Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Turner Up), Plus Frightlight, Woods Of Ypres, & Local Festival News!!

Have you guys missed local metal news and updates? Never fear, we're loaded with them today! Mostly concert updates, including the two major upcoming music festivals, plus new video from a local band's tour, but first, lots of lineup news from a local band, with a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT wrapped in between! (And remember, check out my newest GarageBand profile on T.H.E.I.D/MY ID in the post below!)

Local hard rock cover band Turner Up have chosen Wishbone drummer Brent Royer as their new singer, replacing Todd Killam behind the mic. This can be confirmed at the band's new Facebook group, which was recently launched. Fans of the local music scene may recognize Royer as the singer for the defunct local band Settle For Silver, who featured Stillbroke's Kyle McKey at one point in their lineup. Interesting choice, though I had no idea who they would pick anyway. Leading from that, Turner Up have announced their first shows since Todd's departure, as they return to The Nicolet Tavern THIS FRIDAY! Sorry for the short notice, the date was only recently changed. Brent will NOT be singing that weekend though, drummer Scott McClurg will handle lead vocals as well as drums that night while they "prepare" Brent. Scott has good vocals, and if you've seen past Turner Up shows, you'll probably agree! There's a listed 10:30 PM start time for this show, with no listed cover charge, and I assume both concerts are 19+. Confirm your attendance for this show at the Facebook event page!

Exciting news for them, though I can't judge the band's new sound until I've heard Brent, cause I'm not familiar with his singing. I was too young to see Settle For Silver in their heyday, but he must be good! I'll keep you all posted!

Next up, I have some very exciting updates concerning local horror punk/metal quartet Frightlight's next show! It has been announced that their concert on Saturday night at Coch's Corner will be the site of the recording of their first album! You heard that right, the Frightlight concert will be the basis of a live album, and you can be a part of it by attending! Nick Jackson from the partly-local progressive rock band iT will be producing, mixing, and recording the album, which is a very good sign! Knowing that this will be a live album coming out of this concert, that's all the more reason for you guys to show up at Coch's on Saturday! Also to note, openers have been found and confirmed for the concert, namely a local rock trio named Marshmellow Gun! Not metal, but they definitely have a unique sound, reminds me of punk meets Tom Waits, if that makes any sense. Check out info and videos from Marshmellow Gun at their official Facebook group! I'll be there for this show! No cover, a CD recording, and lots of punk/metal to go around, it sounds like a winner to me! Confirm your attendance at this location!

Alright, now we have some extra news coming out of the Kewadin Casino 25th Anniversary Summer Festival! Firstly, we can now confirm that local funk hard rockers Clownsack will indeed be backing up Bret Michaels and Vince Neil on Thursday, July 22nd! I expected that, considering that this would be the best genre match for them. Clownsack will join Nixxon Dixxon as openers that day, with another band to be confirmed, who I'm thinking is the "Rock Camp" youth band, though for all I know, it could be that band Elipzis that I know little about. My source for Clownsack's spot on the Thursday is at this location! Also, in the efforts to gear up fans prior to the festival, the official Kewadin Festival blog is now featuring profiles on Vince Neil and Bret Michaels in their latest posting! Vince and Bret are credited as the "former" singers of Motley Crue and Poison when they haven't left either band, and the Bret profile doesn't detail anything past the third season of "Rock of Love", but they're good profiles nonetheless! Click here to check them out, and remember, full schedule details will be released mid-month! BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!

Speaking of local music festivals, the remainder of the lineup for the Rotaryfest Second Stage has been announced! If you were hoping for a local metal band to sneak into one of the empty slots to complement Garden of Bedlam, then you'll be disappointed, but now that I know who the bands are, I can tell that Rotaryfest saved the secret announcements for out of town bands. The secret band announced on Saturday was Billy The Kid, a folk/roots rock act from British Columbia. They're playing at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 17th. Monday's secret band announcement, and the final act confirmed for the Second Stage, was Midland, Ontario indie rockers Born Ruffians! They play at 9:00 PM on July 17th, immediately before Garden of Bedlam! Remember, click here for the full lineup! Also to note: Stephen Alexander, one of the Second Stage organizers, recently challenged attendees to invite people to go to the festival and plug that they're going in status updates, to drum up support for Rotaryfest and The Second Stage, and to try to overtake the success that the River & Sky Festival there is seeing. Why not jump on that, let's help make this year's Rotaryfest the biggest yet!

And finally, we close today's news post on a lighter note, as Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold has uploaded two new videos onto his YouTube channel! Neither are from concerts, these are more of the happenings on their tour as they travelled through New Mexico! One is a very cute video of David's meeting with a kitten, who will hopefully no doubt grow up to be the most metal cat in the state! Check it out at this location! The video I'm embedding here is from their drive through the highways of New Mexico, and if you like seeing the sights of a natural landscape, you'll like this! David remarked on camera that this it's "totally Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote territory here", and I can see what he means! Myself, I prefer cold weather and snow, but I can appreciate these sights too! It closes with a drive through Amarillo, Texas, which is also light-hearted in a way! Check the video out below!

That's all for today, but I promise to have more news and updates very soon, maybe even tomorrow! Also, look out for my newest GarageBand profile on Mike Cliffe, a review of Saturday's Frightlight concert, and much more! Stay tuned!

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