Monday, May 30, 2011

News From Frightlight, Half Past, And Much More!!

Hey guys, here's some more assorted news for your Memorial Day! In this post, we have a potential new concert, details on an upcoming concert, and more assorted stories, but first, we have a double shot of news from a notable local band, so here's what you need to know!

Local horror punk/metal quintet Frightlight have launched an official YouTube channel! Though guitarist Rick "Styles" White has his own Fitswitch-branded channel with Frightlight videos, this is a brand new official channel for the band, and despite only first uploading videos on May 4th, there's already 12 live videos on there! Nine are from what appears to be their set at The Sewer Swampstravaganja at The Oddfellows Hall last month, but the first three are from what looks like their live CD recording show in July at Coch's Corner. All of the videos have had post-production work done to them, specifically an old school black and white film grain to give them a more "horror" feel, and it works well enough! At least it fits their style, rather than just putting a filter on them for the sake of putting a filter on them. I suspect more videos will make their way to this channel when filmed (maybe at their Roosevelt Hotel show on June 16th?), and when more new footage pops up there, I'll be sure to let you guys know! Check the above links for more, and here's one of the videos from the "Official Frightlight Dead Zone", and it's of Frightlight playing "She Screams" at The Sewer Swampstravaganja!

As well, Frightlight have entered another online contest to try and win some awesome stuff, courtesy of a band page on The Mobile Artist Community! This is a largely mobile phone-driven music site that's offering a contest for Canadian bands that could see the grand prize winner getting a deal with EMI Records to release a single nationally through EMI, open for an EMI band, and other goodies relating to a record deal like this! Finalists will still appear on an upcoming EMI compliation CD which would get a wide national distribution. Frightlight are giving this a shot, and they'll basically get 3 chances over the next 9 months to be one of the highest 5 voted bands for a 3 month cycle. If this occurs, they'd be a finalist, and would be eligible to be selected as the grand prize winner for the complete EMI deal. Click here for full details. If you guys want to vote, you'll need a free MOA account (which is free and painless, but you'll need a phone number), and you can vote and sign up at this location! You can vote once a day for Frightlight (or any other competing band) by clicking on the "Vote for Fright Light" button. You can vote through text message too, but it's a longer process. VOTE TODAY, you never know how far Frightlight could get in this competition!

Next up, here's some details on another potential band you guys could see this year that are looking for a booking! Winnipeg hardcore metal quintet Scarlet Halo posted on our Facebook page yesterday asking if they could get any help to book a local concert on August 12th in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I forwarded them to Dismembertainment in the event they'd be interested, but just in case that doesn't lead somewhere, I'll let you guys know about them! They sort of have a death metal-influenced hardcore sound, nowhere near screamo or "scene" sounds, and they are a talented group with lots of originals under their belts! I have a hunch they'd get a good crowd here, but that won't happen unless they get a booking, so if you're interested in booking them for a show on August 12th (or helping them to that goal), give them a shout at their official Facebook page! Fingers crossed, and as I hear of more bands on the quest for a local booking, I will let you know!

Fourthly, here's some more details on Half Past's return to the stage this summer! The band has now given added confirmation to their return gig on July 23rd at The Rockstar Bar, thanks to this new Facebook event page! The poster for the show, though sort of bare, does show off their nice new logo, and confirms that band members Alain Fletcher & Arthur Lacasse's new live sound company Double A Sound will be working this concert! This is the first announced concert that Double A Sound will be on hand for (barring any announcement to the contrary beforehand), so it will be interesting to see how Al & Art manage with their own sound! I have faith they'll do great! As you may remember, this show is also notable in that new frontman Jordan Rains will debut with Half Past, and they've also hinted that they have some "exciting news" to share at the show, possibly including giveaways of some kind. Should be interesting, and I hope to be there to see what all goes on! Check the above links for more on the long awaited return of Half Past, and I will keep you guys posted!

And finally for today, here's three shorter (though by no means unimportant) stories from the last little while! These are, as usual, in order by band or site name:
  • As It Stands are now on Twitter! The local hardcore quintet launched their Twitter page one week ago, and it's so far given scattered updates largely referencing their upcoming studio plans for early June. Click here to follow them, as there's a lot more coming to mention there!
  • The new local death metal band featuring 2/5ths each of Bring The Fallen & State Of Misery has fittingly changed their name from Bring The Blood to Bring The Misery, as announced on their Facebook page! The change was due to "popular demand", and I fully agree with that sentiment, as it's a better (and fairer) name overall. Check them out on Thursday at The Rosie!
  • I have deleted two message boards from our listing of local metal-relevant forums & message boards (under the CD reviews on your left.) The deleted forums are Caveman Morrison's forum (likely deleted by the band due to inactivity) &'s forum, which came down (along with every other site) in the wake of the changeover to it's successor, LOCAL2. So if you're wondering where they went, now you know!
That's all for now, but despite my own personal goings on tomorrow, I should have at least one new post for you guys, be it general news or one more Woods of Ypres-centric post. Stay tuned!

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