Monday, May 18, 2015

Last Month's Poll Results & Our Newest Poll!

It's now time for last month's poll results and our newest poll, as we're finally closing down our "favourite _____ of 2015" polls by revealing the results of last month's question, which was "What was your favourite local metal, hard rock, or punk concert of 2014?" Only 15 votes, which I did expect would occur, as past years have seen a drop off when we combined shows that recieved votes in the half-year polls for one last go around. There's some interesting results though, so here they are!

Fuck the Facts at The Oddfellows Hall on May 4th (3 votes, 20%)
Anvil & Caym at The Canadian Nightclub on March 15th (3 votes, 20%)
Pillory & Rotopsy at The Oddfellows Hall on January 24th (3 votes, 20%)
The Ripcordz at The Rockstar Bar on October 11th (2 votes, 13%)
Gob & Jack Spades at The Rockstar Bar on October 29th (1 vote, 6¾%)
Swampstravaganza at The Oddfellows Hall on May 10th (1 vote, 6¾%)
Late & Loud at The Rockstar Bar on February 21st (1 vote, 6¾%)
Other (1 vote, 6¾%)
Punch at The Roosevelt Hotel on February 6th (0 votes)
Jack Spades at The Rockstar Bar on May 16th (0 votes)
Anciients & Havok at The Canadian Nightclub on June 24th (0 votes)
Late & Loud and Haggith at The Rockstar Bar on August 1st (0 votes)
IDNS at The Oddfellows Hall on September 6th (0 votes)
Random Killing at The Rockstar Bar on September 13th (0 votes)
Devil's Night at The Oddfellows Hall on October 30th (0 votes)
Halloween Party at The Algonquin Pub on October 31st (0 votes)

What do you guys think? Well, while I expected the lower vote turnout this month, I did not expect both Jack Spades' CD release show in May or October's Halloween Party (featuring Frightlight's last gig) to not get a single vote, after each winning this poll's half-year versions. I know it's all in who votes, but it's quite a drop! Actually, most of the options here fell to 0 votes after getting at least one before, with only two summer or fall shows getting even one vote, which is very odd, but you can't predict stuff like this. The Ripcordz' concert from October did get bumped up to fourth place, which is encouraging, and as for the winner amidst the three way tie? Though last January's weather-impaired Oddfellows Hall show and the spring's Anvil & Fuck The Facts concerts all tied for first place with 3 votes, we always give ties in polls like these to the most recent of the deadlocked choices.

As it had less time in our minds to get the same number of votes, I'll declare last May's Fuck The Facts-headlined concert at The Oddfellows Hall to have "won" the poll! This was a solid concert from this brutal Juno nominated band who I've been lucky to check out twice, especially bolstered by Shit Liver's first homecoming, and I know fans there enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone for voting in these polls, and here's to a continued great 2015!

As for this month's poll, I'm posing this question to you guys: When you attend a local concert, what's your ideal number of bands on the lineup? I was inspired to have this as our next poll following the very uneven attendance at Swampstravaganza V earlier this month, which featured 9 bands and 2 hours of open mic, yet only attracted a medium attendance at it's peak just after the show's midpoint. While I know you can't expect m most people to attend a show of this length from bell to bell, this is a topic worth addressing again, albeit while noting that we have touched on similar material in the past for our polls. From weekend cover bands to major festivals, local concerts come in all shapes and sizes, but you guys might have a preference for the bands you want to see, or can manage seeing in a given night, so let's tackle this poll with the choices below!

Just one act: Do you prefer seeing just one band at a local concert, or only come out usually to see just one? This choice can apply to people who only tend to go see weekend cover bands at local bars, especially as most original bands nowadays play with other bands on the same bill. Maybe you tend to only attend shows for your favourite band, or your friend's band? This is the choice for you in this case!

Two bands: You don't see a whole lot of two band shows nowadays, but maybe you only come out to most shows for the two headlining bands, or can only attend for a short time? If you'd rather see two bands at a concert over a larger number, vote for this!

3-4 bands: Many local concerts nowadays have a lineup of this size, including most of this year's Gonqshow events and the vast majority of old Rosie metal nights, just as an example. A headliner and 2 or 3 local openers makes for a nice sized event, without stretching for too long, but is this the option for you, or do you crave more (or less?)

5-6 bands: Now we're getting into larger events, such as many Oddfellows Hall events and some of the larger one day battles of the bands. Such shows are often all ages events that start in the early evening, but is this an ideal size for your concertgoing?

7 or more bands: Here's our maximum for the poll, which would include events like the Swampstravaganza, Toystock, most summer concert festivals, and many Heavy North Entertainment shows, among others. These concerts often have an afternoon start time, run all day, and often have a wildly varying attendance depending on who plays when. Are you among the fans who love to stick through it and take in all of the bands on the lineup of a show of this size, or the vast majority of them?

No preference: Do you go to concerts regardless of band amount or a number you'd intend to see? If I was voting, this would be my choice, as I'd hope most people would go to concerts because they wanted to see the whole thing, or at least support every band while focusing on a favourite, but it'll be interesting to see the final results. If you go to shows for the music and don't pre-plan what bands you're going to stay for, vote here!

VOTE TODAY!! You guys have until June 18th to cast your votes, so do so at the above links, and stay tuned for more news and notes over the coming week! Thanks everyone!

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