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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile: The Dyadics

It's time for our final monthly feature post of 2012, and after a month to update past profiles in this series (and some illness/vacation related delays), we're back to normal doings in our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Series! Once again, we're looking at a band that is based outside of the Sault Ste. Marie area, but features at least one past or present member that has shared a local residence, and like in earlier installments, we're telling you about the bands, their local ties, their material, and more! This month's chosen band is small by member count, but big in sound and promise, so read on below for our last entry in this series of the year, and if anything's missing or incorrect, please tell me! (Updated on November 26th, 2014)
The Dyadics (London, Ontario)

Lineup: (Saultites in RED)

Kevin Kennedy (vocals/guitar)
Matt Weston (drums/bass)

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Local Info: The Dyadics have 50% local representation thanks to frontman Kevin Kennedy, who is a native of Sault Ontario! I don't know a ton on his local background (beyond any mutual local contacts), but he moved to London to attend the University of Western Ontario at some point, likely in the early-mid 2000s, and still lives and works there in both the education field and in various musical projects. Along with his work in The Dyadics, Kevin has toured Canada playing guitar with The Neverending White Lights, and also performs with his wife in the London folk duo The Marrieds.

Band Bio: Formed in 2009, The Dyadics a two man project featuring two London-based teachers and UWO graduates playing a diverse blend of hard rock and experimental styles. Started following frontman Kevin Kennedy's spell opening for Our Lady Peace with The Neverending White Lights, he called in friend Matt Weston to produce and drum for the project, which opted to remain a duo following unsuccessful bassist auditions, with Matt playing bass parts on a Roland Octapad simultaneously while drumming for live concerts. Since The Dyadics' debut, they independently released their self titled debut album in 2010, followed by the EP "Dead & Gone" in 2011, and have steadily made a major name in the Southern Ontario music scene, including numerous concerts since their debut gig in March 2010, and being nominated at the 2012 Jack Richardson Music Awards. Currently recording a new CD, keep an eye out for Kevin & Matt on stage and in studio in 2013!

The Dyadics have a different sort of sound from what we usually look at in this series, and while the duo aspect helps for that, Kevin & Matt have crafted a melodic and often poppy take on hard and classic rock in this band! Their songs don't sound like just two guys are playing, which is proof of their talents, and they employ some nice hooks and catchy melodies into their songs, even if not all of their originals are of a face melting quality. I prefer their newer output, which has a slightly darker and heavier feel than their 2010 debut, but on both, they show solid skill and chemistry, with Kevin's guitar work impressing (along with his nice vocal range) and Matt's drumming and bass supplying also adding well! The Dyadics' sound is familiar in some ways and original in others, somewhat coming across to me as a mix of indie and hard rock, but if "Dead & Gone" is any indication, the best is yet to come from Kevin & Matt, so don't let them slip you by!

For online media, both of The Dyadics' albums are available for free streaming at this location, but feel free to support the guys by buying their albums at this location, and both releases on BandCamp by clicking here! They go for about $5 for the EP and $10 for the debut. For videos, there are some solid quality live videos from YouTube user Anthony Silvestro that I recommend checking out, but The Dyadics' own YouTube channel has some quality videos of it's own, including two music videos, such as this one from the title track from their latest EP, so give it a look below, and check out more above!

I hope you guys liked this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile! We'll kick off 2013 in this series on or around January 26th with a long awaited profile of Bury Your Demons, the Montgomery, Illinois metal band featuring Sault Michigan native Scott Mills, so watch out for that next month, and stay tuned for more news and out look back at the year 2012 in the next few days! Thanks everyone!

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