Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Sneaky Pete), Plus Lots Of News And Notes!!

Let's close May on a high note today, as we have a lot of news to share in this post! I would have had some of this earlier, but I've been busy with personal stuff earlier (it's actually my 22nd birthday today), so hopefully it isn't too delayed! Today, we have news on our post schedule, new songs and news from a pair of local solo projects, and this week's classic video, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!

Local hard rock quartet Sneaky Pete are taking the stage on June 11th for their third local concert! After a show each in both of the past two months, the band will make their first ever stop at The Vibe Lounge on Goulais Avenue for a night of hard rocking music! Slightly short notice compared to their last two shows, but the music will still be great! This concert will be at 10:30 PM, there's no announced cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be an entertaining show, and it's nice to see Sneaky Pete back out there, though I hope they increase their schedule beyond just one show a month! Stay tuned for more updates from Sneaky Pete, and click here to check out audio and video samples of the band in action!

Next up, here's the latest from a couple of local projects, and we'll start with Galactic Alignment, the new local death metal project from local solo artist, guitar instructor, and ex-Slackjawed Rats frontman Mike Libertoski! Mike has posted three new versions of their original songs onto the project's Reverbnation page, though the songs are merely re-uploads with bass tracks added. Good and heavy stuff with a lot of technical floruishes, and a jazz influence that adds to the material effectively! Fans and mailing list subscribers of Galactic Alignment's Reverbnation page can also download the newest version of "Melted on Sight" for a limited time as well, which is a nice bonus! I would like to hear some better production and vocals, but that'll come with time. Check the above links for some more really promising tracks from Galactic Alignment, and the more visits they get, the closer they get to posting videos too!

Also, two newer songs by local solo artist Mike Cliffe to mention, including A spacey techno number named "Spring Storms" that was posted last month, but we only JUST found about it now. Has a cool sound, but it's not a metal track. Give it a listen if you want some trippiness though! The other new song is "Salsa On My Shoes", which Mike called a "Sunday jazzy ditty." That sums it up well, and it has a light easy going feel, give it a listen if you want at the above link, along with many other varied original songs and covers (yes, there's lots of heavy tracks too!)

Also in news from local solo projects, Sault Ontario solo guitarist Mike Haggith has a few updates worth mentioning! The recording and writing for his next studio album "Space 82" is ongoing, as he's updated on his Facebook page, and he's also looking for cover ideas for the album! Got an idea? Give him a shout! Also in the field of audience suggestions, he was asking fans if they'd be interested in seeing a music video for his song "Limb Coast" at the abandoned Grace Hospital in his hometown of Windsor. That'd be cool to see, he's gotten some good mileage out of that building for photo shoots! He also announced that two back albums of his are now on sale at his official Reverbnation store, those being his 2009 album "I Hate My Life & I Want To Die" & his second "Best Of" album from earlier this year, boosting his total of albums on sale to 8! Hell, both can be ordered on CD too for a bit extra! Nice to see more of his back catalog online, check the above links to buy some more of his quality original music! And finally, Mike managed to get a video review of his album "Suspended Animation" done by the LaSalle rock project Dead Night Sky, and you can check it out at this location! Positive review of the members listening to the album online, it's worth checking out! Stay tuned for more from Mike Haggith & his solo material!

And finally, here's this week's classic video! This is relatively newer than the videos we've usually posted for this weekly feature, but seeing as this band's now broken up, I suppose people won't complain too much. As the new local death metal band Bring The Misery are debuting on Thursday, I thought that this week's classic video should be of singer Steve Rhodes & guitarist Ray Cowan's old band State of Misery, who broke up earlier this month. The video in question is of State of Misery's original quartet lineup covering Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" from a jam session that took place around December of last year! This video was originally posted onto their Facebook group in late December by group member Joey Bourgeois, though I believe it was filmed by another person. With the BEST POSSIBLE INTENT, I have uploaded this video to our YouTube channel. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED, I want people to see this video like it deserves! The original video can be seen at http://facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1262675383426. Good performance, sounds about as good as you'd expect State of Misery to have sounded, though I personally felt it wasn't an ideal song for a band of their style to cover. Good stuff though, check it out below, and go see Steve & Ray's new band on Thursday night at The Rosie!

That's all for today, but stay tuned, as tomorrow we have two posts, one of weekend concert previews, and one of just brand new Woods of Ypres videos! And yes, we have this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post scheduled for Thursday as well, so stay tuned for all of that! Thanks everyone!

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