman Shane Lipsit-Fraser's own channel), the only upload here is of the music video for "Caligula (Extra Cheese)", which marked the band's last major public activity before they fell inactive. Featuring their expanded Oil Springs-era lineup (with Shane and drummer Jeff Vogel joined by bassist/clean vocalist Adam Veen), the video is well shot and edited in black & white, and it captures one of Sue Inside's best studio originals with a catchy riff and great vocals from both Shane and Adam. It's a shame that Sue Inside aren't active at present to keep up this strong work!


I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profiles! As previously mentioned, we'll now lead off next month's installment of this profile with kennybekendam's channel (featuring 2 Treble Charger concert videos), but to round things out for a full profile, we'll look at Jon Livingstone's channel (featuring three drum performances by ex-Pillory drummer Bret Shuttleworth) and Jurgenss88 (featuring two Woods of Ypres songs), so watch for all of them on or around April 22nd! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes this week! Thanks everyone!

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