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SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Full Circle & Tym Morrison) & Weekend Concert Previews!!

It's time to preview this weekend's slate of local metal concerts, and there's a lot of notable shows this weekend that you should be aware of, including a debuting new local music festival! First though, here's some SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so here's what you need to know!

Local classic hard rockers Full Circle are indeed playing THIS WEEKEND at The Nicolet Tavern! I apologize for the short notice, drummer Scott McClurg only just announced the shows on Tuesday, and they weren't previously listed on the old Turner Up pages (Full Circle don't have a page with their new name yet.) The band's schedule through September (as seen here) listed this weekend as an off weekend, so this appears to be a newer booking. My apologies again! So head out to The Nic TOMORROW NIGHT & SATURDAY NIGHT to enjoy some classic hard rock covers from this talented quartet, including talented frontwoman KT Antler and past and present members of Lois Lane & Asylum Country! There is no announced cover charge for either night, you must be 19 to attend, and everything starts at around 10:00 PM! For more details, check out the official Facebook event page! Sounds like fun, make sure to check out their classic hard rocking sounds at The Nic this weekend, and apparently next weekend too if you can't swing the next shows! When videos of the band live surface, I'll have them here!

And now, to the other new show! Last weekend, you may remember that Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison played a solo acoustic show at an unfamiliar venue, that being Service Grill Pizza on Korah Road. Well, the show appears to have been successful enough to warrant a comeback, as Tym's back at the Service Grill THIS SATURDAY! As far as differences between the two shows go, the only thing I can gather is that this show will indeed be an evening concert, starting at 7:00 PM, unlike the afternoon show the last time around. There is no cover charge, and given that this is a pizza joint with an earlier start time, I can't see it being 19+ either. So if you want to enjoy some more intimate takes on metal and hard rock classics, make note of this short notice concert, and apologies for it being late, Tym only just announced it earlier today. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page, and here's a preview video, of Tym covering Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven" at Foggy Notions last year!

Now we come to the previously announced shows, and first, it's the 21st Roosevelt Hotel metal night taking place TONIGHT! For the first time in six months, there will be an all-local lineup with four bands, so here's who to look out for! The advertised headliners are local melodic death metal band The Bear Hunters, who will become the first band to play a Thursday Rosie metal night 10 times when they play tonight! Officially confirmed by Dismembertainment for the show yesterday as a late addition, look for The Bear Hunters to deliver a brutal set of originals and covers at tonight's show, just their second with their current lineup! Shit Liver will bring their grimy blend of crust, death metal, and punk back to the Rosie tonight as well as the co-headliners! I've heard rumours that this could be their last show for a while due to a band member going out of town for a few months, but nothing official has been posted on band pages. Go see them tomorrow just in case this is true! Also, Winkstinger will return to the Rosie metal nights for the first time in five months tonight for what should be an intense set of extreme mosh-worthy originals! We've seen them at shows in the interim, but don't you miss them on Thursdays? They should be on fire tonight!

And finally, new local death metal band Bring The Misery will also hit the stage tonight for their second ever show, and first without Dan Souliere on guitar. I have not heard word on a replacement, so I'd expect them to be a quartet for at least this show. The band said on their Facebook page that nothing new is planned for their set, but it's tightened up, so hopefully they improve on their debut! This concert, which is also Dismembertainment owner Rich Moreland's fiancee April Fogal's birthday show, is 19+, with a 9:30 PM-ish start time and no cover charge. Check the above links for more details! Sounds like a good and brutal night of metal, maybe I can make it out if I'm not too busy! For a preview, here's The Bear Hunters playing "Casualties Of War" earlier this month!

Now we'll move to Sault Michigan, and first, a local hard rock quintet returns to the stage this weekend to rock The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino! The band in question is River Witch, who are fresh off a show this past Saturday at The Merchant's Bar! This time around, they're back at Kewadin Casino's bar/concert spot once again, and though the band hasn't officially announced the shows (they haven't posted anything on their Facebook page in over two months), Kewadin confirms the shows on their entertainment page, and that is definitely a reliable source! I'd expect the concerts, which are tomorrow and Saturday night, to have 9:00 PM start times, no cover charge, and 21+ age limits. For more details, check the above links! Sounds like good times, though I really wish River Witch would update their page more often and/or post videos or audio of their concerts. Then we could really get a taste of their talents! Still, go see them this weekend, and if you don't go Saturday, there is another chance to check them out that afternoon! What do I mean? Read on to find out!

