Sunday, June 5, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (River Witch), A New Solo Project, And Much More!!

Hey guys, hope last night's Unleash The Archers show was a blast! Today, we have a bunch of scattered news stories, including a lineup switch at an upcoming concert, a lineup change for a newer local band, tons of videos from a recent show, and LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, but first, here's a new local solo project!

Local metal guitarist Andrew Angelic is likely well known locally for his work in bands like Sativa Rose (among many others), but now he's launched a solo project! Andrew opened up a solo MySpace page on Thursday, and despite listing his genres as crunk and pop, you have nothing to fear by listening! The mostly-bare page does have one posted track, untitled at present, and it's really nice! It's basically a slow extended solo piece that flows really nicely, and though it has a softer atmosphere about it, his guitar work really shines, and his talent is clear as clear can be! The audio quality isn't as good though, there's some background fuzz, but it doesn't take away from the track too much. Very nice work, I hope Andrew puts his songwriting skills to continued good use with some more solo (and Sativa Rose) material, and hopefully his solo project grows further from here! Check the above links for more, and yes, he's now in our band links on your left!

Next up, here are those LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!! Remember on Thursday when I mentioned that I missed a couple of concerts at The Cozy Corners Tavern & Grill in nearby Barbeau, Michigan featuring Sault Michigan hard rockers River Witch? Well, I won't miss any more this summer (hopefully), as Cozy Corners' website has an event calendar that lists a bunch more River Witch dates for the next few months! Five dates are announced for River Witch in Barbeau through September, including shows on July 9th, 29th, and 30th, and September 23rd & 24th! All but the July 9th show are weekend sets, with the Friday on the July 9th weekend reserved for another band, Florida duo Case & Davidson. All of these shows have 9:00 PM start times, there's no announced cover charge, and a 21+ age limit is likely. Check the above links for more details! Of course, River Witch's spotty history of Facebook updates means they haven't announced these shows officially, but if the venue says they're on, then that's as good a source as any! Nice to see them back at Cozy Corners, it looks like a nice venue, and their hard rocking sounds will fit in there! Stay tuned for River Witch updates as I hear them, and remember to see them at the end of the month at Kewadin Casino & Lemmafest!

Now to some more cool updates, and first, if you were at The Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday and saw a camcorder & tripod set up across from the stage, were you wondering why? Well, it's because The Bear Hunters filmed their entire set! I'm not sure who did the filming itself, but 10 songs are now posted on the band's official YouTube channel, including their songs "Overthrown", "Condemned", "Bloodthirst", "Casualties of War", "Karma", "Succumb to Eternity", "Dominate", "Collapse The Sun", and "Render This Void", along with their cover of Amon Amarth's "Guardians of Asgaard"! Their encore set without Josh Stephney hasn't been posted (at least not yet), so their additional covers and work-in-progress new original aren't up to watch yet. The quality's nice on these videos, better than my new camera (remember, they used a pro-quality camcorder), though it can be dark, especially when fans crowd near the front of the stage. Audio's nice too, everything comes through really well! Nice to see some more good quality video footage of a band like this, especially with this amount of videos! Because it's one of their newest songs, I'll embed "Render This Void" below, but check out the rest of the posted videos (with hopefully more to come) at the above links!

Now here's a couple of notes relating to Roosevelt Hotel metal nights. First, this completely slipped me by until after their debut last week, but new local death metal band Bring The Misery have parted ways with bassist Kory Derasp and replaced him Tyler St. Amour, who is drummer Travis St. Amour's brother. No explanation was given for Kory's exit, but Tyler was quietly added to Bring The Misery's lineup on their Facebook page. Tyler was indeed on bass on Thursday for their debut, but I still had the old lineup info when I did my review, which has since been edited to fix the mistake. I don't know Kory or Tyler personally, and without hearing about the switch beforehand, you can understand my error, hopefully. That said, best of luck to Kory, and Tyler seems like a good fit with Bring The Misery!

My other note is for the Rosie metal night on June 16th, as there's been a band change. Local hardcore quartet Skull After Betrayal have replaced WinkStinger as the headliners for that night's show. No reason has been given for why WinkStinger dropped out, and Dismembertainment haven't confirmed the switch yet, but I have two reliable sources that should help confirm the news. Skull After Betrayal announced their involvement on their own Facebook page, and Frightlight announced it on their own event page for the show, complete with updated event poster! Looks like a Kevin Powe creation, nice work! It'll be interesting to see how Skull After Betrayal sound with their new genre and material in hand, especially as headliners! Hopefully I can make it out! For more on both of the above stories, check the above links!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news and notes very soon, including our Defunct Local Band Profile on Bad Side later in the week, and much more to come! Thanks everyone!

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