Friday, December 18, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Pixo Control, Project 421, And Caroline Divine), Plus The New Tuned Episode!!

With a pair of SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS to come to our attention for TONIGHT, let's lead off this post with them, but we also have a show for next week and a popular webseries' latest episode to round things out! Here's what you should know!

TONIGHT'S previously announced Tidal Records skate team year-end party at The Rockstar Bar will indeed have SMS-covered acts on the lineup, so let's plug it now! Apologies for the short notice, we only received official confirmation of the full lineup yesterday via this poster on Tidal Records' Facebook page. A celebration of Tidal Records' skateboarding team's first year together, this event will feature a screening of a video featuring their skate team's members in action (including Id Iota's Christian Lemay) before the concert proper, which will be headlined by alternative/hard rock trio The Pixo Control in their second show with new bassist Dustin Goodall, and it'll be nice to see the guys in a rare Rockstar Bar appearance! Their good friends Gnaeus will bring their post-punk attack back to the stage as openers, and despite the late confirmation of their involvement, it's nice to see both bands joining forces for the holidays! The previously announced joint set by DJ Seith and rapper Conika will open the musical section, so come early TONIGHT for the skate team video and their hip hop jams!

A $5 cover charge is in effect for this 19+ concert, which will begin at 9:00 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be an entertaining concert to round out 2015 with, and this will be a solid showcase of Tidal Records' music and skateboarding arms, so be there TONIGHT for all of the action! Here's The Pixo Control live this summer!

Next up, we have one more late notice concert to touch on, as local glam rock/power pop trio Caroline Divine will return to LopLops Lounge TONIGHT as openers for the Monreal power pop outfit Dany Laj & The Looks! Again, apologies for the short notice, we only learned about Caroline Divine's involvement in this show yesterday, though they have been publically confirmed as openers since November 27th via the official Facebook event page. Fresh off of their return sets at The Pixo Control's CD release parties (more on them in a bit), this will be their first appearance at a non-Pixo Control show since July, and this should serve as a good showcase for their fast-rising original material TONIGHT! As for the headliners, Dany Laj & The Looks have a fun, crowd-pleasing rock sound that, while not overly heavy, has catchy hooks, so give them a listen for more of the power-pop side of the evening! Once again, this is a $19 concert at 9:00 PM TONIGHT, with a $5 cover charge. For more details, visit the above links!

If you're not up for the Tidal Records show tonight, this is definitely something to consider attending, especially if you love power pop and/or some harder edged glam material, so keep it in mind as well! For a preview, here's Caroline Divine live this summer!

Also, here's one more new concert to touch on, and in this case, it has advance notice on here, as the bands from last month's Project 421 anniversary concert will return to The Rockstar Bar for a special concert this coming Wednesday, December 23rd! Essentially an encore of the aforementioned concert from December 5th, the classic metal quintet will be joined once again by funk/hard rock quartet The Elements and new local nu-metal band Eclipse (who we can confirm are a side project of Project 421 members, but are still awaiting finite public info on.) It sounds like the original concert from two weeks ago went well to warrant a second go-around, so if you missed out or want another helping, be at The Rockstar Bar this coming Wednesday! Promoted by Project 421 (despite the accidental credit to PaperClip Productions on the Facebook event page), this concert will go down at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, you must be 19 to attend, and bring $5 or so for a potential cover charge.

For more details, check the above links! This should be a solid concert for your holiday plans (it's even called on the event page "We Wish You A Metal Christmas"), so don't miss out before Christmas Eve arrives! And, just for a speculative note, Project 421's Facebook page left this status on December 6th: "It's coming..........April 21st.........." April is the 4th month, making 4:21... Project 421... let the speculation begin!

Finally, here's the latest from the aforementioned Pixo Control's new album "Probably Not" and it's release parties from last week at LopLops Lounge, so what should you know? The all ages afternoon show on December 12th was the focus of the newest episode of Local2's music webseries Tuned with Donna Hopper, where Donna interviewed the band's new lineup on the album's recording process and difficulties therein, what they would have done differently for the sessions had they had the chance, future tour plans, and the impetus behind holding two release concerts for different ages, with footage from the show interspersed within, and bloopers featured during the credits as usual. Light but informative interview, and it's interesting to hear about the struggles during the recording process to get "Probably Not" finished! There's no real scoops within, beyond a rare official reference to their lineup changes this fall, but fans should enjoy this episode!

Give the new Tuned episode a watch at this link, though remember that we can't embed Local2 videos here, as their host doesn't allow external embedding. No word on a possible SooToday article and photo album from the show yet, we'll keep tabs on that! As for availability of "Probably Not", The Pixo Control confirmed on their Facebook page on Monday that copies of the CD are on sale at both The Rad Zone and Case's Music, and you can also buy it via Tidal Records' online store, all for $10, so get your copies A.S.A.P., or at the band's own concerts!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for last month's poll results & details on our newest poll later today! Thanks everyone!

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