Friday, January 8, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Mourning Wood), Pixo Control Videos, And More Updates!!

We're back with another post on this Friday morning, and it includes some long overdue updates to one of our monthly feature posts, some assorted recent updates, and a pair of new Instagram video postings. Starting things off though is some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so here's what you should know!

Local classic/hard rock cover quartet Mourning Wood will continue a weekend engagement at Reggie's Place with headlining shows TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT, after just playing there last night! Apologies for the short notice (and for obviously missing last night's show on here, though we did plug it on our Facebook page), we only heard about these via drummer Glen Thomas' personal Facebook page yesterday evening. A Thursday show is usually on deck for Mourning Wood's bookings at the downtown Reggie's, but they also rarely promote shows there publically. I wish the band would plug shows there more often, but their varied and often heavy covers (plus some country cuts) should find an audience this weekend, and hopefully there was a great turnout last night! Note that Glen had also mentioned in that same post that he'd follow the Reggie's shows with a Rednecks Saloon gig with his 1960s-era classic rock band The Peace Vibe, but we can't confirm if he meant it to be this weekend or next.

If there's a Peace Vibe-accomodating change for this weekend, we'll let you know, but for now, keep Mourning Wood at Reggie's Place in mind for TONIGHT & TOMORROW, and apologies again for missing yesterday's! This weekend's shows (their first at this venue since October) have no announced cover charges, are likely at 10:00 PM each, and have 19+ age limits. See above for more details, and here's Mourning Wood live last year!

Next up, here's the latest videos from local alternative/grunge trio The Pixo Control's Instagram page! One was uploaded on November 25th and is obviously dated now, but it's a light video of frontman Michael Mikus "busking" in preparation of their CD release shows on December 12th, which is plugged beforehand. It's short but amusingly intense, so give it a look at this link! The other video (embedded below) is of their current lineup jokingly plugging their Sudbury concert on January 22nd, but the real scoop here may be Michael's now-blonde hair! The Pixo Control are very good at crafting light-hearted promotional content, so give their new Instagram video postings a look above & below!

Also today, here's three assorted shorter news items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or event name:

  • A veteran local drummer named Chet Dziergas is looking to get back into the local music scene again, after previously being semi-retired from live bands. He has lots of experience & equipment, and he would prefer to play 1970s & 1980s rock, including such heavier acts as Aerosmith, Deep Purple, and Nazareth. If you're interested or want more details, message Chet at this link, or call him at the number provided via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from Sunday!
  • The postponed second Speak Easy Battle of the Bands is now apparently taking place in March, as per Pillory bassist Jordan Leach on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group on Sunday! A specific date isn't public yet, but Jordan noted that it should follow the same format as last year's. He also said that he's "not really involved anymore" with the promotion of it, which should remove a conflict of interest if the reunited Pillory are still competing. If you're interested in more details on the battle before it goes public, message The Speak Easy at this link!
  • Reunited local extreme metal band Winkstinger posted a short new instrumental song named "Ohhh Boi" to their Bandcamp page on Tuesday, credited to an "album" named "FUAKC". It has a nice progressive tinge and is suitably heavy, though obviously incomplete in this form, but fans should definitely check it out at the above links! Stay tuned for more on Winkstinger's return when it comes in, it's good to have them back!

Finally for today, here's some long overdue updates to a few more of our past Battle of the Bands Rewind Profiles (which return in March when we look at last year's battles!) For our profile of 2009's YMCA Battle of the Bands, we added notes on last year's VM Radio Battle of the Bands, mainly to note Operation: Killdozer bassist Justin Lam's second place run with The Bear Hunters, and we also mentioned competitors Honest Job's song named after Waterslide from the earlier battle (no word yet though on if the two bands shared members.) Then in the section on performers' later bands, we replaced The Lust Boys, March Into Regression, and The Hydra's Teeth with Vancouver's Rebel Priest (featuring The Glass Statues' Ben Kemp-Reynolds), and locals Debt To The Heirless & The Elements to keep that section more current. As for our profile on the huge Kiss Battle of the Bands from later that year, we restored a Nixxon Dixxon photo, and replaced a (sadly) deleted video of theirs with a non-battle video of winners Garden of Bedlam.

And lastly for today, we replaced Giwakwa, Havadder, James Case & The Aces, Maximum RNR, That's Chester, and Viva Emptiness with Sudbury's Aggressive Acoustic, Changing Lanes, Debt To The Heirless, Pembroke's The Ghost Town Cryers (featuring Stillbroke alum Kyle McKey), The Hustle Brothers, and Mourning Wood to keep things more current in the later bands' section, while also renaming The Pesto Shirts to their current name The Wild Iris. Hopefully things are up to date now for both profiles! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes soon. Thanks everyone!

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