Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kiss & Energy Rock Radio Updates, A New Detroit Video, And The Big Four In The Soo?!

I just knew I had to get a second post in today, I don't generally like doing that, but considering that tomorrow's post will likely solely deal with weekend concert previews, I thought I should at least space out this post from my last one. But just in case you didn't read the post from earlier, check it out below this one, it has news on Turner Up's show THIS WEEKEND, new videos from Stillbroke, Silver Dream, and Nixxon Dixxon, and pics from one of Rush's shows here in the 1970s! So, let's get into some more news!

And what better way to start with more news that's sure to produce a reaction from certain skeptics. We have more confirmation that Kiss are still planning to come to Sault Ste. Marie! SooToday's David Helwig posted an article exploring the topic, which includes reassurances from Essar Centre events manager Trevor Zachary that discussions are "absolutely" going on to bring Kiss here, and a date in September is being held for them just in case! David points out in the article that there is that long break between the September 5th and 9th shows in St. Paul, Minnesota and Toronto that could hold a Sault Ste. Marie show. Craig Huckerby from SooNews has also jumped on this story for an article there about the Kiss situation, which says stuff we've mostly already heard, but it does contradict the SooToday article by saying that the arena is holding TWO potential dates for the Kiss show. Either way, this show is far from being cancelled and proving skeptics right, so we'll have to wait and see!

Closing today's Kiss show updates, SooToday has a poll up on the front page with this question: Has your opinion of the band KISS changed over the past year?" Three choices are given to vote on: "No, my opinion hasn't changed", " Yes, it has changed for the better", and "Yes, it has changed for the worse". Click the above link to vote if you want to, and how do the current results look? 59.84% of the 1,016 votes cast picked "Yes, it has changed for the worse", with in second with 36.32% and "Yes, it has changed for the better" in third with 3.84%. This is about what I expected, though I figure that once Kiss does in fact play here, general opinions on them will climb back up!

Next up, we have updates from your favourite internet radio station (and our only Sault Ontario-based rock radio station), Energy Rock Radio! Ryan McQueen and the guys over at ERR have been keeping busy with the station in recent weeks, here's some of the recent updates! I didn't cover this on here (wasn't locally based), but they ran a contest where the winner got tickets to go see Drowning Pool, Seether, Hellyeah, and Five Finger Death Punch live in Detroit! The winner, Sault Ontario's own Dustin Grimard, also won backstage passes and got to meet Drowning Pool, which must have been awesome! Ryan McQueen also was there, and there's lots of photos from the show and backstage experience at ERR's website, including getting a video message with Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce! Also, Ryan's definitely been loading up on Sense of Truth at the station, adding songs from their forthcoming E.P. to the playlist rotation! Nice snag there, I have to say! So make sure to listen to Energy Rock Radio for your potential first glimpse at their new album! Also, remember to read Energy Rock Radio's current playlist to see what all they currently have to play on the station! Lots of great songs there, and don't be concerned with the non-metal stuff, that's only for special occasions!

...but that's not all Energy Rock Radio related today! Starting next Friday, the station is holding live karaoke nights from 8:00-10:00 PM, click here for details! Any metalheads out there wanna show off their singing voice? Or how about your best metal face, cause that contest is ongoing until September! And, Energy Rock Radio now has a YouTube channel! It features a contest promo video for the Drowning Pool contest, a live clip of Ryan McQueen at The Fillmore Theater in Detroit for the show, an initial greetings video, and a live Sense of Truth video from their show with Lion Ride on Saturday! I've embedded the Sense of Truth video below, it's actually of the same song I filmed, "Land of Greed"! He got closer to the action than I did, not bad work! Of course, click here to listen in live to Energy Rock Radio and enjoy, it's a great station that needs more listeners! And, of course, huge thanks to Ryan for recording a promo commercial for The Sault Metal Scene, which you can check out by clicking here! That's awfully nice of him!

Next, another new video from a local band, and this time, it comes courtesy of local hardcore band Detroit! This comes from a show at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto on January 19th of Detroit playing what I think (I stress "I think") is an unreleased original called "Crowned By Giants"! This comes from the Youtube channel of a user named dnahahaha, who has uploaded 16 other live Detroit clips from shows at The Bovine Sex Club since January of last year, click here and search for "Detroit" to check them all out! The video and sound quality is really good, though I don't know if having a stationary camera is best, it doesn't capture angles that'd be worth seeing, and you can barely see Mikey Hawdon behind the drumkit. Good video even still, hopefully we'll see more from Detroit sooner or later, I miss seeing Brenton on stage!

And finally, here's a little query for you thrash metal lovers. We've seen Megadeth here, right? (March 2007 with Heaven and Hell.) Well, how would you like to see Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, AND Anthrax LIVE in Sault Ste. Marie?! Well, our chance is coming....sorta. As first alerted to us in a SooToday article entitled "Hey metal heads! You really wanna click here", it has been announced that on June 22nd, Galaxy Cinemas at The Station Mall will be showing The Big Four: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax live as it happens via satellite from night one of The Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with over 65 other Cineplex theaters across Canada! This will be the very first time EVER that the Big Four thrash bands will share the same stage on the same night, and knowing that this is a historic occasion, I bet there's a bunch of you intrigued by this! If you want to attend, tickets are $18 and go on sale online and at the box office at Galaxy downtown on FRIDAY. The concert streams live at the theater on Tuesday, June 22nd, so make sure you get your tickets early, who knows what kind of turnout this will get! Click here for online purchasing details, and make sure you consider a ticket, cause this could be a once in a lifetime event! I might just stop by Galaxy and pick one up on Friday!

That's all for tonight, tomorrow's post will have previews of this weekend's metal concerts, and maybe some extra news stories for good measure, we'll have to see! Stay tuned for much more, and remember, I'll see you guys at The Oddfellows Hall AND Foggy Notions on Friday!