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YouTube Channel Profile Series: Tym Morrison

On this Boxing Day, here's this month's YouTube Channel Profile (now on the 26th of the month as a schedule balance due to the hiatus of our Out Of Town Profiles), as we once again are looking at 1-3 randomly selected YouTube channels whose content is at least 50% comprised of local metal, hard rock, and/or punk videos! To close the year, we have a channel from a very familiar face in the local music scene, whether you frequent his weekly solo shows and/or enjoyed his band work, so here's this month's YouTube Profile!
Tym Morrison (

Owner: Local solo hard rock singer/guitarist Tym Morrison, also well known from band work with acts like Caveman Morrison, Hollow, Metal Militia, and Calgary's Feral Noise

Channel Timeline: Launched on September 30th, 2006; Videos uploaded from August 2007 through June 2014

Channel Summary: Primarily in use as a showcase for Tym Morrison's original solo music, all but 9 of Tym's YouTube uploads are of his own compositions, ranging from regular songs to tributes to parodies. The channel also includes two comedy skits, a live video of his old band Feral Noise, and six live concert videos of his most recent local band Caveman Morrison.

Why Should You Watch: Tym's channel is definitely worth checking out for fans of his prolific music work, and if you're a fan of his original material, this channel is a good source for his later songs! However, note that this channel has no uploads of songs from his "Solo Project" CD, his extensive array of live solo concerts, or his non-Caveman Morrison band work in the Soo. As well, he hasn't visibly used this channel in over a year, in case that affects whether you subscribe or not.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

Caveman Morrison playiing Crazy Train.MOV: Tym's only videos filmed at local concerts come from his now inactive hard rock cover trio Caveman Morrison's show at The Roosevelt Hotel (now Reggie's West) on December 10th, 2011, in their second show with their then-lineup uniting Tym with bassist James White (The Elements) & his brother/Redundant bandmate Rick White (a former Caveman Morrison bassist already) on drums. An attendee filmed the band covering Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride & Joy", Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World", Judas Priest's "The Ripper", Foreigner's "Blue Morning, Blue Day", part of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall", and yes, Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train", and while the video quality is mixed and a little dark, this lineup had good chemistry & handled these songs well, and it'd be nice to see Tym revive Caveman Morrison down the road!

layitontheline: Though Tym has yet to release his once-planned second studio album (which you can stream samples of on his website via the "Music" tab), two full copies of songs listed for the album can be checked out on his YouTube channel. They include "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Lay It On The Line", which Tym described as "a power metal song about someone moving on from a failing relationship", and it's a nice showcase of his strong guitar ability and rangy singing that suits the genre! Tym's other solo originals on his channel were not listed for the album, but save for the parodies, all have a message or clear theme, and were recorded similarly to the above songs.

Nadine RIP My Friend: Tym's most popular video is this tribute song to his friend Nadine Dowding, who suddenly passed away in February 2013. Composed not long afterward, you can sense the emotion in Tym's performance here, and while it's not musically heavy, it has a fittingly somber quality that I'm sure touched people when it was originally posted! Some of Tym's other posted songs are about or in tribute to friends, family, and lost loves as well, including this tribute to his dad from last year.

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! Next month in this series, we'll be looking at 2 channels due to the first randomly selected channel only having one video posted, so we randomly chose one more with just 2 videos to fill it out. As a result, we'll begin 2016 with a look at YouTube user bffcfka's channel (featuring a CASS Cafe performance from 2010) and dormant local doom/death metal band Giwakwa's YouTube channel (featuring a concert video & a jam clip), so look for that on or around January 26th! That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news and notes as the year winds down! Thanks everyone!

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