Sunday, December 27, 2015

A New Local Band, Plus Some New Videos!!

I hope everyone had a good few days off! We're keeping at it on the SMS, and for today's new post, we're touching on some new and recent videos from a few different (and widely varying) local bands, but leading off, here's a new local band to take note of featuring many familiar faces!

We have a new local band to add to our links, and they are Killer, an apparent full continuation of the one-off Rude-Offs from last month's Toystock event! If things maintain from last month's show, Killer should be a punk band of some description, but they should prove to be a more mainstream side project from members of Destroilet, with all but singer Mike Hull a part of this band, including guitarists John Conway (a guest last month) & Christian Foisy, bassist Adam Larocque, and drummer Matt Waples. They'll be fronted by Treble Charger frontman Greig Nori and Stiffler's Mom/Bone Yard singer Greg Simpson once again, and this created a very intriguing band just from membership alone! Other details on Killer have yet to be established, including specific genres, if they'll be covers only or will have originals, and when we'll see them live and where, but if you liked/missed The Rude-Offs last month, be sure to like Killer's Facebook page for more details!

Next up, here's a new video from Tidal Records' skate team's year end party/concert at The Rockstar Bar from December 18th! Uploaded to the skate team's YouTube channel last week, this captures moments from most of the involved acts, plus the screening of a new compilation video of Tidal Records' skateboarders, and it's well filmed to capture many different angles of the night's proceedings, including some with a fish eye lens! The video starts with DJ Seith & Conika's joint set, including solo Seith mixes and additional guest appearances (Gnaeus drummer Brendan Garlick, for one, jumps in at 1:29 of the video), before showing portions of the live video screening. The final product looks well edited, bur this version was apparently exclusive to the party (however, samples are on the channel proper.) Fans of post-punk and alternative hard rock will look forward to the video-ending clips from Gnaeus' set, though curiously, the filmer did not include footage of headliners The Pixo Control's set (I wonder why?)

It looks like this was a hit concert to celebrate Tidal Records' skate team's one year anniversary, and I wish I could have been there to see everyone in action! I'm sure Tidal Records have a lot more in store for 2016, from both their music and skateboarding arms, so stay tuned for all of that, and give their video from the party a look below!

Also, here's some new video finds from a mildly unexpected source, that being local pop rock cover band Cherry Crush! Though arguably best known for their covers of pop and dance hits, these local favourites do indeed cover heavier material at times, and three videos uploaded to their Facebook group in March show that! Joining a cover of Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" (the only one filmed at this jam featuring singer/ex-Foggy Notions owner Taryn Bugyra), the videos are of Cherry Crush covering AC/DC's "TNT" and "Whole Lotta Rosie", and as embedded below, Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", all with new drummer Rico Calvano (ex-Fusion) on vocals. Also featuring guitarist Jules Cote & bassist John Amendola, these are well performed by three talented local veterans (Taryn's a great singer too), and while songs of this style don't make up most of Cherry Crush's live repertoire, they do give a glimmer of their wide ranging set! Give these (and more) a look above & below!

Finally for today, here's the latest from Sault Michigan classical metal project Theatre of Night, so what's been going on with them lately? Largely working in (and on) their studio during the latter months of 2015, T.O.N. have shared a few samples of recent studio work on their Facebook page as of late, including this classical sample (apparently shot pointing to a screensaver) that keyboardist Craig Harrison shared in November. Their most recent clips include this short video of guitarist Steve Giles jamming to a Britny Fox song, and most recently, this short sample clip of a new original song named "Uhura's Ghost" (meaning the Star Trek character?!) It has an ethereal quality to it, and it sounds promising, but we of course await fuller details on Theatre of Night's recent studio work, which has seemed to be leading to a new album for a while now. We'll keep you posted, but check out their new videos above & below, and stay tuned for more from Theatre of Night!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for much more as the year winds down! Thanks everyone!

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