Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

It's new video day at The Sault Metal Scene! I knew I promised new concerts, but I'm waiting for additional confirmation on one scheduled for later this week before I report anything. I have four new videos to share today though, so that's today's top news! We have a new live demo, new solo material, a new song with topical relevance, and this week's classic video, so let's get things rolling!

Brimley hard rockers Half A Man have posted a new jam session video on their YouTube channel, where they play a new original song named "Die In Disgrace"! Audio's great quality, and the song also succeeds! Slower pace, though a bit higher tempo than "Slow Rock 75". Very heavy though, especially the solo break, Denny Breslin sets the song on fire there! This song will go over very well in concert, it fits Half A Man really well, and it's very heavy! The video quality isn't as good as it could be though. I'm not against the black and white setting, but the angle is strange, filming from an angle where you can't really see Gary Croad or Mikey Bishop with any clarity. Good stuff though, Half A Man continue to impress, and check out the new Half A Man video below!

Next up, how'd you guys like an anti-Osama Bin Laden song? I'm sure you're well aware that the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks has been killed by American forces, and to commemorate this major news, Sault Michigan/Grand Rapids epic metal band End of Existence have recorded a new song entitled "Blood On My Hands (Fuck Bin Laden)"! Even without hearing it, you've gotta give them credit for making a song about this news story so soon after it happened! Uploaded onto their YouTube channel yesterday, this song sounds similar to End of Existence's earlier songs, lyrical content aside, which is a good thing! Very heavy with great growling and clean choruses from Orb Hearthstone, and some effective use of news footage at the beginning of the song helps set the intended tone! If you liked End of Existence's older songs, you'll enjoy this song as well, and if you hated Osama Bin Laden, there's extra incentive to check out "Blood On My Hands" below!

Also in new videos, veteran local musician Phil Temperao (ex-Amethyst & Meatplow) has posted a couple new videos onto his YouTube channel! One is a 13 second clip of a song named "Smile", but it doesn't have a lot of details relating to the project performing it. It's also extremely short, and only sounds like the start of "Smile", so I can't offer much about it. The more substantial of the new videos is from his "Sebastien 6" solo project, and it's of a new song named "Evil Driving"! Though a fast paced and hard rocking track, this is more in the mold of his song "Rain" in that it's more melodic and accessible than the harder-edged full band material that we've seen. It feels like a driving song, but Phil's vocals have more of a dreamlike quality, which is an odd contrast. Solid song, I'm interested to see what he has in store next! Check out the song and some nice visual effects and photos right below!

And finally, here is this week's classic video! Once again, I've posted a video of Sault Michigan hard rockers Monkey's Uncle in honour of their upcoming concerts this weekend, so here's what you should know! Again, this video is from the Jager days, from a December 2007 concert somewhere in the U.P. (the venue was uncredited), and it's of the band covering Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer"! I'm more for classic Finger Eleven, but Monkey's Uncle/Jager covered this song nicely! This features the same lineup as on the Nazareth cover I uploaded in February, but I'm not entirely sure of who's who (save for frontman Henry Switzer), but let me know if you can confirm the members. Uploaded onto their MySpace page in January 2008, you can check out the original link for this video at http://myspace.com/video/vid/25528977. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! I want to share Monkey's Uncle with a wider audience like they deserve, as they could use extra exposure and press! Good performance too, check it out below!

To close, I want to say something. Since I started the SMS in 2007, I've had great feedback, but somtimes, I'll get a comment from someone who may criticize or undermine me and/or the SMS. That said, I mean well. I mean well for the scene, fans, bands, musicians, promoters, and everyone else who's read the SMS over the years. Sure, I may may err, forget, misstate, or misjudge certain parts of the local metal scene here & there, but I'm human. I'm not perfect, no one is. I'm doing my best to get the news out there and present factual & interesting info, while remaining as respectful & impartial as I can. I do appreciate constructive criticism & mistake corrections, it's the only way I'll learn, just don't be rude or mad about it. I never would be to you. Remember that whatever you think of me, the SMS, or metal/hard rock music, remember that I mean well, the SMS means well, and that will never change. Thanks to each and every one of you for the continued support over the years, and stay tuned for a new news post very soon!

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