Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pixo Control CD & Lineup Updates, That's Chester Videos, And More!!

With December now upon us, let's not waste any time, so here's a new news post on this rainy Monday evening! Today, we have some assorted updates, new videos of a local band's recent engagements, and leading off, lots of updates on a rising young band, so here's what you should know!

Local alternative/grunge standouts The Pixo Control have launched their "12 Days of Pixo", which will see one of the 12 songs from their upcoming debut album "Probably Not" posted to their YouTube channel for each of the 12 days leading up to the CD release parties at LopLops Lounge on December 12th! Nice seasonal way to slowly unveil the album, so what should you know? Apparently released in order by the album's track listing, the first two songs are "Quick Little Quarter" (which is embedded below) and "Call Me A Liar", with the other 10 songs to follow being "This Is Momentary, Forever", "Land of the Moles", "Reasons", "Vicinity", "60" (presumably a short form for "Sixty Extra Chances Called Minutes"), "Tall Ships", the newer "Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Pilot", "Scratch", "No", and "Potpourri". The videos so far credit frontman Michael Mikus on vocals, guitar, and bass, with original drummer Keeghan Rosso on drums.

Note that it's not publically clear if ex-bassist Steve Edwards will have any credits on the album following his split with the band, or if Michael re-recorded the bass parts, but I just hope things are more amicable than they once sounded online. Also, the previously posted album artwork (of the mushroom picture framed on a gray wall) has quietly been deleted from band pages, which seems to note a cover art change, with the green designs of recent posters now factoring in. Check out the new song below, and stay tuned for the third song tomorrow!

Next up, let's stay with The Pixo Control for the announcement of their new lineup, also via a new YouTube channel upload earlier today, so what should you know here? Courtesy of the video, we learn that Id Iota/ex-Free Beer guitarist Dustin Goodall (who mixed and mastered "Probably Not") has replaced Steve Edwards on bass, while the band has welcomed back Keeghan Rosso on drums (replacing his original replacement, Matthew Thibert.) Intriguing to say the least, and in one case, incorrect from my earlier guess! Dustin's talented and should fit in well, while it's nice to see Keeghan back in the fold as well! As for the video itself, it's a humorous story about how Michael, down on his luck with no bandmates, meets up with Dustin & Keeghan to round out their new lineup. It's funny and creative, with some innuendos for good measure, but I won't spoil the plot otherwise, so give it a look below, and stay tuned for the new lineup's debuts at LopLops next Saturday!

Also today, here's the latest from local classic/hard rock veterans That's Chester, and of course, I hope late guitarist Eugene Orlando's funeral went as well today... well, as much as a such an event could.  Two more videos from their engagement with the live local production of The Who's Tommy have came onto our radar, though neither are actually from the musical itself. One was actually shared on their Facebook page in July (apologies for it being so late) from their concert at Rotaryfest's main stage that month, which was their last normal concert with Eugene, and it's of their rendition of The Who's "Pinball Wizard" with the Tommy cast joining in on guest vocals. Filmed by drummer Ric Datson's daughter Rikki, it's on the vertical cell phone camera angle and somewhat shaky, but you get a nice close view of That's Chester and company tackling one of The Who's most famous songs during their big set at Rotaryfest, so give it a look at this link!

The other new video actually comes from a promotional event for the Tommy production at The Station Mall where Eugene and guitarist Gabe Tessaro were playing acoustic versions of songs from the rock opera alongside actors from the play on vocals (one being Obsession/Domina frontwoman Valerie Powley.) One of many videos from that day uploaded by Valerie's brother Keith (though the band only shared this one), this is of "Tommy Can You Hear Me", and it's an interesting unplugged version that is filmed well, so give it a look below, see more above, and R.I.P. Eugene!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist or promoter name:

  • Brutally Fatal singer/guitarist Austin McCrae is looking for performers to play at a fundraiser that he's promoting in January or February. Pay is negotiable, and he's looking for 2 or 3 acts, but details on the fundraiser's purpose, host venue, date, or if it has any Blood Shed Productions affiliation are to be announced. For more details, visit Austin's post on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group from this afternoon, or contact him at this link!
  • Recently dormant local alternative hard rock band Id Iota have parted ways with bassist Justin Girardi, as per his quiet removal from their lineup on their Facebook page. A reason for his exit wasn't announced, but keep in mind that the band hasn't made a public statement (or played live) in over 5 months. If we hear anything on Id Iota's status, we'll let you know, but best of luck to Justin in the future!
  • While we await new media and concerts from them, local goregrind duo Rotopsy posted their full demo album from earlier this year onto YouTube last week, and you can hear it at this link! Due to cover art that some readers may find offensive, we won't embed the video here, but check it out above for more of Dylan & Ringsnaps' intense and minimalistic grind originals!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's Where Are The New Albums? post tomorrow, and more news to follow! Thanks everyone!

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