Saturday, May 28, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!! (Unleash The Archers, Lion Ride, WinkStinger, Sykotyk Rampage, And Tym Morrison)

Oh man, this might be our most stacked post in a long while for new concerts, as we have no less than FIVE new shows today, so let's not waste any time! Here's what you need to know for these LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, in order by date!

Firstly, we have the next Roosevelt Hotel metal night, taking place this coming Thursday! Two bands are currently confirmed, as posted on Dismembertainment's Facebook page, including (in their metal night debut) Sykotyk Rampage! The "blue Chinese metal crash punk" quartet will take the stage for the first time since March as the advertised headliners on Thursday night, which is also being hyped by the band itself for a special occasion! The concert is taking place close to a wedding in the Becker family, and the concert's also going to double as a celebration of that event. Click here for their event page on the show! Also scheduled for Thursday are debuting local death metal quintet Bring The Blood, just over a week after their public launch! How will this band featuring Bring The Fallen & State Of Misery alums sound in their debut? Time will tell, but it'll be interesting! The third band, slotted in the middle for the show, is not known at present, though The Bear Hunters were briefly advertised before being dropped. As always, this has a start time of 9:30 PM or later, you must be 19 to attend, and there is no cover charge. Check the above links for more details!

This should be a great show with a lot of new sights, including two first time bands for these metal Thursdays, and I'll be there to rock out! Stay tuned to The Sault Metal Scene for details on the last confirmed band and anything else that could come up! Also, the June 9th lineup hasn't been revealed yet, but we'll have more on these Thursday nighters later in this post!

Just two nights later at The Rosie, a HUGE show is lined up for next Saturday, and I've been itching to promote this on here for a while, but didn't have official go ahead or complete details until just recently. Three talented out of town metal bands who we've promoted the local gig searches of on here are banding together next Saturday to rock The Rosie, including headliners Unleash The Archers! This extreme progressive quintet have a melodic and very heavy mix of styles to give us, including elements of everything from power to death metal, and they're touring "through the astrowaste" in support of their new album this summer! I'm digging these guys (and girl), and you should give them a listen! Also scheduled are two Winnipeg-area hardcore bands, those being Wear Your Wounds & Abstract & The Artist, who'll look to devastate with their hard hitting metalcore sounds! The local openers are hardcore quartet Changing Waves, fresh off two straight Rosie appearances of their own! Good to see them getting an opportunity like this again, they deserve it! Admission is $5, but don't complain, as it's well worth it for this package of bands! Everything starts at around 9:00 PM, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, check the above links and the Facebook event page!

There was a lot of talk, uncertainty, and preliminary word on this show in recent weeks, but now everything's locked in and official, and it sounds like it will be awesome! As with the show on Thursday, I should be at this one too, especially with bands this talented! Check the above links for all the details, spread the word on this show, and check out SooToday's article on it at this location!

Now to the last Rooosevelt Hotel concert I have for you guys today, and it's on June 16th for what should be the 20th Rosie metal night (assuming one is announced for the 9th.) Three bands are confirmed, including headliners WinkStinger, in (believe it or not) their first Thursday night Rosie show since January! Despite the wait, they'll do awesome at this show with their uniquely extreme sound! Backing them up are, in what I believe is their first Roosevelt Hotel show of any kind, Frightlight! The horror punk/metal quintet will add a different flavour to the proceedings with their heavy Misfits-influenced music, and they should get a warm welcome! Opening will be Sativa Rose, whose classic metal sounds and ever improving originals will set the tone nicely on the 16th! Nice to see a varied lineup like this, hopefully I can make it out! General rules apply, no cover charge, 9:30 PM-ish start time, 19+. Check all of the above links for more details, as well as Dismembertainment's Facebook page (check the "BandPage" tab) and as I hear more, I'll absolutely have it here on these (and future) Dismembertainment concerts!

The last two shows today are not from Dismembertainment, but they're still worth your time, so here's what you should know! Firstly, Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison is bringing his solo acoustic project back for a concert in Goulais River on June 17th! This will be Tym's first publically announced solo gig since the end of his bi-weekly Eagles Club engagement in March, and it will take place at a new venue for our coverage: The Zone Roadhouse on Highway 17 in Goulais River! I don't live in that area, so I can't comment on how it is as a concert venue, but it is a restaurant & bar of some sort, which would fit in the mold of some of Tym's past solo venues. This show has a 8:00 PM start time, no cover charge, and though an age limit isn't advertised, I wouldn't risk going if I was underage. You never know though! For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! It's nice to see Tym's solo project back out there, and The Zone should be graced with some great music on June 17th! Stay tuned for news from Tym (and Caveman) Morrison as I hear it, and head down there for the show if you can!

Finally for new shows, Lion Ride are coming home in July! The local/Toronto-based hard rock quintet are coming back to Sault Ontario on July 2nd for a concert at The Rockstar Bar! This will be their first local concert in three months, following their April 9th headlining show which was also at The Rockstar Bar. The news on this show was officially broken on the band's Facebook page yesterday evening, along with details on a few other scheduled shows. No other details have came out yet, but I assume it'd have similar rules to the April concert, which had a $5 cover charge, 19+ age limit, and a 10:00 PM start time. Openers (if any) haven't been announced yet, but if it's any help, The Billy Bastards have opened for them at their last two local concerts. For all current details, check the above links! Sounds like a great time, and this could turn out to be this year's "Sault Metal Scene Anniversary" concert that I like to hit around July 4th! Either way, I should be there, and hopefully you guys will be there too! Stay tuned to The Sault Metal Scene for more updates on this show as well as they come in!

That's all for now, but I should have a new news post either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone, and make note of all of the concerts we mentioned today!!

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