Saturday, July 31, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Turner Up, Bring The Fallen, and Endast), And A New Local Band!!

Here's one final post to cap off our busiest month ever at The Sault Metal Scene! 35 posts in July, counting this one, easily shattering our previous record of 28! Thanks to all you guys for sticking around this month, it's been rough for backlogged news and updates, but it's been worth it! Today's packed with three LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (one of which is VERY short notice) and new video footage of a new local band, so here we go! And remember to check out my latest Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile immediately below this post, as we profile Jar. and Thrawsunblat!

I REALLY apologize for the short notice on this concert, but neither the venue or band announced it until today. Classic hard rock cover band Turner Up ARE playing a show tonight, at Foggy Notions! Various band members confirmed the show on Facebook, but the source I know everyone can see that verifies this show is Foggy Notions' Facebook page, so there's a reliable source! As best as I can tell, this show's no different from any of their past concerts, 10:00 PM start time, likely cover charge of $3, you must be 19 to get in. I think this is their first show at Foggy Notions with Brent Royer behind the microphone, so make note of that! Head on out for some great rock covers if you want to! Myself, I'll be at Coch's Corner for Ultraviolence, but hopefully a good crowd shows up despite the short notice! For more information on this show and Turner Up, check the above links, and seeing as this is essentially a preview for the show as well, here's a video for you guys of Turner Up covering Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music"!

Now to brand new shows, and remember on Tuesday when I plugged a planned fundraiser benefit concert for Pauline's Place Youth Shelter on August 14th? Well, the first official public information for it is now out, and yes, there will be metal! Three bands have been confirmed for the lineup, and if you were at the Downtown Showdown battle of the bands in May, then they should be quite familiar! Local death metal quintet Bring The Fallen, last seen winning Downtown Showdown, will be among the performers at this benefit concert! No word on whether Nolan Rainville or temporary replacement Mike Kyle will be on bass, but either way, it's great to see Bring The Fallen back out there! Local experimental hard rockers SBD (featuring Dann Pichette and Brad Griffith from No Arrow) will also return for their first show since Downtown Showdown at this benefit concert, which will also be just their third live appearance! Great seeing them back too, fans loved them back in May! And before I forget, SBD have a new Facebook group, click here to visit and join! Also confirmed are Downtown Showdown runners-up The Fury (featuring ex-DOTH drummer Joe Bumbacco), who'll deliver their bass-heavy brand of music to the stage once again! DJ Spruceau (who closed Bring The Fallen's Algoma Hope4Haiti show) will also be on hand to spin some tunes, and there may be more acts announced, so I will keep you guys posted!

Much more information on this special benefit concert has also been announced! It will be held at the skatepark outside of The John Rhodes Community Center on Elizabeth Street, and if you remember correctly, this is the very same skatepark that we all helped make a reality at August 2008's Rock 2 Roll fundraiser at The Canadian Nightclub! This appears to be a family event as well, with events like a barbeque, face painting, a dunk tank, "bouncy things" (probably those inflatable play areas), hula hoops, fire spinning, a skate competition ($10 to enter), and more! The event runs from 12:00-10:30 PM on August 14th, it's obviously outdoors, it's definitely all ages, and though I can't confirm a possible admission price, all proceeds will go towards Pauline's Place. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page, and if you or your band want to play at the benefit (cause there are openings still), e-mail for details! Sounds like a fun event, I will definitely try and make it to this, and I will definitely keep you all posted with updates!

Our final new show today REALLY has me excited! Montreal melodic death metal band Endast will be headlining at Foggy Notions on September 2nd on one of the stops on their Metal Made Me Deaf tour, presented by Jagermeister! After unsuccessfully searching for a local date last November, they've got one locked up for September, which is great to see! Joining them will be Kamloops grindcore band Blood Drunk for a night full of brutal headbanging! Note that Foggy Notions hasn't fully confirmed this concert, but I'm used to them not immediately announcing shows. Besides, if both bands list a Foggy's date their on their respective MySpace pages, there must be some truth to it! As is typical at Foggy's, I'd expect a $3 cover with a 10:00 PM start time and a 19+ age limit, but keep in mind that this would be a Thursday show. I'll keep you guys posted with details, check the above links for more! This sounds like an awesome concert, if you ask me! Endast are extremely brutal, and Blood Drunk are a very capable grindcore band in their own right! Hopefully this show is 100% final and hopefully I can make it out! You guys make note of it as well!

And finally, a new local band has just surfaced! I've honestly heard a bit about them for a bit now, but they've been intentionally keeping things secret while they got ready. They are The Bear Hunters, a local death metal quintet featuring a few notable veterans from recent young local bands! The band features former Dark Salvation guitarist Nik Deubel on vocals, guitarists Andres Duchesne & Mitch Sirie (you'll recognize him from Lorax, Eyes Set Fire, and April Eyes), and former Devastation of the Heavens members Justin Lam on bass & Johnny Lowrie/Belanger on drums! You may also recognize Justin from Operation: Killdozer & Dark Salvation, and Johnny from Death Rise. I'm friends with a couple members of The Bear Hunters already, so I knew of them for a while now, but they only just officially launched into the public consciousness the other day, courtesy of a new jam video! Justin Lam uploaded this video onto his YouTube channel, of The Bear Hunters (minus Nik Deubel, who was working at that moment) playing a new original named "Bloodthirst"! Very promising, nice and heavy, but it gets repetitive after a while. Not much of a solo either, but these guys sound good, and there's bound to be more coming from The Bear Hunters! Check out their first video footage below!

That's all for tonight, and July, really! I have much more news coming very soon, and remember, I'll be tweeting LIVE from the Ultraviolence concert TONIGHT at Coch's Corner! I hope to see you guys there, this'll be a fun one! Review coming tomorrow!

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