Friday, December 14, 2012

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The Suicide Kings), Destroilet CD Release Info, And New Videos!!

We're nearing the midway point of December (a surprisingly slow start to the month, I may add), but we have some more big stories to get to, including formal details on a new CD release, a local band's newest promo video, and this week's classic video, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for a holiday season concert we hinted at on the site earlier this week!

Local hard rock band The Suicide Kings will indeed be playing a Boxing Day show at The Canadian Nightclub! This concert was originally hyped on members' personal Facebook pages earlier this week, but it was only just confirmed publically today. For this show, the guys will be joined by popular rock trio Stiffler's Mom (who last played live at Toystock along with The Suicide Kings), and you know they'll impress with their mix of rock classics and newer hits, including some metal renditions! As well, I know that singer/drummer Greg Simpson has been a strong supporter of The Suicide Kings, so hopefully the two bands fit extra well together for this holiday season show! No word yet though on the band order for this concert, but I'll let you guys know if I hear who's headlining! This 19+ concert will be on at 10:00 PM on December 26th (one week from Wednesday), and I imagine there will be a cover charge of around $5. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be an entertaining show for you hard rock fans, so if you're off for the holidays, you have all the more reason to see some Wednesday night live music on Boxing Day! Keep an eye out for any potential updates!

Next up, Destroilet's new CD is officially on sale! The local hardcore punk quintet's second album (and first full length release) was released yesterday on iTunes, and physical copies are available starting today directly through band members (which you can message at this location!) The album costs $10 in any format, though individual songs on iTunes go for 99¢. Note however that Destroilet's covers of "Cross To Bear (Walk Proud, Stand Tall)" and "Tourettes" are not on the iTunes release for legal reasons (the rest of the covers are of songs by members' older local bands), but you can get free copies of those two songs by request if you buy the album on iTunes. I have my copy already (thanks Matt!), but get yours A.S.A.P. for some old school local hardcore! In related news, the band is still hyping an actual CD release party and other new shows in early 2013, along with plans for a video shoot of some kind, so visit Destroilet's Facebook page for all of their newest updates, stay tuned for more as I hear it, and look for my review of their new CD in January!

We'll close today's post with new videos, starting with Sault Michigan/Grand Rapids classical metal band Theatre of Night's newest promo video! Posted on the band's YouTube channel last night, it's their first video featuring recordings with new singer Gaby Koss, and while the included songs ("What Child Is This?" & "Carol of the Bells" with vocals) aren't new, it's nice to see them in video format! Visually, it's similar to Theatre of Night's past promo videos, with assorted filter heavy footage relating to the album and members, with promotional information at the end, but it's just as good in that department as their other promotional videos! In other assorted Theatre of Night news (thanks to keyboardist Craig Harrison for these), The Pickford Feed Mill & The Cedar Pantry in Cedarville are now stocking physical copies of Theatre of Night's CDs now (kinda odd, but the support rules!), and one of the future "Christmas Night" re-releases will also include a Wagner composition that they're recording. Check out the new promo video below, and keep an eye out for Theatre of Night updates!

Finally for today, here's this week's classic video! Not tied to any bands this weekend directly, but with an announcement relating to a band with a common member in this post, this made sense to upload, and it's a video of defunct classic hard rock quintet That's Chester live in 2011! Of course, you'll remember That's Chester from their prolific 8 year run as one of the heavier local cover bands, and that included frequent representaion at Rotaryfest's main stage in Clergue Park! The band last appeared at our local summer festival last year on July 15th, 2011, and like every main stage band last year (except Fusion, oddly), they were filmed by Local2's Mike Caruso for the local news site's Rotaryfest coverage. After Rotaryfest last year, Mike posted a 25 minute video of the Friday bands onto Local2, and a portion of That's Chester covering Deep Purple's "Highway Star" was among the included footage! Unlike some other bands that day, we only get 2:53 of this 6 minute song, but the video quality's nice (zig-zaggy movement aside), and the guys rock out well, with Greg Simpson adapting his voice alright for the falsetto sections!

This video was posted onto Local2 last summer at (That's Chester are 6:22 in), but for this classic upload, I cropped out That's Chester's part and posted it on it's own to YouTube. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!!! All credit goes to Mike, That's Chester, and Local2, I'm just trying to share this video with a deserving wider audience! It's a nice (if abbreviated) performance, so give That's Chester's last Rotaryfest video a look below, and maybe they'll turn up again down the road! (Also, look for main stage host and Sault Ontario radio personality James Warner-Smith early in the video!)

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news over the weekend, including next week's start of our 2012 Christmas surprise uploads, and our new poll on Tuesday! Thanks everyone! 

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