Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (SNFU & Debutaunt), The Astral Gunk Concert Preview, And A New Video!!

Here's another news post for your Tuesday morning, and of course, I hope that our American readers had a great Fourth of July! Today, we have one more video from a major recent major concert, a special mid-week concert preview, and leading off, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for you punk fans, so here's what you should know!

Edmonton pop punk quartet Debutaunt will make their local concert debut on Tuesday, August 9th when they headline at The New American Pub! Hitting the "road to nowhere" on their Canadian tour next month, Debutaunt are touring in support of their new EP, and have a fun alternative punk sound that calls to mind a number of big punk acts, so they should attract a solid response next month at The New A! There will be at least one local opening band, identity to be established, and we will let you know when there is a public announcement on the local band(s). Promoted by Six, Two, Oh. in their latest New A event, this 19+ concert will start at 9:00 PM, and the Facebook event page curiously lists both a $5 cover charge and a "pay what you can" model of entry, so we'll clarify that on here if promoters specify their intended payment method(s). Punk fans should circle August 9th on their calendars for Debutaunt's local debut, so stay tuned for updates!

Next up, here's another major show for punk (and hardcore) fans on Thursday, September 1st, as Vancouver hardcore punk legends SNFU will return to The Rockstar Bar for what should be another huge headlining show! Last seen almost a year ago during promoter J.D. Pearce's Gonqshow concert series, Mr. Chi Pig and company are no strangers to the area, always attracting a lively crowd for their classic songs, and things should be no different to kick off September! Like last year, J.D.'s punk/metal quintet Jack Spades will be on the opening lineup (fittingly so, given that they cover "Drunk on a Bike" frequently), while there will be at least one additional local band to be announced. For reference sake, last year's SNFU show was opened by Destroilet (who haven't played live since the fall), while the dormant Bad Back were once scheduled too before quietly dropping out. This 19+ show is being held at 9:00 PM (the 3:00 PM start time on the Facebook event page is obviously incorrect.)

As for admission, this is another show that's so big, it warrants online advance ticket sales, and they are $20 a piece at this link starting at 10:00 AM today! There is apparently a limit of 100 advance tickets, and I can't confirm if admission at the door will be raised at all, let alone possible given the advance ticket sales. It's great to see SNFU back in the Soo, and much quicker than the previous six year delay prior to last year's show, so check the above links for full current details on this concert!

Also today, here's a special Wednesday night concert preview, as Sackville, New Brunswick "punk gnar-wave garage psych" quartet Astral Gunk will rock The Gore Street Cafe in their local concert debut TOMORROW NIGHT! Punk fans should be interested in checking out Astral Gunk's blend of old school punk and retro styles that even add some new wave and techno to their sound, and they should deliver tomorrow at the laundromat! Venue co-owner Sam Decter's new experimental/rap duo The Leash Kids were originally advertised to open the show, but they have quietly been removed from the lineup for unannounced reasons (maybe Mikey's unavailable?) In any event, the Facebook event page lists a band to be announced as the openers, and if they are confirmed, we will let you know! Could it be one of Sam's numerous recent one-off bands? This ALL AGES event will have a "pay what you can" model for admission, and assuming there is an opener, will start at 7:00 PM. Check the above links for more details, and here's Astral Gunk live!

We'll close today with (at least) one more video from the Hedley concert at The Yard from Tuesday night! Uploaded by attendee Chris Paci on Sunday to his YouTube channel, this came well after the bulk of his Hedley concert videos were posted, hence why we didn't acknowledge it during that morning's SMS post. This is of the Abbotsford, B.C. pop punk quartet playing their song "Anything" (which I believe closed their set), complete with introductions of the band's members, and it's a good & lively video to cap off Chris' videos from this massive concert, so give it a look below, and see more of Chris' videos above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for concert previews and more later this week! Thanks everyone!

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