Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Winkstinger), A Postponement, And More!!

Well guys, I apologize again for the lack of updates over the last couple days. Once again, things have been a bit slow, but I take responsibility for the delay cause of my homework/studying commitments. I'm trying to spread things out a bit from what I do have, so weekend concert previews are tomorrow. So today, we have the departure of a local metal guitarist, the latest from Half A Man, and a concert postponement, so here's what you need to know, starting with a short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!

After months of anticipation, local hard rockers Browbeat are back! In their first live concert appearances since their sole show under the Social Play name in January, Browbeat will debut their new lineup at shows Friday night and Saturday night, including former Disciples of Rock bassist James White and Frightlight guitarist Rick White on drums, along with longtime frontman Dutch Vanderploeg on vocals and guitar! It's great to see Dutch finally get Browbeat back on stage, persistence and dedication will pay off for sure! Check all of the above links for original material on both bands! These shows will likely be at 10:00 PM both nights, with a cover charge of around $3 and a 19+ age limit. I've been hoping to see Browbeat live again for months, and I'm seriously considering going this weekend, likely on Saturday, so stay tuned for a review of the show if I'm there! Get more details and song info at the links above! (EDIT: This concert alert has been edited due to WinkStinger not being on the bill. Blame my own carelessness and some info from Browbeat members for the confusion. They have shows coming up, just not for a couple weeks. My apologies, everyone!)

Secondly, here's an upcoming concert note: This weekend's scheduled Caveman Morrison concert at The Vibe Lounge has been postponed a week, from this Friday to next Friday. This was confirmed by frontman Tym Morrison in an e-mail to confirmed attendees on the show's Facebook event page, which has been updated accordingly. Tym said the venue felt it was best to move the show up a weekend, but didn't elaborate further on the reason for the postponement. Aside from the new date, the show is exactly the same as it was before for house rules, with a 10:00 PM start time, no announced cover charge, and a 19+ age limit. Should be a fun show, even if a week late, so if you want to hear some great metal and hard rock covers from a very talented local cover band, you know where to be next weekend! Click all of the above links for more details, and I'll have more concerning Caveman Morrison as I hear it!

Next up, it was announced today that local death metal band Bring The Fallen have parted ways with lead guitarist Andrew Chiarello. The news was broken earlier today on the band's official Facebook page, with no reason given as to why Andrew left. Andrew was a founding member of Bring The Fallen under their original name (The Undead Warriors) early last year, and played with the band at all of their shows through their most recent appearance at May's Downtown Showdown Battle of the Bands, where they won their third battle in four tries. It's unknown at present if his departure will affect his recorded tracks for their yet-to-be-released debut EP. It really sucks to hear that Andrew's left the band, cause I've always been a fan of his guitar playing, and his presence will surely be missed! That being said, the band are currently looking for a new lead guitarist to replace Andrew in Bring The Fallen, so if you or someone you know are interested, call or text frontman Josh Stephney at 257-2676 for more info! These are tough shoes to fill, but hopefully a great replacement comes along in time for the Total Chaos show next month! I will surely keep you updated on the Bring The Fallen guitarist situation as I hear more, so stay tuned!

Finally today, here's a cool update from Brimley hard rockers Half A Man! This really isn't a "concert" per say, but this should interest fans who wanna see them "live"! On Halloween (Sunday, October 31st), Half A Man will hold a Halloween party/video shoot at frontman Erik Rintamaki's house in Brimley, and you're invited! Not a lot is elaborated on for either element of this event, but the band will presumably have some sort of live performance to go along with the recording of their first ever music video. My best guess is it will be for the song "Freedom Ride", but it could be a different track for all we know. And because a Halloween party is hyped, bring your costumes! An 8:00 PM start time is listed at the Facebook event page, and the address to Erik's place is there as well. I won't post it here out of respect for personal privacy. Check the above links for more, cause this sounds like a fun little event that could lead to some cool stuff to check out later on! For more from Half A Man, including how you can win a guitar pick featuring the band's new logo (as pictured on your right), visit their official Facebook page!

That's all for today, but stay tuned tomorrow evening for weekend concert previews and maybe some more news and notes! Thanks everyone!

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