Sunday, December 13, 2015

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

Before we get into this all-video post, just a quick apology for a missed concert, as Lucky 13 did indeed play last night at The Rednecks Saloon too. The band never indicated a Saturday nighter on the Facebook event page, and we didn't get concrete word about "round #2" until it was too late to plug it here. Our sincere apologies, hopefully both nights were awesome! Now, let's get some news and notes rolling again on the SMS with an all-video post, with concert video, two acts' studio material, and a solo performance!

We'll start with local alternative/grunge trio The Pixo Control, whose CD release parties were a success, if early word on social media is any indication! Of course, we'll touch on fallout from the shows proper when/if media or articles turn up, but both SooToday and The Sault Star posted articles about the release shows before they took place! SooToday's article just promotes the concert and the newly released "Probably Not" CD, but The Sault Star's Brian Kelly interviewed frontman Michael Mikus for this article on the concerts and album, so what should you know there? Within, Michael notes his reactions to finishing "Probably Not", and mentions that the final CD versions of their songs won't sound exactly as they do live, as you may have seen during "The 12 Days of Pixo". The article also confirms that cellist Emma N-K makes a guest appearance on the album, presumably on the song "No", which she has guested on with the band before.

Also, the article notes that The Rad Zone has copies of "Probably Not", but the band hasn't confirmed that yet. Solid and informative, so check both articles out above! As for the final two days of "The 12 Days of Pixo", the last two studio tracks from "Probably Not" went up on the band's YouTube channel on Thursday & Friday, including the aforementioned "No" and, as embedded below, the 9 minute long "Potpourri". We won't comment on the songs yet, pending our full CD review, but stay tuned for more from The Pixo Control when it comes in, and I hope the release parties went well, I wish I could have been there! Here's "Potpourri"!

Next up, local goregrind solo project Crucify The Whore have announced plans for their next full length release, with the oddly calm title "The Beautiful Sounds of Nature", but don't worry, they're still as brutal as ever! It's not clear if the picture of Tyler Gibson drinking is the final cover or not (especially given the dimensions), but he noted on the C.T.W. Facebook page that it'll be released on March 10th for $5, and will have 20 songs in between 30-40 minutes in length, indicating plenty of short songs once again. Two videos are on the Blood Shed Productions' YouTube channel with recordings planned for "The Beautiful Sounds of Nature", including one song whose name we won't give here as it's potentially offensive, but embedded below, here's two songs from it, entitled "It Is What It Is" and "Banana Blast Beats". Suitably heavy and minimalstic grind for fans and Blood Shed loyalists alike, so check everything out above & below!

Also, here's the latest videos from local classic/hard rock cover favourites That's Chester, whose future plans remain unclear, but have been staying busy posting daily "wake up songs" approved by the band and/or late guitarist Eugene Orlando. Some are just YouTube links to favourite songs, but three more concert videos have made their way online, all courtesy of guitarist Gabe Tessaro's personal Facebook page! I believe two of them are from the 2010 Rotaryfest (when they headlined the main stage on that year's Friday lineup), including renditions Deep Purple's "Highway Star" and April Wine's "Roller", and while the videos are a little fuzzy, the audio's great, and you get a good central angle of the band! The newest video, as embedded below, is from this July's Rotaryfest (That's Chester's last regular concert set before Eugene's death), and it's of them covering Deep Purple's "Hush".

Filmed from behind the band like on the prior Tommy video from this camera, you get a nice expanded view of That's Chester once again, so give these new That's Chester-approved wake up songs a look above & below!

Finally, former Ten Kings guitarist Joe Jenkins posted a new solo demonstration video onto his YouTube channel on Wednesday! His first video there in a month, this is of Joe testing some new guitar pedals that he got, and his playing sounds good with them! More of an informational video than anything, but fans of Joe's music will like it, so check it out below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for much more this week! Thanks everyone!

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