Monday, October 31, 2016

Norilsk Concert Video Showcase!!

Before heading back home after spending the Halloween weekend out of town (I hope to be at Rednecks tonight though!), let's close the month with a concert video showcase post from Friday night's Norilsk-headlined show at The Oddfellows Hall!  These all come from prolific local concert filmer Christopher Paci's YouTube channel, so kudos to him once again for getting more solid videos, it's great of him to do so! Chris filmed six videos on Friday, including two of the headlining Gatineau, Quebec doom metal quartet, with their videos being of their songs "Japetus" (well, most of it), and as embedded below, "Potsdam Glo", which are both featured on their debut EP and full length album.  The lighting is inconsistent, and harsh vocals can be very hard to make out, but Norilsk deliver a nice & brutal blend of doom metal that pairs nicely with AlgomA in particular! Check out Chris' videos of Norilsk from Friday night above & below!

Next up is a twelve minute long video of local co-headliners AlgomA playing what I believe is "Extinct Volcanoes" (if I'm wrong, this will be corrected), and their relentless doom/sludge attack is in full force with this performance, with both Boyd and Kevin unleashing their vocal ferocity with purpose! Check out this new AlgomA video below!

Also from Chris' channel is this video of local death/thrash metal trio Pillory playing a song whose name wasn't captured in this upload, but I can't confirm the title offhand. Uniquely featuring frontman Robert Sartini wearing headphones and bassist Jordan Leach in a mask (remember, this was a Halloween weekend show), Pillory continue to hone and intensify their death metal sound, even with Jordan singing some lead vocals that fit the mood, but the lighting and further camera angle don't help on the visual end. Check out Pillory from Friday night below!

Finally from Chris' videos are local death metal favourites The Bear Hunters, who were surprisingly the opening band in their first live concert appearance in five months! This video is of The Bear Hunters playing one of their newer songs for their upcoming second CD "The Dead Testament", but I can't verify it's exact title (all I know is what songs it's not.) Back as a quartet with Josh still living out of town, The Bear Hunters are in devastating form comparable to their more recent four-man shows, just with Justin's shorter haircut. Check it out below, and hopefully we hear more from The Bear Hunters soon!

That's all for today, but I'll hopefully see you guys TONIGHT at The Rednecks Saloon to cap off the season! Thanks everyone, and Happy Halloween!

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