Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woods Of Ypres Video Showcase!!

Well, if you want more Woods of Ypres news, then you're in luck, as we have plenty of it today, and all in video format! Today, we have four brand new Woods of Ypres videos to share, so for (I think) the first time since the aftermath of the Kiss concert in August, we're devoting one all-video post to a single band! So let's begin this first SMS post of June!

Firstly, here's a 25 MINUTE long video from Woods of Ypres' concert at The Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver on May 21st! Uploaded onto YouTube by on Friday, the video features the band playing their songs "Wet Leather", "Awaiting The Inevitable", "Suicide Cargoload (Drag That Weight)", "Halves & Quarters", "The Shams of Optimism", and "Crossing The 45th Parallel" in full from two separated portions of that night's set! The video quality's great, and it shows the band clearly! I love the added touch of their logo projected on the back wall, I've seen other shows from this venue do that for other bands, and it gives everything a larger feel! The audio is my big hangup with this video, as there's a bit of scratch and roughness to the sound, and you can barely hear David Gold's singing on most songs, especially when he's doing low clean vocals. Very nice though, and I like seeing extended video footage like this, so check out this 25 minute long Woods of Ypres video below!

Secondly, here's some excellent quality video from Woods of Ypres' concert in Saint Paul, Minnesota on May 14th! This is of their song "Falling Apart" from the "Home" vinyl EP (and hopefully "Woods 4.5" eventually), and believe it or not, this is a multi-camera video! At least FIVE HD cameras are employed to capture every angle of the band in action (including more of Evan Madden than we've seen since his old drum-cam videos), and as for the audio? Excellent quality, you hear everything perfectly! This is probably the best quality Woods of Ypres live video I've seen since David's return from Kuwait, and if you're a fan, do yourself a favour and check this out! Huge kudos to Rusty Nuts Productions for the outstanding work in filming and uploading this video! Check out more of their pro-quality concert footage at this location!

We close today with two videos from Las Vegas, where Woods of Ypres played a concert on Sunday night! This video comes from Cloven Hoof Productions, who posted this onto their YouTube channel on Monday, and it's of Woods of Ypres opening their Sin City set with "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)"! The filmer gets some good side angles of the band and crowd, though the video quality is fairly grainy and dull coloured compared to what you'd expect. That said, the audio makes up for it fairly well, you hear everything well enough, especially the vocals! Not bad at all, give the video a look below!

And we'll finish on a lighter note, as this is a video posted onto David Gold's YouTube channel on Sunday that might amuse you guys! This comes from the band's off time in Las Vegas, where David decides to cross a busy Vegas street in a comical way! I won't spoil the 38 second long video, but it does lead to a passerby telling David "Ay Carumba"! Nice to see some lighter moments, maybe we'll get this on an upcoming tour vlog installment? Check out David's entry into The Ministry of Silly Walks below!

That's all for now, but stay tuned later tonight for weekend concert previews, and then our next "Where Are The New Albums?" post (featuring 3 new albums) tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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