Saturday, October 23, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Garden of Bedlam), New Concert Videos, And Much More!!

One more post before the Zombie Walk for you guys, and we're packed with news in this one! Today, we have the first videos from a recent major concert, how you can get merchandise from two local bands, and the ticket situation for an upcoming show, but first, here's a notable LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!!

Garden of Bedlam are back! After a few months away from the stage following their supporting slot at the Kiss show in August, the local metal standouts will be playing a solo headlining show on November 12th in their first ever concert at The Rockstar Bar! This is the same spot from where they held their Kiss afterparty at, but does it surprise anyone else that Garden of Bedlam have never played a show there? And yes, this is the same show that was hinted by Buzz on their Facebook group that I mentioned last week. The group is also my source for information on the show. They will be playing two full sets comprised of the songs from both their debut EP and their upcoming full length album, plus covers, including some new ones! There will be a $5 cover charge, a 19+ age limit should be in effect, and a start time has not been announced. An event page will be posted online in the coming weeks as well. This should be an awesome show, pencil me in to attend this! It's been a while for Garden of Bedlam to play again, and I bet many of you guys will be itching to see them on stage again! Check out the above links for more, and I'll keep you posted with updates!

Next up, the first YouTube videos from Tuesday's Sevendust show at Kewadin Casino are now online, but surprisingly, these aren't of Sevendust. YouTube user Joe Niemi was at the show, and captured two cell phone videos of supporting band 10 Years, which are now on his YouTube channel! One is from the end of their set, where one of the guitarists (not sure which one) smashes a cymbal with a hammer in time with the end of their last song! I think it's "Shoot It Out", but don't quote me. It's only 61 seconds long, but check it out at this location! The other video is of 10 Years playing their biggest song, "Wasteland", and you can check it out below! Good quality for a cell phone, but note that the video is on a strange format as a result, so it's a lot taller than it is wide. Good stuff, huge props to Joe for getting videos from the concert! Now we just have to see what else pops up from it. Check out his video of 10 Years playing "Wasteland" below!

Now, here's some notes on local band merchandise, and we'll start with... Woods of Ypres? Wait, didn't they sell off all remaining merchandise prior to David Gold's move to Kuwait? Well, not completely. Band members Evan & Shane Madden have some merchandise hanging around themselves, and this will likely be your last chance to buy independent Woods of Ypres merchandise before Earache Records takes over that end of it! So what do the Maddens have that you can still buy? Well, they have all Woods of Ypres albums except "Woods IV: The Green Album", which you can buy for $10 each. In a package deal, you can get "Woods I-III" and "Independent Nature" for $35 as well. Plus, there are $20 Woods of Ypres t-shirts (no specifics beyond that) and $12 "Allure of the Earth" vinyl records as well. All prices are in American, as the Maddens live in Philadelphia. If you're interested in buying the last of the independent Woods of Ypres albums and t-shirts, e-mail your PayPal orders to, and click here for more details! Buy now, cause if you don't, it could be a while before more comes out!

Also on the topic of merchandise is this bit of news from local punk/metal band Destroilet. Remember them? We have heard very little from them since their May concert at Coch's Corner, but drummer Matt Waples announced that they will be selling brand new band t-shirts soon on their Facebook group! This is the logo that will adorn them, and I believe Matt designed it as well. He is a talented graphic designer, after all. They'll be available in mid-November in sizes M-XL, and they can be yours for just $20! If you want a Destroilet shirt before their next concert, e-mail the band at, and click here for more details! Also, Matt mentioned that Destroilet will be getting ready to record some originals in the next few weeks, with hopes to release the songs by year's end. I can't wait for more, I've been missing Destroilet! Check out all of the above links for more info!

And finally for today, tickets for the Grady concert at The Grand Theater on November 16th are now on sale in a unique way: online! Usually, online ticket sales are just for major shows at The Essar Center or Kewadin Casino, but this is through Beyond Borders at LopLops, who sell a lot of tickets for their shows in this fashion. They just don't have much metal, so it's new to us. Tickets are $15, which is somewhat steep, but Grady will deliver with their patented brand of country/metal, so it should be worth the cost! Click here to buy a ticket online, but if you want to buy it in person, printed copies are apparently coming out this week (thanks to Stephen Alexander for the info!) No word on where they'd be available though, presumably LopLops Lounge and The Grand Theater though. For more information, visit the official Facebook event page! I hope to be at this concert myself, cause Grady sure impressed me last year! They're not country enough to bother me, they have a nice groove to them, and they're LOUD. Hope to see a good crowd there, so maybe The Grand can book more heavy shows again!

That's all for now, but stay tuned tomorrow for my Zombie Walk afterparty review, with more news and notes to follow as I hear them! Thanks everyone, and I'll see you downtown!

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