Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Castle Concert Video Showcase, Plus An Album Teaser Clip!!

Today's post is mostly devoted to some new videos from a recent concert that prolific local concert filmer Chris Paci uploaded to his YouTube channel earlier this week, but we also have an overdue album teaser video to round things out! We'll start with Chris' footage, which comes from September 28th's Castle-headlined concert at 180 Projects, though no word on why it took two weeks to post the videos online. He also filmed videos at last week's Moon Tan show at The New A, but we'll save those to feature in an upcoming post. Chris posted six videos online, 4 of which coming from the headliners' set, with the Juno-nominated San Fransisco doom metal trio featured playing their songs "Temple of the Lost", "Blacklands", their set-closer "Total Betrayal", and as embedded below, two songs played in succession, namely "Down In The Cauldron Bog" & "Black Widow". For reference, 180 Projects did not appear to make use of their projection screens at this concert.

Solidly performed by this dark and powerful trio, albeit with muffled vocals and a somewhat barren-looking setup for the stage, but fans of Castle's occult-flavoured doom metal will be right at home! I wish I could have attended this show, but we had family visiting from out of town that night. Check our Chris' Castle videos above and below!

Chris' other videos from this show come from the local openers, with one each being uploaded from their sets. One is of local doom metal trio AlgomA playing most of their song "Electric Fence" from their vinyl split EP with Chronobot, albeit filmed from a corner angle rather than in front of the band like with the Castle clips. Fans headbanging can get in the way, but the vocals come through clearer on this Boyd-sung original, and AlgomA fans will definitely want to see the devastation below!

The other video from this concert comes from new local funk/improv hard rock band Gianni Gagoots, marking the first public footage of them performing, so what do we know now? First off, the band has added a second guitarist, namely Boatload Killers/Sailor's Tongue alum Liam Seymour, who has the comedic Italian stage name "Blanci Mangia-Cake". Nice pick-up, Liam's a solid musician with a diverse range of genres under his belt, and he previously had enlisted Gianni Gagoots drummer Frank McCormick for his solo set at Rotaryfest as well! Also, we can now 100% confirm that percussionist "Bergio The IceBurg" (a.k.a. "Enzo Scanganatts") is indeed an actual band member, though I can't confirm his actual identity as of this writing. If you like your hard rock with conga drums, prepare yourself! This video indicates that Gianni Gagoots are an instrumental band with no microphones in sight, which is locally unique, even without accounting for their sound.

This uniquely named quintet have fun in this clip, which showcases an improvised jam hard rock sound, with funk and punk influences radiating through the song (title unclear, if they do even their songs.) It'll be interesting to see what Gianni Gagoots do next, as they definitely stand out among current local hard rock bands, but check out their 7+ minute video below, and stay tuned for more on them, perhaps including if we can confirm Bergio's full identity!

Finally for today, here's an admittedly overdue teaser video for local post-punk quartet Gnaeus' debut CD "Meditations"! Posted to their Facebook page on August 9th to promote it's then-new release and online outlets through which you could buy it, it features some brief audio samples from the album and some neat effects to phase in the eye-less Pompey of Rome logo, but after 25 seconds, the video runs with just a blank screen for almost 5 minutes. Accident, or an intentional opportunity to meditate? Debate amongs yourselves, but apologies for the delay in featuring this on the site, check it out below, and do buy "Meditations" on iTunes and/or Amazon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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