Saturday, March 11, 2017

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Murder By Romance & Outshined

It's now time for this month's Defunct Local Band Profile, but with a late notice change. In preparing our intended & randomly chosen profile of mid-2000s punk band Mayadevi, I learned that the band is actually one and the same as Ashoka At The Show, who have newly reunited, albeit now based in Elliot Lake. We'll definitely acknowledge their revival in full on the site next week, but that means they don't fit for a profile on a defunct or inactive local band now. As a result, I've picked the next closest alphabetical Sault Ontario band we haven't featured in the series yet, and as they don't have enough for a full profile, I've randomly picked a Sault Michigan band in a similar state to fill things out. Now, here's what you need to know!
Murder By Romance

Genre: Punk/Emo

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (This information is incomplete. Let us know if you can fill in any blanks!)

Aisha Day, vocals
Brianne Fournier, guitar/vocals
Misty ?????, guitar
Katie Niskanen, drums

Audio/Video: Murder By Romance never posted any material or played live, but their their Tripod page features an extensive potential setlist that a friend suggested (including such bands as CKY & Fall Out Boy), and given that they posted it there, it must be a decent sign as to some material that they were eyeing. Other than that, I have no hints as to their sound, as none of their members are familiar from other bands.

Info/Analysis: Publically active for just a few months in mid-late 2005, Murder By Romance were unique as one of the few all-female bands playing alternative genres at the time, similarly to Apocrytha from the same time period. As of their final public update, they were still looking for a bassist and drummer, and while they didn't get much further off the ground, frontwoman Aisha Day later became known as a local concert promoter. Given M.B.R.'s lineup and sound, they'd have been a unique attraction in their day, and hopefully there's some recorded media out there so we can hear what we missed at some point!

Genre: Christian Hard Rock

Hometown: Rudyard, Michigan


Jacob Zeeryp (Chained Memories), vocals/keyboard
Caleb Peters, guitar
Jacob Peters, bass
Jamie Brown, drums

Info/Analysis: Active from roughly 2007-2009, Outshined were a rare example of a Christian-themed rock band in the Soo area, and they were definitely heavier than the better known SeeKing Reverence. Aiming to "praise God and lead others to worship" through their music, the band played at church gigs here and as far as Reed City in Central Michigan, as well as competing at a Yoopers Got Talent event in Rudyard in January 2008, but remaining details are in short supply. Sonically a better fit for Rock 101 than Smile FM or The Promise, Outshined took influence from post-grunge for a good sound and chemistry, but some songs could be a little repetitive or sloppy, and the recording quality of their MySpace page's four songs varies. If you're looking for a heavier side of religious music, this might be your best bet, so check out their heaviest & fastest song "Tragedy" below, and hopefully everyone is still active in music!

I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles, and for those hoping for Mayadevi, we'll cover Ashoka at the Show's reunion next week and their current activity going forward, so stay tuned! As for next month's Defunct Profile, our random band selection take us back to Sault Ontario for a single band profile, as we'll be looking at late-2000s indie punk favourites Nebraska Arms, just a few months removed from their one-off reunion at late frontman Guy Thiffault's tribute concert! Look for that profile on or around April 10th, and I'll see you guys TONIGHT at The Canadian for March Mash-Up! Thanks everyone!

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