Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two Inactive Local Metal Bands, Plus New Videos!!

Before we tackle this weekend's concert previews, here's a new news post that's half devoted to new videos from each side of the border, but first, here's some notes on a pair of bands that we've opted to move to our inactive band links (hopefully not for good), so here's what you should know!

I've reluctantly moved local metal quartet Garden of Bedlam to our inactive band links due to a year's inactivity. While the guys haven't officially stated anything regarding their status, they haven't played live since June 2015's Go Skateboarding Day event, and aside from a Facebook page post from last month plugging this year's installment, haven't made a public statement in over a year. Arguably the biggest local metal band of the early 2010s, Garden of Bedlam have made huge waves in the local scene since their debut in 2008, including winning the next year's Kiss Battle of the Bands, releasing two CDs, headlining Rotaryfest's Second Stage twice, and opening for bands like Kiss, Anvil, Kittie, Airbourne, and Inflict during their heyday. However, they have been very quiet since the end of 2013, with the band only re-emerging for a 2014 stag & doe and last year's Go Skate Day, and with frontman Erik "Buzz" Boissineau's move to Southern Ontario last summer, future activity isn't publically certain.

I don't believe Garden of Bedlam are officially defunct, and I have a feeling an on-stage return would be in the cards when possible, but their high energy, modern hard rock sound has definitely been missed in the past year (beyond if you weren't at last June's show), and we all know their talent and chemistry that they continually showed during their peak! Hopefully we see Buzz, Josh, Evan, and Derek back at some point in the future, and that they stay active in music in the interim!

Next up, we have also moved Sault Michigan epic metal quintet Integrated System of Machines to our inactive band links due to a year's inactivity. We haven't heard anything publically from I.S.O.M. since their reunion show at the P.O.D./Hoobastank concert at The Dreammaker's Theater on July 3rd last year, where they also released their self-titled second CD, but to be fair, the band didn't launch a new online page at the time to post public updates. With that said, drummer Bart "Black Trab" Rennels lives out of town, which might still complicate future band activity. Integrated System of Machines' reunion last July was well received, especially from fans who missed them since their original breakup in 2009, which followed a number of high profile local & out of town gigs in the mid-late 2000s, and the release of their original album "Apocalyptic Vision". However, fans can see members Bob Helsten and Art Dietz in their active (and also reunited) acoustic hard rock band The Creepy Little Coffee People, and Chris Leask with Highway 63.

It was great to see I.S.O.M. back for last July's huge Kewadin show, and it definitely would be nice to see them back one stage again (or at least restore an active online presence), but I imagine there are fans that still miss their more symphonic, death metal-tinged sound of their original run, especially as keyboardist Craig Harrison didn't take part in last year's reunion. I do hope to review I.S.O.M.'s new album in the future, and hopefully we see Bob, Chris, Jonathan, Art, and Bart back together at some point down the road!

We'll close with new videos, including this new solo vocal/guitar cover of Alice In Chains' "Nutshell" by ex-Elipzis bassist Ryan Harrison, as posted to his YouTube channel yesterday! Shot in black & white, this is his first solo cover posting in a month, and it's not badly done, but the vocals sound a little too upbeat compared to the original, if that makes sense. Ryan's done good work again though, so check out his newest solo cover below!

And to wrap things up, here's the latest video from Sault Ontario alternative/hard rock trio The Din, as posted to their Facebook page on Thursday! Another of their lighter videos, it starts with frontman Mike Haggith revealing that recording sessions for their debut studio "Give In To The Din" have finished, before guitarist Tammy Hill suggests that they should go on tour... much sooner than you think! Then, the two of them scout potential tour vehicles, decide on one in particular, and slowly discover it's pros and cons. Cute video that teases future band goals, so give it a look!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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