Monday, June 12, 2017

CKY Concert Videos, Plus New Electric Church Footage!!

Today's all-video post largely comes from the CKY concert at The Canadian Nightclub this past Thursday night, but there is one more video of another local band to round things out with at post's end, so let's get things rolling! These new CKY videos all come from the ever-prolific Christopher Paci's YouTube channel, as he filmed 10 videos of 3 of the night's bands, which were all posted on Friday! Sadly, he didn't get anything from A Dire Setback's opening set, but kudos again for him getting all of this! 7 of Chris' clips are of the Pennsylvania alt-metal headliners in action, including of their songs "Flesh Into Gear", "Days of Self Destruction", "96 Quite Bitter Beings", "Knee Deep", and "My Promiscuous Daughter", their cover of G.G. Allin's "Bite It You Scum", and as embedded below, their set-opening tracks "The Human Drive (In Hi-Fi)" & "Sporadic Movement". Solid clips as usual, especially given the central camera angle, and attendee heads aren't a massive factor given the band's on-stage setup!

You can also hear Chad Ginsburg's singing better here, at least from my perspective, as from my position at the far right corner of the floor near the stage, I was fighting to hear him over the raucous crowd at times. Give Chris' CKY footage a look above & below!

Next up, Chris posted two videos from co-headlining Kelowna southern hard rock quartet The Wild's set, including their opener "Roadhouse" and, as embedded below, "Party Till You're Dead". Similar camera angle to CKY, but given the lesser numbers on the floor, he had more room to change angles, and The Wild's rollicking brand of hard rocking originals come through nicely on these clips, so check them out above & below too!

Chris' remaining video is of returning local openers Jack Spades playing their usual set opening songs "They Live" and "Rise", giving fans their first ever glimpse of their 4/5ths new lineup in action. Intense as usual (new lineup or not), the new look Jack Spades got things rolling nicely here, and just if you were wondering, J.D. Pearce sang most of "They Live" in the crowd, in case you're wondering where he was. Give both songs a listen below, and don't miss Jack Spades at The Rockstar Bar in just under two weeks!

Finally, here's a new video from a separate concert, plus one more clip, from local blues/hard rock trio Electric Church's Facebook page! One video was quietly posted as a live stream on May 12th (apologies for missing it), and it features the guys jamming instrumentally at, presumably, a band member's home. Unfortunately, the filmer shot most of the video sideways, and as it was a live stream, they couldn't fix it beforehand, but the guys sound good if you can look past the angle! Their other new video is a minute-long black & white clip from the Sky's The Limit mental health fundraiser concert at The Tech last month, I believe of their song "Carey Baby". Solid footage, if a little smoky looking in the monochrome haze, so give it a look below, and don't miss Electric Church at The Canadian Nightclub THIS SUNDAY NIGHT alongside Speaker and other local bands!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and updates as this week rolls along! Thanks everyone!

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