Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Month's Poll Results & This Month's First "Best Of 2012" Poll!

After another quiet stretch for news, we'll break the slow streak with last month's poll results and this month's new poll! As you may remember, last month's poll posed this question to you guys: Which ACTIVE out of town band with a Saultite in their lineup do you most want to see next at a local concert? The vote totals dropped off a ton from last year's poll of this type, with just 16 total votes, but we got some clear results, and thanks to everyone for voting! Last year, Munising, Michigan metal band Infathom (backed by a fan campaign) won the poll by a landslide, and did indeed return to the local stage at LemmaFest, but did they repeat their victory? The final results are below!

Fifth Way (4 votes, 25%)
The Lust Boys (4 votes, 25%)
Infathom (2 votes, 12%)
Maximum RNR (2 votes, 12%)
Other (2 votes, 12%)
Bury Your Demons (1 vote, 6%)
Mothership (1 vote, 6%)
Azriahl (0 votes)
The Dyadics (0 votes)
Genocya (0 votes)
The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles (0 votes)
The Line Drawn (0 votes)
NeanderTHRALL (0 votes)
RedStone Riot (0 votes)
S.C.A.R. (0 votes)
Violet Fuse (0 votes)

What do you guys think? Well, in ascending order, I'm very surprised that more chosen bands didn't receive any votes, especially for any of Ash Richtig's Windsor-based bands. Sure, most haven't played in the Soo yet, but you'd think fans/friends of theirs would have voted! I am surprised to see Bury Your Demons (who we've only minimally covered on here) and the now inactive Mothership each got a vote for their 6th place tie, which helps indicate that they have local fans, and I promise we'll do a proper profile on Bury Your Demons in early 2013! A three way tie for 3rd place with 2 votes each went to Infathom, Maximum RNR, and "Other", and while I can't speak for voters on the latter, I'm surprised that votes fell for these two bands, especially as they were the top 2 bands in this poll last year. Hopefully we'll see them locally in 2013 though! But your co-winners, tied for 1st place with 4 votes and 25% of the total each, were Fifth Way & The Lust Boys, both of which have strong local followings of their own! Fifth Way are certainly no strangers to the area, but The Lust Boys' first local show was scuttled due to vehicle trouble on their tour in the spring.

I have solid faith that Zak and Benny will bring their respective bands to town in the near future (The Lust Boys are especially long overdue), but their improved finishes from last month's poll are encouraging, and hopefully we'll see more out of town bands with Saultite members in concert in 2013! Thanks to everyone for voting!

Now, what will be our last poll of 2012? Well, I think it's about time to launch the first of our "Favourite _____ of 2012" polls, and this time around, we'll start with a poll we debuted last year, that being for this question: What is your favourite NEW local metal/hard rock band of 2012? Following the bumper crop of new metal bands in 2010, I launched this poll last year to cover the smaller amount of new bands in 2011 ("Other" won, but the top voted band was The Valentine's Day Massacre), and it makes sense to bring it back in 2012! That said, the number of new metal/hard rock bands has fallen even further (in quantity, not quality), but before we reveal the choices, just some ground rules for inclusion. Like last year's poll, we're only counting bands who both publically launched in 2012 (bands from 2011 aren't "new") AND have played their first public concert this year. As well, bands who were just renamed (i.e. Borderline Divine) don't count, as they existed before this year with another name. Note as well that the lack of Sault Michigan bands isn't an intentional slight, as I honestly can't name a heavier band across the river that both formed and debuted live in 2012.

With that said, I only know of 6 verifiably heavier bands to have launched and gigged in 2012, but there's a lot of talent and promise in these bands, so what are your choices for this poll on your favourite new local metal/hard rock bands of 2012? Read on below!

Haggith: Of this year's new heavier bands, Haggith have probably made the biggest impact in the shortest time, with two studio albums already released to go along with a number of high profile concerts and ambitious plans from this summer onward! With alumni of Havadder, 20 Pack of Marshmallows, S.C.A.R., and Acention in their lineup, the talent is there for their entertaining grunge/alternative rock sound, but are Haggith your favourite new local metal/hard rock band of 2012?

Lucky 13: Debuting at Toystock last month, this new band featuring Aftersight, Wishbone, Turner Up, and Gully Yodelers alumni made a splash in their first concert with a set full of 1990s alternative & hard rock covers that helped set them apart from the other cover bands that night! Though we've heard little from Lucky 13 since, and I don't believe they have an online page at present, did their debut show solidify them as your top new hard rock band this year?

Pillory: This new metal quartet (featuring alumni of Late & Loud, Crimson Crusade, and The Bear Hunters) brought pure thrash metal back to the local scene in a big way in mid-2012, with fast paced technical originals and a brutal live debut at The Locals Attack at The Canadian last month! Hard at work on new material and hopefully more shows, have Pillory's thrash onslaight endeared you the most of the new local bands this year?

Skeyes of Seven: No band had a bigger debut concert this year than Skeyes of Seven, whose modern hard rock sound brought them a great response when opening for Anvil this past July! With members of Sense of Truth, Half Past, Tripod the Dog, Driving Dave Home, and Cherry Crush in their lineup, the promise and talent is there, but activity has been slow in late 2012, with the band mainly working on new music since. Have what we've seen of Skeyes of Seven put them at the top for new bands to you?

The Suicide Kings: Another band who's made a prolific impact on the local scene in 2012 is The Suicide Kings, the new alternative/hard rock quartet featuring members of Wishbone, The Bear Hunters, and Limelight. Booking a surprisingly high number of concerts already, including slots at Toystock and Bushplane Musical Madness, their diverse covers and first few originals are serving them well locally already, but are The Suicide Kings your favourite new hard rock band of the year?

With Blood Builds Character: Essentially a successor to the recently inactive March Into Regression, local hardcore outfit With Blood Builds Character launched with big expectations in July, but they've only played at the F.A.T.I.L. Requiem in Laird in August since, with extremely few updates following, despite a promising lineup (with alumni of State of Misery, Fountain of Betrayal, and Constructed Apocalypse enlisted.) Though their status is in limbo, are W.B.B.C. your favourite new metal band of 2012?

Other: Did you like another new band more this year? Did you prefer a band that doesn't quite cross the hard rock line, like Lazer Queen or Griphook? How about a band that has yet to play live, like 415E or Giwakwa? Or maybe it's something completely out of left field genre wise, or an existing band that only played their first show in 2012? If your favourite new metal/hard rock band wasn't covered in the above choices, vote for "Other"!

VOTE TODAY!!! You guys have until January 18th to vote for your favourite new metal/hard rock bands of 2012, so cast your votes in the form on the left of the page, and hopefully we'll cull some interesting results this time around! That's all for now, but stay tuned for a new news post tonight or tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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