Then on Saturday, it's the first annual LemmaFest, a local music and family festival at Dondee Lanes from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM! The festival is in honour of the late Michael Lemma, a beloved Dondee employee who suddenly passed away last summer, and activities are planned all day at the Dondee, including a barbeque, bowling and drink specials, raffles and prize draws, and even horseshoes and beach volleyball! Event glasses and t-shirts will also be sold on a limited basis for this special event, click here (and the link above) for all current details! But I bet you guys wanna hear about the bands, so here's the lineup from start to finish! Each band has one hour slots for their sets, and local southern/party rockers The Hixx will open the festivities at 12:00 PM sharp, followed by local acoustic rock duo Fallen Heroes at 1:00 PM! The band at 2:00 PM isn't currently known, but I wouldn't be surprised if local comedy acoustic rock duo 2PumpChump are playing in this slot, due to their displacement from a later timeslot. I will keep you guys posted on that! Petoskey solo rock project Minus Everyone will replace the dropped-out local metal band Hammerspace at 3:00 PM, and the aforementioned River Witch will rock the outdoor Dondee stage at 4:00 PM before heading back to Kewadin Casino that night!

Local metal trio Scofflaw will reunite for a rare publically announced set at 5:00 PM, and will be followed by the local band Bucksaw at 6:00 PM. Aside from the names of two members (Jason VanLuven & Mark Bowen), I can't tell you a thing about them cause they have no pages or material that I've seen online, so if you can shed any light on Bucksaw, let me know! Munising hardcore metal band Infathom (pictured) are next at 7:00 PM, and though not locally based, they have a nice brutal sound, so click here for samples! Local metal supergroup Great Bodily Harm (featuring past & present members of Hammerspace, I.S.O.M., Half A Man, and River Witch) are now on at 8:00 PM, and though I don't know of a page or media from them (any help?), there is definitely talent there! The outdoor festivities wrap up with local acoustic quartet Electric Motor Fish at 9:00 PM, though I'm hearing conflicting things about their set regarding a possible different band with similar members. Again, I'll keep you posted if I hear more! Though not officially a LemmaFest set, The Hixx will close the night out inside the Dondee for a normal 10:00 PM-2:00 AM set of their party classic sounds, so if you're in the mood for more music after 10:00, head inside and enjoy yourselves!

Admission is $10 for this ALL AGES festival, with all proceeds (tickets and otherwise) going to Michael Lemma's dad to help cover his final expenses. Lawn chairs are recommended as this is an all day outdoor festival, and there's a ton of things going on, so definitely check out all of the above links for details as they come in! This is a huge event with a lot of careful effort and planning, and I give huge kudos to Scott Green and everyone else behind LemmaFest for all their work in Michael's honour! I never knew him, but I bet you he'd be proud! Now I'm still uncertain on some details on the lineup (specifically, when 2PumpChump are playing, whether Electric Motor Fish are on or not, and info/media from Great Bodily Harm & Bucksaw), but if and when I hear news on these details, I will update this post and let you guys know as soon as I find out! I don't have vehicle insurance yet to drive across for LemmaFest (hopefully soon), but I give my best wishes that this will be a huge success that leads to many more LemmaFests to come! For a preview, here's Infathom covering Atreyu's "The Crimson" in 2009!

And finally, we head back to Sault Ontario for a prominent Ontario band's return to Sault Ontario! Fresh off their well recieved local debut in March, Kitchener hard rockers The Saigon Hookers are returning to The Rockstar Bar for another night of mayhem and entertaining originals! Like their show in the spring, this well traveled band (who are good friends of Lion Ride) will be sure to rock the stage with songs like "Stray Dogs", "She Blows My Mind", and "Devil To Win", among many others! Like in March, local punk supergroup Brad Example & The Role Models will open for them with a set of punk rock covers! I know that the band will feature veteran local singer/bassist Brad "Example" Lacell and Lion Ride guitarist Marco Pedalino, though whether Brad's longtime bandmate Dave Bahun and veteran local drummer Phil Greco will be back or not isn't currently known, especially when The Role Models' new MySpace page implies that their "cast of characters is always changing". We'll find out for sure on Saturday! This show will have a 10:00 PM-ish start time, a 19+ age limit, and my money's on a $5 cover charge. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

This should be an awesome show, I will absolutely be there! The Saigon Hookers were great in March and well worth seeing again, so hopefully you guys come out too! For a preview, here's The Saigon Hookers playing their song "She Blows My Mind" in a 2007 music video!

That's all for now, but I have a new news post coming either tonight or early tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! Thanks everyone!

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