Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News From Garden of Bedlam, MK-Ultra, A New Sound Company, And More!!

Our post marathon begins today with two news posts, and we'll start with a general one today! In this post, we have a new local sound company, the latest news from a Sault Michigan hard rock band, and this week's classic video, but first, here's another new video that I recently came across on YouTube!

On Monday, you may remember when I shown you guys a new high quality Garden of Bedlam concert video filmed by CML Productions' own Rick DellaVedova. Well, Rick's uploaded some more videos there, including a black and white version of the "New Rain" video from yesterday, with the colour version deleted. Why? I don't know, maybe he liked the black and white version more, but regardless, I changed the link on Monday's post to keep it accurate. Aside from that, Rick has uploaded a few new videos onto his YouTube channel for us to check out, including a short video of Crank Sound Distribution at work during a Garden of Bedlam show at Foggy Notions, and one cool classic video I'll be featuring later in the week, but there are three other Garden of Bedlam videos worth discussing! Two come from what looks like the sound checks for a Foggy Notions show last year, judging by the small crowd, crates on the floor, and visible daylight. They're of the band playing their songs "New Rain" & "Shallow", and everything looks and sounds real good! They also include some scattered discussions with the sound guys too, if you're interested in that!

The video I'm embedding here though is of Garden of Bedlam playing "Shallow" at last year's Rotaryfest, which sounds awesome and the crowd adds to it greatly! Rick gets some great angles of the band too, great work as always! Check the above links for all of Rick's new Garden of Bedlam videos, and here's "Shallow" from Rotaryfest!

Next up, here's some long awaited news from Sault Michigan hard rockers MK-Ultra, who we first told you guys about in January! Firstly, MK-Ultra have announced the addition of bassist Bill Spence to the band, reuniting him with his former Absolute & Riot! By Night bandmate Ben Huyck. Good choice, Bill & Ben had chemistry from the Absolute material I've heard! MK-Ultra are still looking for a rhythm guitarist and (maybe) a drummer to round out their lineup, so if you or someone you know are at all interested, shoot the band a message on Reverbnation, MySpace, or on their brand new Facebook page! Yes, they're on Facebook as of February 28th, where they've announced plans for a future CD of some type, a logo contest with a free CD as the prize for the winner, and plans for live shows beginning in June! They also hinted towards a new drummer already being found in their last Facebook update, saying that "Justin" will be laying down some drum tracks soon. My first thought was former Absolute drummer Justin Lawless, but I don't know enough to assume either way. Sounds good overall, hopefully MK-Ultra's plans fall into place, we'll be watching! Check out their material and band news at the above links!

Thirdly, here's a story I've pushed back far too long, as you guys (especially band members) should know about it! Half Past guitarist Alain Fletcher & bassist Arthur Lacasse have started a new live sound reinforcement company named Double A Sound, which will eventually give a more professional quality sound to concerts and events. They're not ready to go yet, but they have lots of gear ready to help make your band sound at it's best! When they officially start doing sound at local concerts, their rate will be $200 for shows featuring one or two bands, with an additional $50 for each added band from there (i.e. $250 for 3 bands, $300 for 4.) For all current details, visit their official Facebook page! I think this a great move by Al & Art to give bands another option for professional sound at their shows, and though I don't know how their prices and gear would stack up to Crank, for example, I have faith that Double A Sound will make their presence felt once they start doing sound at some local concerts! Check the above links for all you need to know from Double A Sound, and I'll keep you posted if some big updates come out!

And finally for today, here's this week's classic video! This is both our longest and oldest classic video so far, and it's a good one, so here's what you should know! As Half A Man are rocking The Bird in Sault Michigan on Sunday night, I found it fitting to post a video related to them again, but this time, of frontman Erik Rintamaki & drummer Mikey Bishop's mid-1990s local band Lower S.E.S.! Their posthumous MySpace page is full of 20 minute+ concert videos from their heyday, but I figured I'd start small for classic uploads with their 20 minute set from the battle of the bands that they won in 1994 at The Tumble Inn in Eckerman, Michigan! The video features their entire set, including their introduction, and it has the band's classic lineup covering Slayer's "South of Heaven" & "Seasons in the Abyss", Nirvana's "Rape Me", Pantera's "Becoming", Korn's "Blind", and their own original song "Bold"! I broke up the set into five videos (the Slayer covers are combined) and uploaded them to the SMS' YouTube channel earlier today, but you can check out the original unbroken video at NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! Lower S.E.S. were a great band and they deserve wider exposure like this, even if it's been 16 years since they broke up!

This was filmed by an attendee on what appears to be a tape camcorder, so I apologize for the quality, which isn't as clear as it would be on a digital camera, but remember, this was 1994. The band sound good when they're clearly audible, and they have a good grasp on the covers, but it'd be cool to hear a few more originals, and more guitar solos from Andy Nash. His solo on the Pantera cover was nice, but I wish we'd have gotten them more! I hope we'll find more classic videos from the 1990s in the future, Lower S.E.S. deserve all the kudos in the world for posting these videos online! So here's their Slayer covers, but check the above links for the rest of this 20 minute battle of the bands set!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for a new Woods of Ypres-centric post later tonight chock full of new concert videos! Thanks everyone, and remember, we review Destroilet's EP TOMORROW!

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