Saturday, July 24, 2010

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: AtrophiA

Hey guys, while I'm out of town, I'm giving you an auto-post to check out, and it's the first installment of our Defunct Local Band Profile Series! Each month, I plan to profile a defunct local band (or inactive to the point where a reunion is unlikely) and discuss membership, band info, and my own memories/analysis! Basically, a step backward in time. I plan to profile bands on both sides of the twin Saults on set patterns with random band selection! For every 10 profiles, the third, seventh, and tenth will be Sault Michigan, the rest Sault Ontario, and none will be hand-chosen!

The only restriction is that they MUST HAVE AN INTERNET PAGE. It's too hard to gather information on defunct bands without written sources, so I'm sticking with the safe route for now. No matter the band's notoriety, success, membership, or sound, as long as they're not together and metal/hard rock, and have a page, they could be next! They deserve a mention even if not gigging, wouldn't you say? So here is our first profile in this new series! (Edited on May 6th, 2013)

Genre: Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Members: (Members not in their last lineup in italics. You can help complete their lineups by letting me know of missing ex-band members. E-mail me at!)

Dan Souliere (Bring The Fallen, March Into Regression), vocals/guitar
Andrew Chiarello (Bring The Fallen), guitar
Tyler Gallant, guitar
Dustin Proulx (Quite Frankly), drums
Ryan Gray (Sarah's Valley, Sindicate, Batteries Not Included), bass
Pascal Burton, bass

Audio/Video: AtrophiA had no audio material, but guitarist Andrew Chiarello uploaded some classic performance clips from their August 2007 Bellevue Park show onto Facebook, which you can check out by clicking here! I recommend the "No Remorse" clip, but check them all out, it's a nice glimpse back a few years! Because Facebook videos can't be embedded onto other sites, and to help expand these clips and AtrophiA istelf to a wider audience, I've uploaded all three clips (with the BEST POSSIBLE INTENT) to The Sault Metal Scene's YouTube channel, and you can check them all out at the video below! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!!!

Info/Analysis: Previously known as Metal Militia, AtrophiA were active in the mid-late 2000s and featured future members of bands like Bring The Fallen, Sarah's Valley, and Quite Frankly in their lineups. I've seen AtrophiA a number of times at local concerts, including some old Oddfellows Hall shows, a Bellevue Park concert, and at the Rock 2 Roll skatepark fundraiser, among other shows. Muscially, AtrophiA usually played thrash metal covers, though I can't recall them including originals. They were still talented, and tight musically, but I never thought they took extra steps under the AtrophiA name. The covers were often predictable for the bands they chose, but they were played well! Another issue I had was with Dan Souliere's singing, as he's a great screamer and backup singer, but I didn't think he had the range to sing lead in the AtrophiA days. Andrew Chiarello really stood out even then on guitar, as he continued to do in Bring The Fallen, and I miss seeing Dustin Proulx on drums, he was really good! I liked them then, and I have some cool memories from their shows, but I'm glad to see the musical evolution that some band members had, especially in Bring The Fallen's successful two year run!
Hope you enjoyed this profile, and if you're at all disappointed by the information or quality, I'm going by what is online. Remember, I'm RANDOMLY PICKING BANDS, so you can't expect Fitswitch-quality bands in each and every edition! Some bands just never hit it big, some weren't lucky, and some just weren't cut out to last a long time! That being said, I've picked the second band for this series, and next month, we'll profile M7K, the inactive metal project from former D.O.T.H. frontman Mike Ladouceur/Vincent! Completely random choice, you never know who's next, but I'll say this much: September's profile will be of a band from Sault Michigan, so stay tuned for that!

I'll be back home tomorrow to cover all that is metal from the Kewadin Casino 25th Anniversary Summer Festival, and more, so I'll see you guys tomorrow!

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