Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Bear Hunters & Nudge) & A New Local Band!!

It's time to get back to news, including some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, an upcoming concert addition, and a new local band that should hopefully interest you guys! This post is slightly shorter than many of our straight news posts, but we'll be tied up with some extensive vacation plans today, so I've gotta get in what I can right now. Also, note that the new shows are first because one is short notice, but you'll be interested in the new band, mark my words! Now, let's get to the first new show!

The next Roosevelt Hotel metal night is TOMORROW NIGHT, but who's playing? According to Dismembertainment's Facebook page, the lineup includes local death metal quintet The Bear Hunters, Desbarats' own For All That Is Lost, and classic metal quartet Sativa Rose! Sounds like a solid lineup of bands, and a nice mix of styles! This is For All That Is Lost's first local show in three weeks too, so if you've been missing them locally, here's a good chance to check them out! Also, I heard from members of The Bear Hunters that they will be debuting two brand new original songs tomorrow night as well, so keep an eye out for those! Apologies for the short notice though, this concert wasn't formally announced until yesterday afternoon. As always, there is NO cover charge, everything starts at 9:30 PM tomorrow night, and it is a 19+ show. Short notice or not, metal is metal, and hopefully you guys can hit this show tomorrow! I'd go if I was in town! Stay tuned for more on this show in tomorrow's weekend concert preview post!

Speaking of Dismembertainment shows, the above Facebook posting confirmed that Toronto melodic death metal band Hallows Die are now on the lineup for the May 12th Rosie metal night! This will be the first four band Rosie metal night in 5 months, as they join touring hardcore bands Farewell To Freeway, No Bragging Rights, and locals As It Stands on the bill! Their previously announced May 13th headlining show at Foggy Notions was not acknowledged, leading me to assume it was cancelled, though an official statement hasn't been made to that effect. If true, I hope nothing bad happened with Foggy's, but at least this helps bolster the show and include Hallows Die in a local booking around that time regardless! So make note of the now 4 band show at Foggy's next Thursday!

Also for new shows, Marquette hard rock quartet Nudge are returing to Sault Michigan for no less than FOUR concerts next month! As revealed recently on their Reverbnation page, the band will return to The Satisfied Frog (fresh off two shows there this weekend) for concerts on June 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th! This means that the band will play the Friday & Saturday of succeeding weekends next month, which is awesome news! No word yet on if frontman Danzo McCracken will play an acoustic set on the preceding Thursdays of either weekend, as has become common. All four of these shows have 10:00 PM start times, you must be 21 to attend, and there's no announced cover charges. For more details, visit the above links! It's great to see Nudge back out there so much next month, maybe this will help make up for the cancelled February concert weekend! Stay tuned for more news on Nudge's next excursions to Sault Michigan!

Now to the new band! Over the past few years, the work of local hard rock musician Dutch Vanderploeg has been a frequent sight, be it in Browbeat, Caveman Morrison, or in his solo projects. Following the dissolution of Browbeat earlier in the spring, we haven't heard too much publically for his work in local music, but he's back with a new solo project named Training Snakes! Unlike his presumed-defunct solo/Knownaym project, Dutch is going to write and record all new songs for Training Snakes, which will be interesting, if nothing else! I've always enjoyed Dutch's work, and though I really enjoyed older songs like "Eyelids Fall" and "Walk Away", he is a very skilled musician, and new songs should get a good reception! No word yet on if he'll sing on the songs, given his own medical concerns that partly caused Browbeat's end. There's more to be said that isn't on Training Snakes' Reverbnation page yet, but stay tuned at the above links to be there when material is posted!

That's all for now, but our next post should be weekend concert previews, so stay tuned for that! Thanks everyone!

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