Monday, March 6, 2017

A New Local Band, Quiet Riot Concert Updates, And Much More!!

It's time for another new news post at the SMS, as we continue to clear out a recent backlog, so what will you find below? Some assorted recent news and updates, big updates to a major upcoming concert, and both an addition and removal to our active Sault Ontario band links, so let's start with the former!

We have a new local band to add to our band links, and they are The Noochy Lanterns, the new project from "songwriters" of The Apocalypse Afterparty! Also named The Noochin' Lanters in some postings, their Facebook page self-describes them as a "pop band" who are bringing "a fresh, hard spin" to the local scene. Featuring former The Fury singer/bassist Paul Stanghetta alongside guitarist Matthew Forster and Paul's girlfriend Amanda Brown on the drums, the band shares some musical similarities with The Fury, only with a guitarist present and more of a hard edged alternative/power pop style. Compared to The Apocalypse Afterparty, The Noochy Lanterns have a more curious name, but arguably have a more accessible sound, so keep that in mind if you're more familiar with The A.A. This newer trio made their live debut on February 10th at the new private venue Mellow D's Underground, but all of their gigs so far have been private or in unlisted locations, with a March 1st private jam being their final gig before a teased "big break", reasons and length both unclear.

The Noochy Lanterns have four videos on their Facebook page, including this 30 minute jam video shared from Paul's Facebook page (which obscures all band members' heads, intentionally or not), while three jam session clips can be seen at this link too, all from the same day, totalling over 12 minutes in length. So far, I like what I'm hearing from The Noochy Lanterns, who have a fun sound, but their sound could be filled out at times (perhaps with a second guitarist or bassist?), and at least in these jam clips, the band could be more animated. Good start overall though, so hopefully the "big break" isn't too long, and check out The Noochy Lanterns above & below!

Next up, here's some updates concerning March 30th's Quiet Riot-headlined concert at The Machine Shop on March 30th, starting with a surprising lineup change for the headlining Los Angeles classic metal quartet, as they parted ways with singer Seann Nicols last week, and replaced him with 2011 American Idol finalist James Durbin, who is one of the few metal/hard rock singers to make a lengthy run on that series. You can read more on the change at this link and via other metal news websites. This is very surprising to hear, especially so soon from showtime, but the show is still on, and James definitely has the pipes to fit in with Quiet Riot, so hopefully he helps fans feel the noise just as well on the 30th! As for the somewhat mysterious Sudbury metal band The Wring that's opening, promoters CSA International Ontario posted this video of a Wring studio track onto the Facebook event page late last month, and while I still don't know much about the band or their lineup, they have a good sound with solid guitar and fittingly raspy vocals, and it's a nice teaser for their set!

There is also a contest ongoing on the event age linked above where you could win tickets to the show, which involves liking and sharing the requisite contest post, and inviting 10 friends to the event page. 2 winners will receive tickets, backstage passes, and meet & greets with Quiet Riot, so enter by Saturday to try your luck! Finally, this video copy of the radio commercial for the show from Rock 101 can be checked out below, as shared to the event page on Saturday, and while the sampled music is exclusively early 1980s hits with that lineup, it's a well made ad, and Scott Cook sells it nicely in the voiceover! Check it out below, and get your tickets A.S.A.P.!

Also, we have a band to likely move to our inactive band links, they being young local power pop/glam trio Caroline Divine. While the band has not publically clarified their status, they have not posted any public updates since the end of 2015, last being seen publically as Jesse Merineau's backing band during his Speak Easy Battle of the Bands-winning set one year ago on Friday. Also, frontman Anthony Marcello did move out of town for a time last summer, and when his bandmates backed up Jesse last fall alongside guitarist Mitchell Harris, the Caroline Divine name was not referenced online. Succeeding The Frasiers with a heavier sound upon their debut in mid-2015, Caroline Divine (not to be confused with Stillbroke's late-era name Borderline Divine) showed plenty of promise with sets at Rotaryfest Stage 2, Lopstock, and Go Skateboarding Day, and began recording sessions for a debut album, but updates ground to a halt after opening for Dany Laj and The Looks at LopLops in December 2015, aside from their Jesse Merineau involvement.

Alongside bands like Gnaeus, K.I.C.K., and the now-defunct Pixo Control, Caroline Divine looked like a promising outfit in this new cluster of young alternative and indie rock bands in the Soo, and their retro/modern fusion set them apart to be sure! I have no idea what happened to them, but hopefully Anthony, Brenden, and Devin reunite in the future and pick up where they left off!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • In their first Facebook page posting since the surprise release of their debut album "The End of Life" two months ago, new local black metal solo project Abhorrent Forest revealed that they have been writing new material, and in the meantime, posted a cover of "Forests in Fire & Gold" by Ukranian black metal band Drudkh onto their Bandcamp page. This is a quality cover that has a somewhat upbeat yet grim vibe and strong guitar work, though Abhorrent Forest's version does not contain vocals. Check it out above!
  • Take this with a grain of salt until there's official verification, but the Wikipedia page for local indie/punk veterans Treble Charger currently notes that Richard D. Mulligan replaced touring drummer Jason Pierce last summer. Now, I can't find anything tying a Richard Mulligan to Treble Charger beyond Wikipedia articles and copies therein (not to mention, the band hasn't posted a public update or played live since mid-2015), but as a rule, we don't treat Wikipedia as a source, as anyone can change most articles and often don't have to include sources there. If there's official word about a drummer change and a resumption of activity, we'll let you know!
  • Just in case anyone was awaiting word, it does not appear that there will be a third annual VM Radio Battle of the Bands at The Canadian Nightclub this month (if there was, we'd have long heard about band registrations at this point.) While there's been no public confirmation on the multi-night battle being cancelled or retooled, the drop in competing bands from 11 to 5 last year can't have been a good sign. Hopefully we see a new battle of the bands of any kind in the near future, as they're fun events, and I've been more than happy to volunteer as a judge at them!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates as this week rolls along! Thanks everyone!

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