Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rivers Of Nihil Concert Video Showcase!!

I know many of you assume that there will be a Seether concert video post coming on the SMS soon, but honestly, I've only found one video from that concert in a publically posted form at press time. That clip is coming, but for now, Christopher Paci was on hand for last month's Rivers of Nihil-headlined concert at The Rockstar Bar, filming all four bands for his excellent YouTube channel, so let's look at those today! Despite a month-long delay to post these, kudos to Chris once again for taking lots of footage at this brutal show! Starting with the headliners, Chris filmed five videos of the Pennsylvania technical death metal quintet last month, where you can see Rivers of Nihil playing "Sand Baptism", "Where Owls Know My Name", "Old Nothing", "Death Is Real", and as embedded below, their set-opener "The Silent Life". Chris didn't get too close to the band, but he has good sightlines of the stage and the crowd reactions, and the sound isn't too bad! Give his Rivers of Nihil clips a look above & below!

Next up, Chris filmed Sacramento tech-death quartet Alterbeast playing their songs "Flesh Bound Text" and, as embedded below, a video featuring two songs of theirs, namely "The Maggots Ascension" & "Vile Remnants". The footage here is from closer to the stage, and somewhat higher, so Alterbeast's chaotic attack is captured well on these two videos, so give them a look above & below!

Also, Chris filmed Nashville death metal quintet Inferi playing what I believe to be "A Beckoning Thrall" and, as embedded below, "Behold the Bearer of Light". The music here sounds very tinny compared to the other bands in these videos, but the brutality and great crowd reaction is clear as day, so give Inferi's death metal attack a look above and below as well!

Finally, Chris also got a video of local death metal trio Pillory playing, as far as I can tell, their original "Angst of Existence". Not a massive crowd on the floor yet at this early stage, but Pillory picked up where they left off after their lengthy hiatus, and this was a positive sign of what's to come from this talented local outfit! Give their video a look below too!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews on the site next! Thanks everyone!

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