Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, Local Concert Previews, and much more!!!

Well, now I will make it up to everyone. This post is LOADED with stuff to talk about, so let's get going!

Let's kick things off with a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!! On March 21st, we have a hardcore show in Sault Ontario! It will be headlined by Montreal based Christian hardcore band Breaking The Fourth Wall, marking their return to Sault Ontario! Support will come from fellow Montreal hardcore rockers Deadwalk, Sudbury's own Upheaval of an Exorcist again (It's great that they come here so often, props to UOAE!), and local punk band Good Morning Gorillas! Other opening bands are to be announced!

This concert will be held at The Oddfellows Hall on March 21st at 6:30 PM! Tickets will be $10 at the door! More info will be posted here as it comes in! And if you wanna check it out, head on over to the Facebook event page to see what's up!

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, I got lots more to talk about! So, let's get right to this weekend's local concert previews!!!

Sault Michigan's own Bad Side are back for a pair of weekend shows tomorrow and Saturday at The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino! Both will take place at 9:00 PM, and check out the poster! Very nice! Bad Side are a great band, and there's no doubt in my mind that they'll put on two more great shows this weekend! But don't take my word for it, check out this video for the Bad Side song "You're So Hot"!

And while we're on the subject of weekend concerts at Kewadin Casino, there's one more! On 8:00 Saturday night, fellow locals Nixxon Dixxon (seen here with Bret Michaels) will be playing a show at the ballroom upstairs at Kewadin, as part of a Valentine's Day dance! Hopefully this goes well, this should be better than some pop/rap music dance any day! Check out some Nixxon Dixxon covers at their official Myspace page!

Now, there's your local concerts for the weekend! After Saturday, the next shows on the horizon will feature Jager at Dondee Lanes and Upheaval of an Exorcist and others at The Lock City Grand Theater! Search the blog for more info on these concerts!

Ok, what next....Oh, that's right, new local band to talk about! Gates of Winter frontman/Woods of Ypres guitarist Lee Maines has started a new solo project! Influenced by bands like Meshuggah and Ihsahn, Lee's working on a 5 song EP featuring his own solo material! Check out the first demo, "Sol" (which sounds damn fucking good), at Lee's official Myspace page! It's also in the Local Metal Band Links section on the right of this page!

FYI, Lee's tried a number of other side projects in the past, if you wanna check out some of them, here's the links for Septicon, Ex-Oblivion, and Wrathborne!

Next up, a minor note on a change in the Band Links section: I've removed the Myspace page for Sault Ontario hardcore band The Onslaught. Their page has been deleted from Myspace, so I conversely deleted it from our listings. So if you noticed they were missing, that's why!

And now, a note on a band from Sault Ontario. Remember when I posted concert updates "with a grain of salt" for Sault Ontario metal band The Issues? Well, they have added new concert dates, but I honestly can't post these from what I've seen. Among the new shows, they've got concerts scheduled for "The Welfare Office", "Cousin Vinnies", and Nunavut, of all places. They just doesn't seem like real "concerts", so to speak.

I might be more out of the loop than I've figured, but either way, I'm not gonna call these as real. Maybe I'm wrong, and if I am, please tell me and I'll post them in the listings! Nothing offensive is meant by not including these shows, I just don't think they're real "concerts". And FYI, The Issues are a pretty good band, check out some of their material at their official Myspace page!

And finally, The Sault Metal Scene is back on Myspace! I'm giving it another shot, I figured if I applied it correctly, I could make it successful. I figure this could be of use to reach out to more local bands, group together all the bands so I can extract news and updates quicker, and overall, just extend the presence of the Sault Metal Scene beyond here and Facebook. But keep in mind, THIS AND FACEBOOK ARE STILL THE MAIN SAULT METAL SCENE PAGES! ALL NEWS AND UPDATES WILL GO HERE AND TO FACEBOOK FIRST!

So check it out, add us as a friend, spread the word, all that fun stuff, at! And if you came here from the Myspace links, thanks for checking us out! It's much appreciated! That's all for now, keep it metal, everyone!

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