Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Woods Of Ypres Videos & CD Reviews!!

As promised, here is yet another Woods of Ypres-centric post! Once I clear out my Woods cache more, I'll probably stick their news back in with normal posts, but I feel that lumping them together into one like this will spread them out more. So today, the bulk of the post is new videos from the band's current U.S. tour, but I do have a few "Woods IV" reviews tacked on the end for your reading pleasure, so let's get this post underway! (And remember, for the latest from Garden of Bedlam, MK-Ultra, a new sound company, and our newest classic video, check the post below this one!)

First for new videos is the first new Woods of Ypres tour vlog from their current tour leg! Uploaded yesterday onto frontman David Gold's YouTube channel, this outlines their first few tour dates from earlier this month, including their shows from Thursday to Sunday in the Northeastern United States! Closer in line with their tour vlogs from last year, this encompasses many dates and has less concert footage as a result, but here's what to look out for! Along with footage of their merch table and some footage on the open road between dates, you'll find the band's encounter with November's Doom in Brooklyn (and some footage of them on stage), Joel's rendition of a pair of Woods of Ypres songs on piano, and more! Also, the included concert footage, though less than in the last vlogs, feature some different tracks than on their "Green Album" release tour, including the returns of "Awaiting The Inevitable" & "The Sea Of Immeasurable Loss" to their setlist and the debut of "Woods 4.5" tracks from the "Home" vinyl release! Though more condensed than we've been used to, this is more quality video for you guys to check out, so here's Woods of Ypres latest tour vlog!

Also newly added by David on YouTube is a rare full live video upload, which we haven't gotten a whole lot of from them lately! This one's special though, as it's from their Wilmington, Delaware show on Sunday night where they shared the stage with Chicago death metal band November's Doom again. Why is that special? Because November's Doom guitarist Larry Roberts joined in on backing vocals for Woods of Ypres' performance of "Wet Leather" at this show! Honestly, Larry's not very audible, but the performance is good, and they're playing as well as you'd expect them to play this song! Check it out below, and also make note of the November's Doom clip at the beginning, containing an homage to "Wet Leather"!

Finally for new videos, here's two new concert videos from their show on Friday in Boston! YouTube user GASPetc uploaded these onto their channel on Saturday, and these are of Woods of Ypres playing "Wet Leather" & "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)" at this concert! Great quality on both of these, with HD dimensions, clear sounds, and a nice angle of the band in action on both. Also, it's cool to see David growing his hair out again too, long hair's always welcome! There's bound to be lots more Woods of Ypres videos to come, so check the above links to see both of these new videos, and because I already have a "Wet Leather" performance embedded above, here's "By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)" from Friday night in Boston!

Finally for today, here's a few newer "Woods IV: The Green Album" reviews! I have more to share as well, but of course, click here to see all the ones the band knows about, as there's likely a few more I've missed that I haven't mentioned here either. One review is from Jordan Campbell of Metal Review, who gave "Woods IV" an 8.2/10 in a review posted on Sunday, calling it a "classic"! He uniquely divided his thoughts into three chunks for the three distinct tones the record had, highly praising it though saying that David had a self-editing problem in terms of the size of the album. Nicely structured, check the above links to read his review! Another review was posted on Friday by Chuck Hoffman on his blog The Centipede Farm, which is very well worded and full of constructive praise for "W4"! He calls it a potential breakthrough record that's well executed and relatable, though it may turn off more "underground" purists. Not bad at all, click here to read this review! Finally, Raymond Westland from Alternative Matter reviewed "Woods IV" recently, comparing them to many different bands while still praising their unique sounds and their emotional depth, even going so far as to say he has a "love affair" with the band! Nice review as well, click here to check it out, and stay tuned for more in a future post!

That's all for today, but stay tuned as our post marathon continues! Early tomorrow, we'll have a concert preview post for shows taking place between tomorrow & Saturday, and then we';; have our Destroilet EP review, finally! Keep watching the SMS for all of this, and more, as the days roll on! Thanks everyone!

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