Saturday, October 9, 2010

WinkStinger's First Shows, Plus More Assorted News!!

Assorted news day here at The Sault Metal Scene, as we mostly clear out my cache of news from the last little while! Today, we have a new video, the latest updates from Half A Man, and more assorted news, but first, here's some news on the REAL debut shows from a local metal band!

Now that the confusion over supposed shows this weekend is cleared up (yes, I screwed up, I'm still sorry), we can get to stuff that we are positive is happening with them! Local hardcore metal quintet WinkStinger will make their official live concert debut on October 23rd as the newest addition to the lineup at the Soo Zombie Walk afterparty at Foggy Notions! WinkStinger join the previously announced Frightlight, RedD Monkey, The Fury, and Wojtek on the bill. Great to see them with a confirmed booking, I plan on attending both the Zombie Walk AND the after-party, so I'll be a witness to the debut, as will many other zombies/music fans! Remember, this takes place at around 10:00 PM on October 23rd (two weeks from today), and it's the final event in this year's Zombie Walk festivities. That being said, the full itinerary for the Zombie Walk is now online at their official Facebook group, including information on what will be for sale, what you'll see at the zombie short film festival, who's signing autographs, and when exactly everything starts! Get more details on the Zombie Walk afterparty at the above links and at the Facebook event page!

The other new show featuring WinkStinger is another previously announced show, as they join Frightlight once again on October 30th at the fifth annual Halloween Party at Coch's Corner! The full lineup is actually confirmed now, with three bands like last year, including Frightlight, WinkStinger, and a band named The Mothermakers. Now I tried to search for information on this band, but I found absolutely nothing. I have a hunch that they might be a one off cover band similar to Glamoween from last year's Halloween show at Coch's Corner, but I could very well be wrong. If you have information on the identity and/or sound of The Mothermakers, let me know! Nothing else new has came out for this show, it's still 19+ with a $5 cover and a 10:00 PM start time, but expect lots of Halloween entertainment and great live music! Get more details on the Halloween party by clicking here! As for WinkStinger themselves, it's great to see them booking some concerts, and I hope to see them at least once this month! Been too long to see some of those guys on stage again, and they have some very heavy and brutal stuff! Be sure to check out some original WinkStinger demos at this location, and I'll have more on them and their first shows as I hear it!

Thirdly today, here's a brand new local metal video! This is a video slideshow of local hard rockers Half Past, set to their original song "War Inside My Head", as recorded at their April show at The Canadian Nightclub! Good quality audio, and it's my favourite of the Half Past originals too, so that works well! The photos used include shots of the band's current members, save bassist Ryan Disano (he hasn't played live with them yet), along with band logos and graphics, with lots of video effects and transitions to make it pop out more than a typical slideshow. Good stuff, maybe it will help tide us over while we wait for Half Past's return to the stage! Check it out below, and more from Half Past at frontman Luke LeBlanc's YouTube channel!

And now, here's some more updates from Brimley hard rockers Half A Man! When I first told you guys about their Halloween party/video shoot on Wednesday, I didn't have a whole lot of details about it to give you guys. That changes now, as later that day, frontman Erik Rintamaki posted full details on it's Facebook event page and the SMS' Facebook page too! As it turns out, there WILL be a full concert set at the party, taking place at 8:00 PM on Halloween night. The video shoot will be after their set, and it will be for their original song named "Drunk" which was recently revamped. This party is free to attend, but you must be 21 to get in. I still won't credit this as a "concert" per say, as it's more of a house party than a public event, but if you want to go, get full details at this location! Remember, it's at Erik Rintamaki's house in Brimley, but I won't post the address here out of respect for personal privacy. Check the above links for more, and while we're on the subject, check out Half A Man's new Reverbnation page by clicking here! We've seen a lot of the stuff there before, but listen to their original song "Cripple", it's a very solid hard rocker with a nice melody!

Finally for today, here's three assorted news stories from the last little while. The first two revolve around Reverbnation pages, while the latter is some long-awaited news that, while quick, should be checked out. As usual, these go in alphabetical order by band name:
  • Local hard rockers Browbeat have launched an official store on their Reverbnation page, where you can buy two of their originals in mp3 format and as ringtones! Sales are already coming in, so if you want some Browbeat on your music playlists, buy these tracks today! Remember to check them out tonight at Foggy Notions too!
  • Sault Ontario industrial hard rock duo Riverin have launched their own Reverbnation page as well! Nothing much to speak of, it's pretty bare at present, but become a fan and stay tuned in case updates come in there!
  • Woods of Ypres have quietly announced the full title of their fifth and final album, which will be called "Woods V: You Were The Light". No word yet on if it will have a seasonal theme like their past albums (note that they don't have a fall record yet.) My source is their official CBC Radio 3 page, which also features some new bio info, describing their current state as an "indefinite, nomadic hiatus". Hey, at least it's not goodbye forever! Check the above links for more, and stay tuned for "Woods V" updates!
That's all for today, but make sure to check The Sault Metal Scene out tomorrow for my likely review of TONIGHT'S Browbeat concert at Foggy Notions! Thanks everyone, I'll see you there tonight!

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