Saturday, March 26, 2016

A New Local Band, New Music Videos, And More!!

Before we get this month's YouTube Channel Profile on the site, here's a local metal video showcase for your Saturday morning, and it includes a pair of music videos from two young local bands, a video from a recent private event, and to start, here's a new local solo project to add to our links!

We have a new local band to add to our band links, and they are The Coyote Speedfreaks, the newest solo project from local solo artist and Them singer/guitarist Chase Wigmore! Presumably taking their name in part from his old band The Strange Coyotes, we've actually been aware of this project since their Facebook page was launched in December of last year, but we only received confirmation of Chase's involvement or any local ties on Thursday. An apparent new signing to Blood Shed Productions (who also put out Chase's CD with This Is Your Band On Drugs), The Coyote Speedfreaks have two new "albums" that you can stream via new uploads on the Blood Shed YouTube channel, they being "Songs To Chew Your Leg Off To" (with 4 songs all running for over 7 minutes) and as embedded below, "Our Hero's Journey" (with 11 songs of a more typical length), though it remains to be seen if these will be pressed and sold in physical copies.

Chase has always been a creative, unique musician, and he keeps that going here! The Coyote Speedfreaks deliver some experimental, electronic-influenced hard rock that is never boring and jumps styles with relative ease, with a number of heavy songs to boot (and one song runs for 18 minutes), though this project is largely instrumental aside from some samples and post-effected backing work on select songs, and I don't know how well these songs would translate to a public concert given the sampling and effects within. Give The Coyote Speedfreaks a listen below, and stay tuned for more!

Next up, here's the long awaited debut music video from local alternative/grunge trio The Pixo Control, as posted to their YouTube channel yesterday! As you saw in earlier teasers, this is for their fast paced song "Scratch" from their debut CD "Probably Not", and was filmed with Sudbury's Here Kitty Kitty Productions at The Townehouse Tavern in Sudbury during the band's January tour run, as part of undisclosed "footage of all sorts" that they shot at the time. Of course, The Pixo Control are represented here by their current lineup of frontman Michael Mikus, drummer Keeghan Rosso, and bassist Dustin Goodall, who didn't play bass on the studio track, but did mix the album. The full video is well shot from many useful angles, complete with some trippy post-effects and suitably energetic performances, and it lives up to the hype, so give their "Scratch" music video a look below!

Also today, here's a new live video from VM Radio/Speak Easy Battle of the Bands runners-up The Din, courtesy of their private concert from this past Sunday at Outspoken Brewing on Queen Street during the Fishbowl Festival's closing party! Uploaded to The Din's YouTube channel on Monday, this is an acoustic rendition of their cover of the old Haggith song "75", and it's well adapted to the softer genre format, but the video is fairly fuzzy, and the old fashioned color tint, if intentional, doesn't work well to me. Give it a look below, and congratulations again on their 2nd place finishes!

Lastly, here's a new music video for local goregrind duo Rotopsy's short original song "Cops N' Moms", as uploaded to their Facebook page on Thursday! Featuring brief new video footage of Tyler Gibson & Dylan Taylor performing before transitioning to assorted live footage from public shows and house parties alike, it's fairly well edited, but the switch of camera angles can be jarring if you watch all the way through. "Cops N' Moms" is repetitive, but it's one of Rotopsy's more accessible songs, and funny if your recall it's origin story, so give it a look below, and stay tuned for more material and show updates from Rotopsy!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's YouTube Channel Profile next! Thanks everyone!

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