Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots Of Assorted Updates!!

Hey guys, I have some more assorted news to share to cap off your weekend from many bands and areas of the local metal scene! We have new local audio material and some updates concerning recently broken up bands, but before that, hopefully you guys made it to last night's short notice Caveman Morrison show at The Nicolet Tavern! Our Twitter page announced it, but I couldn't get a post up in time beforehand. I bet it was awesome, but now, here's the news!

So yesterday, when I was looking up links from our October "Where Are The New Albums?" update post, I checked out the MySpace page for BWC Studios, the Toronto recording studio where local bands Lion Ride and Detroit have done recent recordings. I don't tend to look at very many non-local sites for relevant updates, but in this case, I really should have earlier. Why? Because there's a new Lion Ride song posted there! It's credited as "Lion Ride Sample", but it sounds like their new song "Snail Trail" that they debuted at their May show at The Canadian Nightclub! Of course, if I'm wrong, let me know. This is likely one of the four songs that Lion Ride recorded at their April sessions with Greg Dawson at BWC Studios, and it's definitely a good track! I won't give detailed judgment until the full album comes out, but I will admit to liking this more than "Stick It In"! So if you wanna hear some new Lion Ride, check out the above links to hear "Snail Trail", and as I hear more from Lion Ride, I'll have it right here! And yes, yesterday's "Where Are The New Albums?" post has been updated to reflect this.

Speaking of new material from a local band, Sault Michigan hard rockers Elipzis have updated their MySpace page with some new song samples! It looks like they've pulled their old full song clips and replaced them with shorter samples, all of which conveniently run for around 2 minutes and 32 seconds. I wonder if that number has a significance? So the songs "Six Shots", "Father", and "Freedom" are still there in edited forms (click here for my initial assessments on them from August), but there's also two brand new song samples posted as well! One is entitled "Take On Me", a nice hard rocker with great melodic singing, and even some unexpected death metal backing parts as well! It's gotta be Orb supplying those, correct me if I'm wrong! Fairly straightfoward, but for what we hear, it works! The other new song clip is "Forensic Truth", which has a bit of a faster tempo while maintaining a bit of a lighter (yet rocking) feel! Good stuff, though I would like to hear the full songs sooner or later. Click here to check out the latest material from Elipzis!

Thirdly today, here's some Woods of Ypres-related updates that might finally help answer some questions. So we know that frontman David Gold has more or less ended Woods of Ypres, sold off all band merchandise and his band guitars, and moved to Kuwait to take a teaching job there. Still wondering why this all happened? Well, David's finally answered that question in a fittingly appropriate way: By song! David posted a video onto his YouTube channel (it's unlisted, link here) where he sings/explains that the move to Kuwait was prompted by his being in debt, and that the Toronto Dominion Bank has got him "by the balls". You can probably patch together things from there. At the end of the video, it says "Help bring David Gold home." followed by PayPal and mailing address links. In other words, it looks like David's reaching out to fans, friends, and supporters to help him pay off debts and be able to come back to Canada sooner.

I won't embed the video here out of respect for personal privacy, but I know many of you would like to see David back home, even if Woods of Ypres didn't reunite afterwards. A post on Friday on his personal Facebook page elaborates on his current feelings and thoughts about the move, if you wanna check it out. Support this cause if you can, cause it sure sounds like he doesn't wanna be stuck in Kuwait forever! For address links to send him some cash, click here, and as I hear more on Woods of Ypres and "Woods V", I'll have it here!

While we're on the subject of broken up bands, were you guys wanting to know what the ex-members of Sault Michigan hard rockers Nixxon Dixxon were up to? Well, here's what you should know! We know that drummer Jake LaLonde moved out to California to attend The Musicians Institute, and I should add that sadly, he wasn't chosen for the live finals, so he didn't win the Full Ride Scholarship Contest. For reference sake, a New York guitarist named Tim Venerosa won first place. But how about the rest of the band? As it turns out, frontman Brandon Carr also moved out to California, though I don't believe he's at the same school as Jake. Brandon had told me through Facebook correspondence that he tried out for American Idol while he was out there, but he didn't make it past the first audition. Still cool to hear! As for guitarist Chris Hubbard and bassist Kyle Beaumont, they're still kicking around Sault Michigan, and they're apparently working on a couple new band projects! Nice to hear, I can't wait for more from them! So if you've been wondering what's been up with Nixxon Dixxon since their last shows, now you know! Thanks to Ernest Beaumont for additional info!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more in the next few days, including updates from The Barking Eye and much more! Thanks everyone!

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