Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Concert Lineup Updates For The Next Two Weeks, Including Lemmafest!!

Hey guys, I'm back with some more local metal news, and the topic of today's post is concert lineups! We have new bands and lineup news for a bunch of upcoming concerts, so let's get straight to that, going in chronological order, starting with TOMORROW'S 21st Roosevelt Hotel metal night! The Bear Hunters are in fact playing tomorrow night in their record 10th appearance at a Thursday night Rosie metal show! Dismembertainment confirmed the addition on their Facebook page earlier today, in what is also just the second all-local Rosie metal night with 4 bands. This confirms The Bear Hunters' earlier Facebook postings that they'd be playing tomorrow, though they weren't initially confirmed for the show when announced. Sounds good to me, this show should be awesome! Check the above links for more details on this show (also featuring Shit Liver, Winkstinger, and Bring The Misery), and stay tuned tomorrow for our preview of this show!

Next, we transition to LemmaFest at Dondee Lanes on Saturday, which is the first annual music festival in honour of the late Michael Lemma. Firstly, to the band changes, as local metal band Hammerspace have apparently dropped out of their planned 3:00 PM set. I haven't heard why, but note that their Facebook page hasn't been updated in a month, and they were recently coming off of a short breakup when they were initially announced for LemmaFest. Hopefully they haven't re-broken up, they're too promising to go away! Replacing them at 3:00 is Minus Everyone, a Petoskey-based solo project from musician Kenneth Harris, who plays solid rock music on guitar and bass accompanied by backing tracks. It's better than it may sound, he has talent, and he should leave a good impression on Saturday afternoon! The rest of the changes are all to performance order, so here's what we know. Local acoustic duo Fallen Heroes were moved from 8:00 PM to 1:00 PM (a previously vacant slot), and as such, night-capping acoustic bands 2PumpChump & Electric Motor Fish were bumped back an hour to 8:00 & 9:00 PM respectively. However, a recent update on the LemmaFest page indicated that local metal supergroup Great Bodily Harm are now playing at 8:00 PM instead, though whether 2PumpChump will replace them at 2:00 PM isn't currently known.

The rest of the night's bands (The Hixx, River Witch, Scofflaw, Bucksaw, and Infathom) are still on for their original set times, so click here for all current lineup details! Other notes: Great Bodily Harm are gonna cover some Pro-Pain songs (that's awesome), folding chairs are recommended for attendees (it is outdoors), and it is an all ages event for sure as well! Also, make sure you're at the Dondee at noon sharp if you want official LemmaFest t-shirts! And apologies for missing this, but the organizer of LemmaFest was apparently interviewed on Rock 101 on Monday, I hope it went well! The more press, the better! Stay tuned for updates over the next few days!

Next up, here's some more details on a concert taking place THIS SATURDAY in Sault Ontario! As you may remember, Kitchener hard rockers The Saigon Hookers are coming back to The Rockstar Bar once again on Saturday night, and if you missed their last local show in March, then definitely come on out! Details appear to be mostly the same as the March show though, which is good news if you missed them then, and that even includes the openers, as local punk supergroup Brad Example & The Role Models will indeed be back supporting at this show! This band, led by Brad "Example" Lacell of Inner City Surfers & Room 206 fame, featured longtime bandmate Dave Bahun, Lion Ride's Marco Pedalino, and veteran local drummer Phil Greco in their lineup in March, but according to their new MySpace page, "the cast of characters is always changing". Will we see a different lineup on Saturday? Time will tell! I imagine this show will have a 19+ age limit, 10:00 PM start time, and $5 cover, similar to their last show, but some new Saigon Hookers songs and older classics may find their way into the setlist! I'll absolutely be there, and hopefully you guys will be there too! For more details, check the Facebook event page, and stay tuned for more in our concert preview post tomorrow!

And finally, we come to lineup news for July 2nd's return of Lion Ride to Sault Ontario! Convenient, isn't it? Some more details have been released for this show, which is part of a short "Summer Kick-Off Tour" starting on June 30th in Peterborough and ending at The Rockstar Bar next Saturday for their first local show in almost three months! The band launched a general event page for the three shows at this location, featuring a short comical "interview" with frequently asked questions about the tour, band, and shows. Nice sense of humour! A second event page was launched by The Rockstar Bar's Hayley Warnock, which confirms a 10:30 PM start time and the second band on the bill, that being local folk/roots duo The Boot Hill Crooners, featuring the Jaaskelainen brothers (of Wild Turkeys fame.) Another interesting choice to open the show, but it's clear that with Lion Ride, they pick openers based on talent and friendship, not the best musical match, which is cool in itself! I should note that The Rockstar Bar's event page lists The Boot Hill Crooners first, not Lion Ride, but I can't see them being the headliners, given Lion Ride's prominence. Sounds like a great time, stay tuned for updates as they come in, and check the above links for more on this show!

That's all for today, but stay tuned tomorrow for weekend concert previews, and we have more news to come from Rotaryfest, Half A Man, and more very soon, so stay tuned for all of that! Thanks everyone!

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