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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile: L'anguisette

Hey guys, it's time for our tenth monthly installment of our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Series! I have some news about this series' format going forward, but I'll leave that for the end. As usual for now though, today's profile focuses on a metal band that, though not based in Sault Ontario, feature a local member in their lineup! They're among the many bands and projects that he has been a part of in their musical career, and it's not his best known, so this could be new! So let's begin the profile, and if there's something incorrect, missing, or lacking info/details, please tell me! Also check the post below for previews of this weekend's concerts. (UPDATED: November 26th, 2014)
L'anguisette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Lineup: (Saultites in RED; ex-members in italics)

Bianca Lindblad (vocals)
Joe Winiarski (guitar)
Greg McNichol (bass)
David Gold (drums)

Official MySpace page:
Official Facebook page:

Local Info: Joining his vast array of bands and projects, Woods of Ypres frontman David Gold drummed for Philadelphia experimental/progressive metal band L'anguisette prior to his sudden passing in December 2011. You'll best know him for his work as singer, guitarist, and former drummer for local doom metal band Woods of Ypres, but David's also well known from his drumming work in other bands (local and abroad) like Gates of Winter, Necramyth, Will of the Ancients, Thrawsunblat, The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society, Proposition 86, and Mister Bones! Despite his death, David's influence is still being felt to this day, and hopefully his work in all of his bands isn't forgotten!

Band Bio: L'anguisette's early days were born out of a Philadelphia metal band named Enola that were active from 2002-2005, who featured three of L'anguisette's members, along with drummer Francisco Galarza. They recorded many demos and played live frequently in this incarnation, but would disband in 2005 to pursue other interests. Aside from some acoustic sets and recording sessions involving Bianca and Joe, the band didn't completely reform until 2008. They renamed themselves L'anguisette, and enlisted David Gold as their new drummer that year, with Greg MacNichol rejoining the band in early 2009. David recorded his drum tracks for L'anguisette's planned debut album, "Damning The Euphrates", at Stereo Soul Studios in Sault Ste. Marie that spring, but the band quietly dissolved after his death in December 2011, and despite frontwoman Bianca Lindblad's hope for a full release of "Damning The Euphrates", surviving members have since had a falling out.

Compared to most of David's bands and projects, L'anguisette are probably the most different, not that that's a bad thing! Their sound is much more melodic and not quite as relentless and dark as you might be expecting. Bianca Lindblad turns out to be a pretty good singer with a nice tone and melody, and though I expected some black/death-ish singing, this works just fine! I'm impressed with the operatic notes she can hit especially! The music as a whole isn't as "experimental" as I was hoping it'd be, but the band is made up of very capable musicians, so that works! Joe Winiarski has a good eye for his guitar, and he should play solos more often, cause his solo on "The Whore" is really cool! Greg MacNichol's bass is solid through every song, and David Gold handled the drums as good as ever, even if this isn't ripe for blast beats! The whole atmosphere of the songs is nice too, they all flow together well. Though their style might seem odd to those of you expecting something blacker, L'anguisette had enough talent and edge to take them as far as they want to go, and hopefully their album sees the light of day!

Though a release of "Damning The Euphrates" is in limbo, there are a few select places to hear L'anguisette material, most prominently at their official MySpace page. Three original demos, along with a surprising cover of Woods of Ypres' "Looming Of Dust In The Dark", are posted there, so check them out! They haven't played live since re-forming (as far as I know), so that's your best bet. A couple of scattered songs have also found their way to YouTube, including the title track, which David uploaded onto his YouTube channel in 2009, so check it out below!

Now did you notice that I only did one band this month? Well, I have to be honest: I'm running out of known bands from out of town with local members, and I couldn't find out enough information online about Ninth Day Sin to give them an effectively comprehensive profile. In retrospect, I probably should have only profiled one band a month, but my foresight was admittedly bad. I have a couple more bands I can do at the moment, but I've really got to stretch this out so I don't completely exhaust my resources. So from here on out, I'm only doing one out of town band for each entry of this profile, and next month, I won't have a new one at all. Why not? Well, I'm instead going to update each of the old posts with updated info on the bands, members, their current statuses, and corrections, and dedicate a post just to the changes and edits so you guys are aware of what's changed. Just letting you guys know ahead of time! And, if you know of a metal or hard rock band from elsewhere in the world that has at least one Saultite in their past or present lineups, LET ME KNOW!!!

That's all for today, but there may be a new news post tomorrow before the Zombie Walk, so keep an eye out! And yes, I'll be at the afterparty, with a review, photo album, and videos on Sunday! Stay tuned for all that, and more!

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