Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fuck The Facts Concert Preview & The SMS March Mayhem Finals!!

Hey guys, it's time for another post, with two aims: To psyche you up for a concert tomorrow night, and to launch the finals of the SMS March Mayhem tournament! First though, let's get previewing!

Ottawa grindcore quintet Fuck The Facts are returning to Sault Ste. Marie for the first time in 2 ½ years tomorrow night! After last devastating a local audience in November 2008 at The Grand Theatre, this female-fronted outfit will make their way to The Roosevelt Hotel on Monday in a Dismembertainment-promoted night of metal madness! If you enjoy brutal fast death metal with guttural and brutal vocals, you'll enjoy Fuck The Facts, so don't forget this concert! Two local bands will open at this show, including extreme quintet WinkStinger & grimecore rockers Shit Liver! For WinkStinger, this is their first show in a month, and first Rosie appearance in two months, so it's been a relatively long time coming for their next show, while Shit Liver are back in full force to deliver their own unique brand of death metal as openers! This show will have a special $4 cover, but you know that if a Rosie show has a cover, it'll be of extra quality and prominence, so it's worth paying! This show will also be 19+ with a 9:00 PM or later start time. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

This should be an awesome show, hopefully I can make it out! I need more metal, and fast, so hopefully they'll deliver from after their last show here! For a preview, here's Fuck The Facts' music video for their song "The Sound Of Your Smashed Head"!

And now, it's time for the finals of the SMS March Mayhem tournament, as we come down to the final two bands left after seven weeks of voting! First though, here are the results of last week's semifinals!

What do you guys think? The Frightlight win wasn't what I predicted, but it was a close vote all week long, and both bands have put in great showings and support from the beginning! Sykotyk Rampage ended Mike Cliffe's Cinderella run in the tournament with a more decisive victory, as their also-surprising run takes them into the finals! Congratulations to Mike on making it this far though, it's a good sign! With those matchups now wrapped up, here is the updated tournament bracket!

Amazing that this is almost over, huh? Well, without any further adieu, here's the tournament finale, the final matchup!

Can Frightlight's horror punk attack take out the surprising Sykotyk Rampage's crash punk sounds? It will be interesting to see who takes this final matchup, which you have ONE WEEK to vote on! Vote at the left of the page for this final poll in the SMS March Mayhem tournament! Who'll win it all? We find out next Saturday! Stay tuned for that, reviews, and more very soon! Thanks everyone!

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AudioFumes said...

Great March Mayhem Rob! I'm very happy I made it as far as I did :) Thanks to all of you that supported me. Best of luck to those in this exciting final round.