Friday, May 27, 2011

Rosie Metal Night #17 Review, Plus A Cancellation!!

Well guys, before I get to my review of last night's show and a cancellation, I do want to say that I have only two videos from last night & no photos. Why? Because my camera is officially dead. The reason why my battery drained faster than normal at the Fuck The Facts show was because it wasn't charging at all, and through some multimetre testing, I've proven that the AC adapter and/or charging port on my camera no longer work. So I brought my camera last night strictly to film as much video as I could before it finally drained the last juice on the battery, and as such, it died 1:41 into my attempted As It Stands video. That's not substantial enough to post given their songs' lengths, so I won't upload it, but I'll make it up to them! So I apologize for the lack of photos or an AIS video, but I hope to get a new camera for my birthday, for what that's worth! Now, to the review!

Yes, last night was the seventeenth Roosevelt Hotel metal night, and after a late start, the first band was Desbarats death metal quintet For All That Is Lost, who I was seeing live for just the first time! I'd heard promising things from them online, but how were they in person? Very impressive! From their opener "Graves of the Ancestors" on, they employed a lot of brutal, fast, and technical death metal that stands up with the best we have in the Soo! Tyler Sperry has really good death metal vocals that have some well needed clarity, though I found that his asking us how we liked certain songs didn't seem very confident. Their music spoke for itself, including some fast proficient drumming from Kameron Nicholson and some really cool guitar and bass work as well! With originals like "The Return of Dionysus", "Viscosity of Blood", and "Blood Law" in store, they shown exactly why they're one of the most promising bands in the Algoma District, and they had a nice chemistry and stage presence to go along with it! I can't wait to see these guys again, hopefully they're back sooner rather than later!

Second were local hardcore quartet Changing Waves, in their second straight metal night appearance! They were the advertised headliners, but they were quietly moved to the middle in the band order. No matter though, they delivered another high energy set that actually happened to take place at the beginning of frontman Benjamin Kallonen's 21st birthday! Luckily, he didn't mail it in due to his birthday being on, and the guys sounded as good as ever, possibly better than last week! Setlist-wise, things weren't much different, with originals like "Tital", "Jung Jung", and "Lockdown" getting some moshpits going in the (thankfully) growing crowd! Terrence Gomes is growing more and more into his role in the band, Mike & Alex Hagerman were as good as expected on guitar and drums, and Ben's stage presence continues to get better and better! Another entertaining set with lots of influences adding to their unique hardcore sound, and just wait til you see them next on June 4th (more in our next post!)

Finally was As It Stands, in what will likely be their last local concert before heading to Mississauga to record their new album! I've seen them a lot this year, but luckily, their talent and chemistry never seems to change between each show, and it was evident again last night! Justin Pregent, in particular, seemed to be on his best game, showing more energy and aggression in his vocals than I remember at their last couple shows! The rest of the band were on form, and as I say often, the sheer amount of movement and energy that Garrett Masters and Angelo Huckson have on-stage is always impressive! Originals like "One Last Chance", "One Less Than Wayne Gretzky", and "Conception" were in store for fans last night, which led to some high level moshing and a lot of entertaining breakdowns and heaviness that we ate up! I can't complain too much about As It Stands' set last night, they've never been better, and I can't wait to hear their album when it comes out!

Good concert overall, I had a fun time, although the camera issues and the delays before & after For All That Is Lost's set did put a dampen on things a tiny bit. Great way to kick off my birthday weekend! Here are the two full videos I got from last night, of For All That Is Lost playing their original "Graves Of The Ancestors" and Changing Waves playing their song "Bingo"! I'll make it up to you guys for the lack of photos & As It Stands video, I promise!

And finally, here's a concert cancellation that you may have heard about already. The planned all ages concert tomorrow night featuring Dancing With Paris, Horizons, and local openers has been cancelled due to the inability to secure a new venue for the show. Promoter/As It Stands drummer John Mignacca confirmed this in an e-mail to Facebook attendees this morning. The concert was originally scheduled for The Oddfellows Hall, but it was announced on Tuesday that it was being moved to a new venue for unannounced reasons. Nothing came of that until he let us know about the cancellation earlier today. I was hoping it'd find a venue, or at least stay at The Oddfellows Hall... I wonder why it was moved in the first place? It's disappointing to see the show cancelled, especially for Dancing With Paris, who've now had two local concerts in the same month called off, including their planned Foggy Notions concert earlier this month with punk and screamo bands. Hopefully they can play here again soon, it sucks to see a bad luck string like this! So the show tomorrow is not happening, sadly, but I have a feeling you'll see these bands around sooner rather than later!

Oh, and I edited yesterday's weekend concert preview post to reflect the cancellation, so we're not falsely previewing a show that's not on. That's all for now, but stay tuned, as we have a HUGE post featuring FIVE LOCAL CONCERT PREVIEWS early tomorrow! Stay tuned for that!

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