Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Local Metal Video Showcase, Including Our First Christmas Surprises Of The Year!!

Continuing into our surprisingly slow pace for local metal news this December, we do have some news to get to this week, but because a lot of stuff I have this week is in media formats, I thought I'd start with a local metal video showcase! Most of it is actually new uploads from our YouTube channel, including this week's classic video and our first Christmas surprise song uploads, but first, here's a brand new album upload from a recently prolific local band!

On Saturday, local grunge quartet Haggith uploaded their first live album (and third release overall), entitled "Flight 75" to their YouTube channel! Though the album's formal paid release won't occur until next month, we can now hear all 11/12 tracks of "Flight 75" for free like with their earlier albums, so what should you know about it? The cover art's not bad (though the title seems tacked on), and the track listing is more or less the same as was in their live compilation video from their Bushplane Musical Madness set, albeit with some differences. "Public Enemy", "These Four Walls", and "No Cure For Insanity" are not present on the "Flight 75" track listing, with "Chaos In The Streets Of Aftermath" and "Rage Train" being added on, while the track order mostly flows with the live video (save for the song changes and "I Am" & "75" switching spots.) A new review of a Haggith album on the site won't come until the spring (to avoid any biases), but I'll say that the recording quality is pretty good given how it was captured, and at times, it's hard to tell it was from a live concert!

Until we get a chance to formally buy "Flight 75", check out Haggith's first live album below, and when the guys fully return from the holidays, we'll have even more news from them as it comes in!

Next up, here's this week's classic video! With their long awaited return from London coming up THIS FRIDAY, I figured it'd make sense to tie in this upload with local deathcore band The Valentine's Day Massacre! In particular, we're tying this in with frontman Steve Rhodes, who (as you may remember) fronted defunct local death metal band State of Misery off & on from 2010 through this summer. Most of State of Misery's videos have made it to YouTube already in one form or another, but there's at least one outlier from their early days, that being the last of their four December 2010 jam session videos! Featuring their original/final lineup, this was one of four videos from this same day that were posted onto the band's Facebook group at the time, including performances of their originals "Bleed" and "Don't Break The Silence", and their cover of Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell", but we are only now just putting the last of these four videos (mostly shot by Ashley Lacasse) onto YouTube. It's of an original song (name unclear), and like the other videos from this jam session, the audio is a bit scratchy, but State of Misery's early promise and brutality are clear!

This video was uploaded to the band's Facebook group on January 3rd of last year, and you can see the original file at NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!! All credit goes to Ashley & State of Misery for this video, I'm just trying to share it with a deserving wider audience! State of Misery are missed, but the members are still active in exciting newer projects, so give the last of their early jam session videos a look below, and so see Steve with The V.D.M. on Friday at The Algonquin Hotel!

We'll close today's post with the return of something I gave you guys last December, that being Christmas surprise videos! For the holiday season, I thought it'd be a nice idea to upload some rare or previously unavailable audio tracks from local metal bands onto our YouTube channel once again, so like last year, I've picked 5 batches of songs from 5 different local bands to post as a present for you guys! The first couple went up on Monday, with three more just having been posted this morning, and the others will go up on Friday, Sunday, and finally, on Christmas Day. So, what surprise songs did we start with?

Well, I went all the way back to 2004 for our first Christmas uploads, as these are two early audio recordings from defunct classic hard rock quintet That's Chester! We covered these on the site last year, but as a refresher, guitarist Gabe Tessaro had posted two covers of theirs onto a personal page of his that was linked through the band's former website. These date back to That's Chester's original lineup, which featured Gabe and Eugene Orlando on guitar, Aubrey Falls on bass, and Ric Datson on drums, alongside original singer Richard Fullerton, who's now musically active in the Ottawa area. The songs, which I assume were recorded at a jam session, are covers of Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down" and (as embedded below) Kiss' "Detroit Rock City", and even at this early stage of their 8 year run, they're rocking out well! Ritch arguably has a better range than his successors in That's Chester, and while there's the occasional misstep, this veteran local band has the chops to pull off these hard rock classics, and it's great to hear some rare older recordings of theirs! Check the above links to hear the Queen cover, and here's That's Chester losing their mind with "Detroit Rock City"!

And finally, our second Christmas surprise uploads for you guys are three original demos from inactive local metal band Sativa Rose! We also plugged these on the site last year, but as a reminder, drummer Alex Palmer uploaded three instrumental demos of the band's three original songs ("Fall From Grace", "Bellows of the Beast", and "Deliver Us") to the streaming music website Grooveshark circa July of last year, as part of a (now deleted) playlist of their setlist at the time. Sativa Rose's mid-2011 lineup is present here, with Alex joined by now-Valentine's Day Massacre bandmates Andrew Angelic on guitar & Adam Veale on bass, alongside current Winkstinger guitarist Anthony Orazietti. I assume that the demos were instrumental due to the band's search for a singer last summer, so they forgone having Andrew or Adam sing for these more formal non-live demos, but versions with new singer Marisa Valois never turned up before Sativa Rose went inactive earlier this year. The recording quality isn't bad, and the members show some blistering metal chops with great solos, but the vocals are missed, as they never played these songs live in an instrumental format.

Most of these songs can still be heard on Grooveshark at this location, but "Deliver Us" was quietly deleted at some point, and as I don't think any videos exist of it, I think our YouTube upload of it is the only publically viewable version of the song. These are solid quality demos from Sativa Rose's peak, so check out "Fall From Grace" below, and give the other Sativa Rose originals a listen above! Stay tuned on Friday for our next Christmas surprise uploads!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news hopefully tomorrow, weekend concert previews on Friday, our next Christmas surprises, this month's YouTube Channel profiles, and much more! Thanks everyone!

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